Round 5 – St Kilda v Richmond: The Seven Steps to Writing Success

John Green applies his seven-point writing strategy to an 86 point Richmond victory, which he had to watch while out for dinner.

The Solace of Words

Words from Nicole Kelly to all of the Almanackers and beyond; words for the soul and self too. An especially poignant reflection on something fundamental and irrepressible yet close and personal to so many of us. [I feel privileged to have read them – Ed.]

Aspiring Young Writers’ Group: Ignition

In Ben Kirkby’s latest column the writers make a pact.

Aspiring Young Writers’ Group: Conflict, of interest

Ben Kirkby and friends gather again and the discussion turns to conflict.

Aspiring Young Writers’ Group: Test of Character

In Ben Kirkby’s second column about his writers’ group, he relates their discussion about character.

The effort of listening and typing

Matt Watson responds to Matt Zurbo’s call to arms and is delighted as a seemingly mundane task becomes a privilege. Its not too late to give Matt a hand!

How Writing Has Been Improving Me

The best writing is when it comes from the heart. Yoshi Imagawa’s latest post tells how immersing himself in footy culture is doing wonders for his confidence and research skills.

The power of the Almanac

Craig Dodson tells the story of his journey with writing for the Almanac. How it has opened up connections, confidence, support and feelings he didn’t think possible.

The art of writing, lost and found

Gareth Andrews on Writing. One of the beautiful gifts given to man and possibly one of its most underused.

Write for the Junior Almanac

Welcome to the Junior Almanac page. We publish the words of keen young writers. You can write about footy. But really, we just want to see kids learning to love stories and words, and to become published writers and enthusiastic readers. So we’d love you to write about your passion, whether it be footy or [Read more]

JTH’s Writing Seminar

Hey peeps! So I thought id give u a look at what took place in my folder during the writing seminar at JTH’s house. After venturing through the forest (also known as the garden) in heels (not recommended) and meeting John’s very pretty wife and adorable children, the chatting and learning began. I’m pretty sure [Read more]