Almanac Books: Launch – ‘Crops, people, Money & You’ by Dr Kate Burke

The launch of Dr Kate Burke’s new book, ‘Crops, people, Money & You’ will be held on-line on the 27th January 2021.

Book Review: ‘Lament’ by Nicole Kelly

Mickey Randall reviews fellow Almanacker Nicole Kelly’s recent release ‘Lament’.

Almanac Book Review – Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin: A Man Between Two Worlds

Kevin Densley recently read Roy Hay’s book on Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin and provides some general impressions.

Almanac Book Review – ‘The Momentous Uneventful Day: a requiem for the office’ by Gideon Haigh

Roger Lowrey offers his thoughts on Gideon Haigh’s most contemporary tome: ‘The Momentous Uneventful Day: a requiem for the office.’

Almanac Literary: The shifty shadow of a lifetime with ‘Cloudstreet’

Tim Winton’s ‘Cloudstreet’ is a classic of Australian literature and has been a part of Shane Reid’s life for many years as he explains.