Reading sports books in the time of Cholera

Sean Curtain has been using this time to re-visit some classic old (and new) sportsbooks. Here he walks us through a section of his library.

Almanac Books: The Towns – 100 Years of Glory by Bernard Whimpress

Bernard Whimpress has written a new history of Edwardstown Football Club, aka The Towns.

Almanac Cricket Dinner (Oct 11): Bernard Whimpress on his new book about Joe Darling

Bernard Whimpress will be joined by Graeme Ryan to discuss their new book on early Australian captain Joe Darling on the 11th October. The Almanac is hosting. Details within.

Almanac Literary – Melbourne Rare Book Week at the MCC (Wednesday July 4)

Almanac favourite Gideon Haigh will be part of the MCC’s event for Rare Book Week this Wednesday

Almanac Books: Siren’s Call – Family, Love, Passion and Footy

Yoshi is full of praise for friend, fellow Saints supporter and well loved Almanacker, Yvette Wroby, after reading her memoir Siren’s Call.

Almanac Books: A Clear Blue Sky by Jonny Bairstow & Duncan Hamilton – Book Review 1 of 52

Jack Banister has kicked off his ambitious 2018 goal of reading a book a week with a thoughtful review of Jonny Bairstow & Duncan Hamilton’s ‘A Clear Blue Sky’. One down, Fifty-one to go Jack!

Sports books: Ken Piesse’s Favourite Footy Yarns

Prolific sportswriter Ken Piesse is back with his latest collection of anecdotes, gaffes and pranks from the world of Australian rules.

The ABC (Almanac Book Club) – a call for members!

Dugald Jellie with news of a long overdue book club focusing on sporting literature. Read on for info on how to join!