Running with the Richmond Harriers

Andy Fuller gives a first hand recount of running with the Richmond Harrier’s during training Wednesday night.

Book Launch – “Faded Yellow by the Winter” by Scott Pearce: You’re invited

Scott Pearce’s debut novel, “Faded Yellow by the Winter”, is being launched on the 27th April in Richmond. Footy Almanac readers are invited to attend the launch.

The Disneyfication of the AFL

Australian Rules football is a grassroots sport, but the AFL’s increasing corporatisation is distancing the game from the fans writes Dr Andy Fuller from the University of Melbourne.

Seminar – Lives of Sports Fans: Meaning in the Face of Inconsequence

Andy Fuller gives notice of an upcoming presentation at the University of Melbourne. PhD candidate Elena Balcaite will speak to her work into ‘the intersection of individual biography and grand narratives’.

Field, Ground, Oval, Stadium.

Fitzroy play Willy CYs at Bill Lawry Oval in Northcote on Saturday. It’s timely to revisit Andy Fuller’s contemplative piece on ground, ovals, history and culture amid the backdrop of a Darebin Falcons game at Bill Lawry Oval. [Fine writing – Ed]

Almanac Art – Richmond: Stewart Street Mural

Andy Fuller came across a fantastic footy-inspired mural down in Richmond that he’s shared with us. Can anyone name the artist?

Almanac Book Review: Balancing Acts

Andy Fuller thoroughly enjoyed the wide-ranging essays and perspectives in Balancing Acts published by The Lifted Brow.

Almanac Book Review – Joe Gorman on Australian Soccer

Andy Fuller enjoys Joe Gorman’s well-researched and clearly written book on the rich and complex history of soccer in Australia.

Running Tracks and Shoes

Long-distance running involves a lot of training and time spent on athletics tracks. Here, Andy Fuller makes some notes on his favourite athletic tracks, the Alternative Nation festival, and his favourite pair of running shoes.

Reclaim our Game – Interview with Gerry Eeman

Andy Fuller spoke with Gerry Eeman, the President of the AFL Fan’s Association about some of the issues facing the league, and also adds his own perspective.

Reconciliation as a 400m Event

The choice of Sydney as the host for the Olympics in 2000, was related to the perception of Australia being a positive example of the good life and of Reconciliation. The Games presented a range of opportunities for Indigenous participation and cultural representation says Andy Fuller as he discusses the lead up to that event.

Commonwealth Games as Anachronism and City Branding

Andy Fuller discusses how indigenous interests and politics are given short shrift when many stand to benefit from the pomp and ceremony of an anachronistic, imperialist and self-aggrandising sporting spectacle such as The Commonwealth Games.

I went to the baseball

Andy takes Almanackers on a trip to the ballpark relating his experiences of becoming a new follower of baseball in Australia.

Writing Richmond Together: A review of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017

Andy Fuller gives a terrific overview of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017. He has absolutely nailed it.

Wednesday Night Book Club: Yellow and Black

Andy Fuller went to a recent event featuring Konrad Marshall, Caroline Wilson and Geoff Slattery who were discussing Konrad’s book Yellow and Black. Konrad spent a season (and little more) with the club and had terrific access. Here Andy reports on the night.

At Prospect Oval

SANFL footy at its finest as Andy Fuller captures the spirit at Prospect Oval. North Adelaide got the big win in the end over South Adelaide.

Footy Blogging and Archiving

Andy Fuller provides a thoughtful and insightful discussion about footy blogging and archiving.

Almanac Art – Into the Sportscape

Andy Fuller sat down with artist Wayne Elliot to discuss his paintings, sport and his upbringing.

Round 5 – Richmond v Melbourne: Richmond Enchantment

A visceral account of a Tiges supporter’s nerves, excitement and elation after a five-win streak from Andy Fuller.

Amsterdam City Cup: Call for Players

A footy team in Amsterdam is looking for players to take part in the upcoming Amsterdam Cup. Check out the dates, will you be in the Netherlands?