Introducing Kasey Symons


Kasey Symons was our women’s footy editor throughout 2018, while also working towards her PhD which she will submit in early 2019. This is the post which introduced her:


Kasey Symons has been contributing to the Almanac for a while. Many of you will recall she’s one of those rare Victorians who barracks for the West Coast Eagles. Many of her Mildura mates – including her dad – are still celebrating the Tigers’ victory.


Kasey loves sport and writing about sport. She is very interested in the life (and mind) of the fan. She spent some time working in footy communications, most recently for the Western Bulldogs. So she has seen how it all works from the inside. However, her love of writing and her independence of spirit have led her into postgraduate study. For her PhD, she is working on a novel (first draft pretty much completed) and then a supporting thesis at Victoria University where she has run into a number of friends of the Almanac. Her supervisors are Matthew Klugman (many will have read Metthew’s work including his recent book on the Nicky Winmar photo) and Tom Clark through the Creative Writing department.


So, here’s the big news: we are very pleased to announce that Kasey has joined the Almanac team and is our women’s footy editor, working closely with Yvette Wroby (and me). She’s also our general coordinating editor during January, February and March.


Please feel free to contact Kasey (and me) about all Almanac matters (not just women’s footy).


If you would like to write yarns about AFLW 2018 (including match reports) please contact Kasey.



Some of Kasey’s pieces can be found HERE.





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  1. Citrus Bob says

    Welcome aboard Kasey!
    Glad you have not followed in the footsteps of your father and the all consuming Richmond supporters group here in Mildura!
    Went to the Vet the other day with “Freddie Flintoff” and was greeted with “Go Tiges1”. When is enough enough? I was there to have my dog vaccinated and I did tell the Vet that enough was enough if they wanted my money in future.
    Looking forward to working with you.
    Citrus Bob
    Bob The Cat

  2. Dear Kasey,
    I have a problem that you are uniquely placed to help me with. I would like to take an interest in AFLW but I find that the only team in Perth wears a revolting shade of purple. I cannot get past my aversion to all things Dockers.
    Should I attend games and barrack for their opponents? I have done this for AFLM in the past and its a hoot when the Dockers lose being one happy person among thousands of raving lunatics. But I fear that the increased capacity of the new Perth Stadium means that more of them will be an unreasonable risk to the safety of myself and the Avenging Eagle.
    Games on TV just aren’t the same.
    Please advise as I would like to contribute to AFLW discussion and match reports on the Almanac but feel lost and disenfranchised.

  3. Kasey Symons says

    Thanks of the kind words Bob – I don’t think the Tiger train will be departing Mildura anytime soon! My family still text each other when the GF replay is on Fox Footy at any hour of the night!

    Though my mother is a big Cats fan and a big fan of your grandson – definitely not on the Tiger train!

  4. Kasey Symons says

    Oh Peter, I feel your pain.
    I’m very lucky to be based in Melbourne during this time to go into AFLW matches completely unbiased and in a safe environment. I don’t know how I would feel being an Eagle based in Perth and having to go to Freo games just to see women’s footy – it’s not a fate I would wish on anyone. I am very supportive of all the female athletes out there but this is footy and I will always despise Fremantle, no matter what gender! However, this is such an exciting time and I would hate to miss it because of an inferior purple team – that would be another reason to hate Freo! My advise would be to be brave and hopefully find some safety in numbers with fellow Eagles there who are like you, just biding time until 2020 when we’ll finally be able to beat Freo in both AFL and AFLW!

  5. Yvette Wroby says

    Be colour blind for the AFLW Peter and Avenging Eagle. Don’t see purple see great female athletes! Works for me. Welcome Kasey

  6. Kasey Symons says

    You’re so good Yvette to look past the guernseys – I try to for the most part by Freo is the line for me! Though I do love Kara Donnellan – she’s a star! But I honestly can’t wait until every club has an AFLW team and the rivalries are as unforgiving as they are in the AFL :)

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    G’day Kasey, welcome to the team! Looking forward to the AFLW and hopefully being able to contribute.

  8. Kasey Symons says

    Thanks Luke!

  9. Welcome Kasey

  10. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Bravo and welcome Kasey. I am in a similar position to Peter B, being a Sydney dwelling Swan with only an orange and grey women’s team to follow. BUT … I am inclined to approach with curiosity and see who wins my fascination. All the very best with the season’s writing.

  11. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Congrats and welcome, Kasey !!

  12. Greetings and welcome Kasey. Good luck with your role in the FA forward line.

    Re choosing a AFLW team. I sucked my gut in (metaphorically speaking – too much effort to actually do it) and went with Dees (as the mighty Hawks aint there yet). It was relatively easy as Daisy Pearce is my woman’s footy Hodge. Still can’t sing the club song tho.


  13. Welcome and good luck, Kasey.

  14. Renee Johnston says

    Wow, that Kasey lady looks like a top chick. Can’t wait to read all her work and peruse her collations of other intriguing women’s footy pieces.

  15. Jamie Simmons says

    Hello Kasey, a genuine pleasure to make your acquaintance. Reporting on the AFLW season 2017 from north of the Tweed means that there is unfinished business ahead for lion folk such as myself. There are whole new levels of sarcasm and disappointment that I am yet to express and, with the good graces of The Almanac community, I would be more than keen to explore these in season 2018.
    Good luck and welcome Kasey.

  16. John Butler says

    Belated greetings Kasey, from one regional Victorian to another.

    Looking forward to another great season.


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