Almanac Life: The comeback

Noel McPhee, inspired by his children’s sporting exploits and encouragement, has returned to the sporting field and made a comeback to running. This is his story.

Almanac Athletics: Track Scars

Our own Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens was fast enough to compete at the 2021 Australian Track & Field Championships in Sydney. In the semi-finals of the 800m event, Cobba got to experience the full range of emotions that competitive racing can bring for aspiring Olympians.

Almanac Life: Racing the train

The feeling of running can help ease the pain of the action. Kate Birrell discovered this as she flew along the Djerring Trail in Melbourne’s south-east.

Running Tracks and Shoes

Long-distance running involves a lot of training and time spent on athletics tracks. Here, Andy Fuller makes some notes on his favourite athletic tracks, the Alternative Nation festival, and his favourite pair of running shoes.

You’ll just shut up and do as I say

Barry Mitchell reports on the psychological and physical upheaval that can be experienced in something as innocuous as junior footy running

Almanac Athletics: So you want to run the world’s toughest half marathon?

Mick Jeffrey talks us through the experience of the Point to Pinnacle Half-Marathon in Hobart – dubbed the toughest in the world. (We’d rather you than us, Mick! – Ed)

Comrades Marathon 2017: More humbling than a prelim final loss

Mick Jeffrey loves a challenge. He has taken on many and this one was huge: the famous Comrades Marathon.

Almanac Classics: And a marathon came calling…

When David Downer’s life hit a few speed bumps, he started running. Those 20 minute runs eventually increased, leading to life as a marathon runner. This is a fantastic tale of a man with a healthy addiction. The full story of the journey of the marathon runner. Originally published in August, David’s epic is both incredible and inspirational, a story even more poignant today. [This the first in a series of ‘Paddy Suggests’. Paddy Grindlay is making his way through the Almanac archives and picking out some of his favourite pieces. Look out for some classics Thanks Paddy, Ed]

Observations from a Pair of Moving Legs

A beautifully-written memoir from Mickey Randall describes one of many early-morning runs with his mate Bob along the stunning South Esplanade of Glenelg.

Almanac City2Surf 2016: Choking like an Aussie Swimmer (Leg 2 of a Sydney Sporting Triathlon)

Mick Jeffrey shares his disappointment with his Cate Campbell moment at the recent City to Surf. We are confident he can make amends in some upcoming distance events across the country. May the wind be at your back Mick.

2015: A year below expectations (well mostly)

Take a deep breath. Mick Jeffrey looks back on his year in footy and running and plots out his 2016 schedule. [Impressive effort, Mick – Ed].

Almanac Athletics: The dream is born

At first it was the pursuit of romance [why else do we men do ANYTHING, if not for love? – Ed] for Jake Stevens, but along the way, he’s fallen for an altogether more intoxicating and all-consuming passion; athletics and the hope of one day representing his country at the elite level.

Running, Somewhere in Holland

Andy Fuller tells how he has become a committed distance runner in the Netherlands. The wind, rain and cold is stiffer competition than the journey.

The Stawell Gift

Luke Reynolds advises all Knackers to put the Stawell Gift on their bucket list.

Running for Glory

By Anna Ly Genazzano FCJ College I remember going to my very first Twilight Sports in grade three and running my first sprint against all my classmates. Ready, set, go! The loud bang of the gun shot in the air and I ran. My feet left the starting line and my hopes and dreams of [Read more]