Tom Hafey: A chance encounter and conversation

Allan Barden recounts the time he and his wife met Tom Hafey on the No.96 tram and the wonderful conversation they had with him

Memories from an Old Wooden Box

Objects can provide a gateway to memory. While sorting through his study, Allan Barden rediscovered an old wooden box. Its contents took him on quite a journey.

A memory of Swansea Swans/Bulldogs – Gone, but not forgotten: Part 2 Photographs

Allan Barden follows up his history of the Swansea FC with a collection of photographs of teams gone by.

A memory of Swansea Swans/Bulldogs: Gone, but not forgotten

Every country footy club is someone’s footy club. The recently out of commission Swansea is Allan Barden’s. A story at once unique yet wholy familiar from the East Coast of Tasmania. [Exceptional – Ed.]

Memories of a Good Bloke, Football, Aboriginal Children and a Car!

Allan Barden reminisces about his time in Darwin, a great mate and their work with disadvantaged Aboriginal kids through footy. His car played a starring role! (A beautiful memoir – Ed.)

Memoir: Dodge’s Paddock – A country lad’s reflections

Allan Barden makes his Almanac debut with lovely memoir about his Tasmanian childhood. The Dodge family paddock was the sporting and social hub for a colourful cast of characters.