2015: A year below expectations (well mostly)

Take a deep breath. Mick Jeffrey looks back on his year in footy and running and plots out his 2016 schedule. [Impressive effort, Mick – Ed].

AFL, fair competition and thought: the Bondi Effect

Explaining something to another can be the best way of finding holes in you understanding. Imagine trying to explain the AFL competition to an international visitor. [Have you done it? How did you go?].

Round 3: So, What Does Round Three Really Mean?

After Round 2, Wesley Hull looks at the trends for the season. Who will likely make it to finals, and what do they need to do in Round 3 to get there?

It’s only the beginning – Opening Round Preview and Ladder Pontifications

Sal Ciardulli is back with not only his Round 1 tips, but also a forensic analysis of each team’s prospects for the season ahead. Will his Blues stand up for him this year?

Season 2015 – Wanna Volunteer with the Almanac?

The Almanac wants you. Read on…