Stereo Stories: Sing Along with Smokie Dawson

Smokie Dawson has a brand new Stereo Story. Vin Maskell, long time editor of, explains…

Almanac Exercise: Patawalonga parkrun

Mickey has been out pounding the pavement in the Patawalonga parkrun. He enjoyed it so much he’ll be back on Saturday.

Footy Almanac Tribute – Neil Kerley: more than just a footballer

The response to the passing of Neil Kerley has been immense. Lee Harradine provides what may be the last tribute to The King – and it’s all about respect and gratitude.

Almanac (SANFL) Footy – Glenelg v Norwood: Quarter time in Chernobyl

Mickey Randall goes to watch Glenelg find their way to 15-and-0 with Pete and Trev.

Almanac Obituaries: Colin Churchett

Colin Churchett, best known as a post-war Glenelg full forward, passed away in 2012. Mike Sexton paid tribute to him. (Reprised)

A Good Friday in Glenelg North

Mickey Randall observes life on Good Friday in seaside Glenelg and environs. [Trademark Mickey-ness. JTH]

1973 Championship of Australia – Smoking, Tigers, Hidden Coaches

The best team in Australia in 1973 was decided between Richmond, Subiaco, Glenelg and Scottsdale (!) over two Adelaide October days. Swish brings us some extra colour on Adelaide Oval’s last splurge of big-time footy for a few decades.

At Prospect Oval

SANFL footy at its finest as Andy Fuller captures the spirit at Prospect Oval. North Adelaide got the big win in the end over South Adelaide.

Footy IQ: How well do you know Adelaide’s footy ovals?

One for the South Australians. Can you recognise these Adelaide ovals by their shape?

Observations from a Pair of Moving Legs

A beautifully-written memoir from Mickey Randall describes one of many early-morning runs with his mate Bob along the stunning South Esplanade of Glenelg.

Round 15 – Carlton v Collingwood: Melbourne by foot, Part 2 (fathers-sons)

The second instalment in Dave Brown’s big weekend in Melbourne.

The legend of Padui

Michael Sexton on a wonderful story of old time NTFL footy talent and footy recruiting. Of how Ted Egan and St Marys scored Padui (meaning ‘Wild Horse’) Neil Davies, of Richmond and Glenelg.

The untameable Tiger

Lachlan Waterman revists 1982 when Glenelg and Port Adelaide squared off in the most infamous and memorable preliminary finals in S.A. Football history.

HALL OF FAME – Graham Cornes

  I am sure there are plenty of Victorians wondering how Graham Cornes made it into the AFL Hall Of Fame given his less than memorable 5 game career for North Melbourne in 1979 (admittedly he was 31 by then). Some may assume that there is a quota required to be reached (e.g. non-Victorians must [Read more]

Almanac Tributes: Remembering ‘The Horse’ Harry Kernahan

At the timeof Harry Kernahan’s death in 2012, Mike Sexton paid tribute to him by telling the story of a brilliant night honouring the twentieth anniversary of Glenelg’s 1985 premiership.

Weekend read: John ‘Pa’ O’Keeffe – a true football person

by Patrick O’Keeffe   Pa taught me how to kick a stab pass, torpedo and drop kick. I think that I might have been about 6 or 7 at the time. I remember it being an overcast day, in a park not too far from Glenelg Oval. I was eager to impress my grandfather. Unfortunately [Read more]