Referendums, Gilchrist and a record-breaking run chase – the Australian cricket summer in 1999/2000

1999 was an interesting time in Australia. Sean Mortell tells the story of a nation’s referendum and the connection it had with a famous Australian test match victory.

Round 9 – North Melbourne v Sydney: From Boys to Men at Blundstone Arena

Joe Moore likes what he sees in the next generation of Moores (his young bloke) and of the Swans coming through. Read his Round 9 report of the Roos and Swans match at Blundstone Arena in his home town of Hobart.

AFLW Round 1 – North Melbourne v Carlton: The Roos were just too good.

David Henricus and crew take the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ across Bass Strait to see their Blues take on the first-timers, North at the historic North Hobart Oval.

Almanac Athletics: So you want to run the world’s toughest half marathon?

Mick Jeffrey talks us through the experience of the Point to Pinnacle Half-Marathon in Hobart – dubbed the toughest in the world. (We’d rather you than us, Mick! – Ed)

When the Tigers Rocked the Theatre Royal – Hobart’s First Encounter With “Eat ‘Em Alive”

Liahm O’Brien has the tale of the first documented time Tasmania heard the famous “Eat ‘Em Alive” mantra.

Up the Derwent to MONA

A trip down the Derwent to visit MONA has Mickey Randall in musical mindset. And ends the experience at the pub.

Round 3 – North Melbourne v GWS: Calm amid the Confusion at Blundstone Arena

Joe Moore, Sydney fan, is a little confused. But he’s loving his home town, his home suburb, and its footy ground – Blundstone Arena at Bellerive. He is impressed by the class of GWS.

Australia v South Africa – Hobart Test, Day 1: Oops We did it again

On the first day of a new Test match, many questions were asked of Australia’s batting, Mick Jeffrey had a few of his own on junior development of the game.

Almanac Lunch: Hobart this Friday (Aug 19)

Almanac on tour! Lunch in Hobart Aug 19. Check out the details here. Spots still available. All welcome.

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Tasmania’s Most Popular Team, Fail Again

Kent Winzer reminds us that Tasmania’s most popular team fails to win with a 0-3 record.

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Witches’ Hats

Smokie suggests North’s game against Richmond was nothing more than a training drill and wonders why Richmond didn’t turn up to play.

Round 3 – North Melbourne v Melbourne: Three Decades

Smokie experienced North’s dramatic win at Blundstone Arena while working his shift and keeping us safe.

Australia v West Indies – Hobart Test, Day 1: No words

E. Regnans’ take on Day 1 of the Australia v West Indies Test at Blundstone Arena in Hobart.

Australia v West Indies – Hobart Test: Call for writers

We’re looking for writers for the Hobart Test. Nominate a day.

Round 10 – North Melbourne v West Coast: Not Bending With The Breeze

Josh Barnstable finds a lot to think about – the ghosts of a merger, the cruel fate of weather and BBBB – on his trip to watch the Kangas pull off a famous win over West Coast at Blundstone Arena. [Republished ahead of their Preliminary Final].

Round 20 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: The Traianidis factor in the ancient city of Athens

Athens, an old Saints favourite and Talking Heads all feature as Jennifer Muirden sees St Kilda marching in, in the not too distant future

Round 15 – Fearless 2015: For the Crows, a brave return to the field of dreams.

A big week in footy – as always – with the highlight for many the recognition shown to the gallant Adelaide players as they left Domain Stadium after the loss to the Eagles. Fearless also reckons it’s about time for more blockbuster footy in Tasmania.

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Thwarted in Hobart – why Smokie Dawson kept his boots on

Smokie Dawson has his eye on not only wearing the white shorts, but taking them off, as he escapes to Tassie with Mrs. Smokie. His plans are scuppered but he enjoys Norths win at the famous Blundstone Arena, Bellerive, nonetheless. [From an editing point of view I’d have to say I’m glad your plans were Smokie – Ed]

AFL Round 19 – Sydney v Essendon: Mid Winter Meandering

Joe Moore got to enjoy two magical experiences this past weekend, snow at their cabin on Cradle Mountain in Tassie and a Swans victory over the Bombers on Friday night. With both wine and a TV at hand, both the snowman and Joe had a splendid weekend.

AFL Round 6 – North Melbourne v Port: Leave pass

North continue to toy with the emotions of their fans by letting the opposition back into games that should have been sealed earlier, writes Andrew Starkie.