Almanac Life: Open a Kissing Gate

Mickey Randall poetically describes his Friday night travels into the countryside where he’d celebrate his birthday dinner

Almanac Life: Yet More Things I Like

As the year is coming to a close with Christmas just around the corner, Mickey Randall reminisced on more things he likes.

Almanac Life: Goodbye to a faithful friend

Mickey Randall shares the loss of a long-term friend, uncomplaining supporter and comforter.

Almanac Life – Was that an earthquake just now?

Share your Melbourne earthquake stories here.

Almanac Life: Comfort is relative

Comfort can be found in many different ways. Some reflections from Greg A.

Almanac Life: Claire’s wedding speech, to me

Last week we read Mickey Randall’s lovely speech to his wife Claire, from their wedding day. Now, we get to see what Claire said to return the favour.

Almanac Life: The Tightarse

It’s a sticky question, but for Smokie it’s easy to think of one ‘tightarse’ he knows. Enjoy as he humorously discusses the frugal disposition of ‘Ocker’, a former fellow employee with a desperate need to save up.

Almanac Life: Things I Like

In an extensive list of moments, people and ideas that ranges from Shane Warne to garfish, Mickey Randall’s list of things he likes is entertaining to follow.

Almanac Life: Onkaparinga Gorge – farts, sticks and socks

Mickey Randall got the chance to wander in the spring sunshine at a nearby gorge with four boys. It left him reminiscing of days gone by and the terrific film Stand By Me.

Almanac Life: Racing the train

The feeling of running can help ease the pain of the action. Kate Birrell discovered this as she flew along the Djerring Trail in Melbourne’s south-east.

Podcast: Margaret Edson on teaching

Tony Wilson was good enough to share with us the latest Speakola podcast episode featuring a very special speech that will resonate with many involved in teaching; we share it with you now.

Almanac Real Life: Tommy

Andrew Starkie tells the story of ‘Tommy’ who has battled long and hard, jumped more hurdles than most, been put through more hoops than many. But he’s resilient and, with a little help, seems to be coming through it to a better place. [An uplifting story – Ed.]

The 2018 Paul Morse Cup

Earl O’Neill is back in the day. Think about it – was life ever free or easy? Here’s one take on it.