Monaros 2020 – a vision triumphant

Earl goes back through NFL records and videos to find a way for his Monaros to triumph in 2020. It’s a bit left field, but it just might work!

Running Tracks and Shoes

Long-distance running involves a lot of training and time spent on athletics tracks. Here, Andy Fuller makes some notes on his favourite athletic tracks, the Alternative Nation festival, and his favourite pair of running shoes.

AFLW Round 7 – Collingwood v Adelaide: Here to spoil the party

A win to Adelaide would mean a grand final berth. But the Pies were party-poopers

An Olympic Park Memory

John Harms remembers Little Athletics and Olympic Park in Melbourne.

Victoria v Springboks, July 3 1971

Glen recounts July 1971, when the Springboks played Victoria, on the verge of their apartheid ban.

Round 11 – GWS v Essendon: The Bell Frogs and Schnitzenstein are Here to Stay

Mark O’Sullivan watched his Giants get the better of a tough Essendon. The game was also the first time the attendance at a GWS home game was greater than that of the NRL game next door. Great signs for footy in western Sydney.

AFLW Round 6 – Collingwood v GWS: Not a good morning for the Giants

Joseph Ryan found it tough to watch the Collingwood v GWS game with the starting time, weather, ground and nearby fans all working against him. The result didn’t help matters either.

AFLW Round 6 – Collingwood v GWS: What a way to finish International Women’s Day (IWD) Week…

For Lyn Campbell-Anderson, observing weather and footy at Olympic Park, what the day lacked in shade, it made up for in the tallies “For” and “Against.”

Leave your team and get to the track!

  by Steve Fahey Don’t go to the footy or cricket this weekend !!! Yes, you read right.  This lifelong sports nut is exhorting you to not attend the footy or cricket this weekend in Melbourne.  Why ?  Because I am suggesting that you insteadattend the Olympic track and field team trials at Lakeside Stadium [Read more]

Olympic Park Report

It was a fitting end to O Park. The PA didn’t work a couple of times, I couldn’t read my program in the grandstand because the overhead lights above me were broken and it was a disappointingly low crowd.  The athletics was good for most of the night, but built to outstanding quality over the [Read more]

Farewell to the Big O

For someone who has spent much of my life fascinated and enthralled by sport, there are still many things I don’t get.  Near the top of the list is why the sporting public can be enthused and excited by track and field each Olympic Games, but doesn’t turn up to good quality track and field [Read more]