Almanac Music: The greatest guitar solo never in a movie

Alex Darling contends that ‘across modern cinema – and in particular the nineties – guitar solo soundtracks have made film scenes iconic’. He sets out, with considerable success, to demonstrate his point.

Almanac Pop Culture: 10 Great Scenes from the ’10s

Edward P. Olsen lists 10 scenes from movies in the “10’s” that stayed with him. Would you care to add your own nominations?

Best of 2015 on

Les Everett shares some thoughts from Knackers and others about their best music, books, movies etc in 2015.

Gone Girl/Guy: What movies tell us about Essendon and ourselves

Peter Baulderstone saw a great movie on the weekend, and wonders who is the ‘Gone Girl’ in the Essendon saga? And what does each of these modern fables tell us about how we choose to understand our “truth”?

1980s US comedies – A pointless yet valuable discussion

A wise philosopher in a fine film once said, “Man’s got to know his limitations” I am acutely aware of mine, and if I was ever in doubt of them, I get reminded of them by many on a comfortably regular basis.

Hidden movie gem: Champions

Sometimes, a great movie is lost to memory. So, I’ll take the opportunity , especially at holiday time, of reminding people of a lost gem.