Women’s Footy – VFL: Jess Dal-Pos

Jess Dal-Pos lets us in on what it takes to make a supergroup like the Darebin Falcons.

Witnessing Greatness

An interesting reflection by Wesley Hull, in which he looks back at the greats he has been fortunate enough to see live; and in which he also ponders whom of the current crop will one day be considered greats.

Hidden movie gem: Champions

Sometimes, a great movie is lost to memory. So, I’ll take the opportunity , especially at holiday time, of reminding people of a lost gem.

Baulking the truth

There is no place for failure in football. I understand this. I’d make a terrible footballer, despite the fact I once kept Justin Murphy to 4.7 in an HDJFL game circa 1986….. However, I would like to know if the elite champion footballer ever hits a wall they can’t break through? Juddy, Browny, Hirdy, Buckley…you [Read more]