“I can’t wait to see us bowl, Dad”

The love of Test cricket, in fact all forms of cricket by his young son has been a joy to behold for Edward P Olsen as he explains.

How to write an opinion piece on the death of Test cricket

One of the key questions of the summer is soon to be answered says Edward P. Olson. Aussie sports connoisseurs are desperate to learn which sports columnist will be the first to proclaim that Test cricket will soon be dead. He explains how to write an opinion piece about it.

A six year old’s Saturday in August

Fatherhood and the joy of a footy loving, (and cricket loving) six year old son as expressed by Edward Olsen.

Free Agents, Commentators, and Kids

This week on the AFL website, commentator Damien Barrett promoted the potential benefits of free agents openly admitting they are planning to leave clubs the best part of 12 months before they actually do so. Edward ponders the potential outcomes such moves may present.

Fantasy Footy with The Boys

There’s plenty of reality to go with fantasy for Edward Olsen and ‘The Boys’ when they get together for their long-running group fantasy footy project.

Sport and Society: The most horrifying statistic in sports

It is an unpleasant reality that sport can bring out the worst in some people. Following recent coverage of the link between State of Origin results and spikes in domestic violence rates, we revisit Edward P. Olson’s examination of this issue in an overseas context.

Almanac Book Cover 2016: One Innocent Question (or: The Case for Jimmy Bartel to be on the Almanac’s cover)

Edward Olsen nominates Geelong’s Jimmy Bartel for The 2016 Almanac Book Cover with a compelling story.

30 for 30 Australia

If a 30 for 30 were done on an Australian sporting topics what would they be. Edward P. Olsen has some suggestions. Your suggestions welcome.