On Fires and Fairness

In his thought-provoking article, Edward P. Olsen wrestles with the emotion and angst provoked by the recent bushfires, wondering about the fairness for those affected, and the dilemmas confronting those wishing to make appropriate responses.

Almanac Pop Culture: 10 Great Scenes from the ’10s

Edward P. Olsen lists 10 scenes from movies in the “10’s” that stayed with him. Would you care to add your own nominations?

Almanac Flashback – #putoutyourbats

Edward P Olsen reprises his thoughts about the tragedy of Phillip Hughes on the fifth anniversary of his death.

The Demise of Sports Illustrated

Like any fan of good sports storytelling and writing, Edward P Olsen expresses his disappointment at the demise of “Sports Illustrated” as management implement changes to the magazine.

Almanac Oracle Competition 2019 – Presenting Oracle Dave Brown

The Almanac Oracle Competition 2019 has been contested and won. Edward P Olsen explains how it all came down to the finest of margins – and names the winner.

Round 21 – GWS v Hawthorn: Records Tumble

Multiple records tumbled, along with the snow, at the Giants v Hawthorn match in Canberra – both on and off the field. The observant Edward P Olsen ensures that we appreciate their full array, even if not all of them will find a place in the official records.

The Almanac Oracle Challenge, 2019 – An Update

How did you fare in the Almanac Oracle Challenge? Edward P. Olsen reports results for 9 of the 15 questions are known and the leading contenders at this stage are listed. Check it out.

Missing Martin Flanagan and Why I Subscribe to the Almanac

Edward P. Olsen reflects on an Almanac favourite: former writer for The Age and doyen of inviting prose, Martin Flanagan. In response to Flanagan’s absence from the paper’s pages, Edward has turned increasingly to the stories on this very site. [Wonderful – Ed.]

Almanac Tennis: Watching Ash and Thinking About Stuff

Edward P Olsen first saw Ash Barty play tennis as a 14yo in Melbourne, but it was world events of that day Edward associates with the young tennis player that continues to this day. Read his story about Ash and the Russian riots.

Almanac (Post) Modern Life: Interpreting Likes

“What does it mean to like a post?” asks Edward P. Olsen. This piece on the nature and influence of social media takes the recent Folau-Ablett situation as its stimulus. It’s a piece in that fine tradition of ‘Thinking Out Loud’ as EPO tries to make sense of it all for his own understanding. Maybe others can offer some thoughts.

The Almanac Oracle Challenge, 2019

Want to be the Almanac Oracle for 2019? Edward P Olsen has come up with a cracker of a concept. Correctly predict the questions presented by him, and you may be the lucky recipient of the AO come season end.

Almanac Footy Literature: 10 Memorable Passages

Edward P. Olsen presents a fantastic selection of passages from some of the most memorable written works about Australian football he has read.

Almanac (Cricket) Reflection: Taking the kid to the Test

Taking his 7 year old son to his first Test match at Manuka reminded Edward P. Olsen of his own experiences of his first Test match. And, the speed of parenthood is also brought clearly home to him as he reflected. Beautiful piece.

“I can’t wait to see us bowl, Dad”

The love of Test cricket, in fact all forms of cricket by his young son has been a joy to behold for Edward P Olsen as he explains.

How to write an opinion piece on the death of Test cricket

One of the key questions of the summer is soon to be answered says Edward P. Olson. Aussie sports connoisseurs are desperate to learn which sports columnist will be the first to proclaim that Test cricket will soon be dead. He explains how to write an opinion piece about it.

A six year old’s Saturday in August

Fatherhood and the joy of a footy loving, (and cricket loving) six year old son as expressed by Edward Olsen.

Free Agents, Commentators, and Kids

This week on the AFL website, commentator Damien Barrett promoted the potential benefits of free agents openly admitting they are planning to leave clubs the best part of 12 months before they actually do so. Edward ponders the potential outcomes such moves may present.

Fantasy Footy with The Boys

There’s plenty of reality to go with fantasy for Edward Olsen and ‘The Boys’ when they get together for their long-running group fantasy footy project.

Sport and Society: The most horrifying statistic in sports

It is an unpleasant reality that sport can bring out the worst in some people. Following recent coverage of the link between State of Origin results and spikes in domestic violence rates, we revisit Edward P. Olson’s examination of this issue in an overseas context.

Almanac Book Cover 2016: One Innocent Question (or: The Case for Jimmy Bartel to be on the Almanac’s cover)

Edward Olsen nominates Geelong’s Jimmy Bartel for The 2016 Almanac Book Cover with a compelling story.