Almanac People: Memo – North Melbourne players

Paubai addresses the North Melbourne players in a memo to pull out all efforts for Drew Petrie, it’s payback time!

The truth about North Melbourne

Optimistic North Melbourne fans are duly warned: this is not the post for you. Paubai is happy to be proved wrong, but he has plenty of doubts about North’s list for the coming year.

Please enough wada, asada

That.s enough, writes Paubai. [He makes a very good point – Ed]

Coughing epidemic in AFL coaching ranks

The winter is certainly upon us and paubai is very concerned about the health of several senior coaches in the AFL. It seems that the stress of coaching is getting to some and bringing with it the onset of vicious coughs and other symptoms.

Hidden movie gem: Champions

Sometimes, a great movie is lost to memory. So, I’ll take the opportunity , especially at holiday time, of reminding people of a lost gem.

Mug Punting: Me, Bernie and the Bookie

My friend Bernie was one of those guys who was good at all sports. All sports were effortless endeavours to him. He was a star cricketer, footballer, runner, swimmer, golfer, tennis player, you name it, he could play it. Nay, he could excel at it. He even had interesting theories on sport. He always said [Read more]

The day North won the flag

I started going to the footy with my brothers and father  in 1974. My first memory was my brother screaming “Ball”. I was watching him  with a mixture of awe and fear. I think I thought he was suffering from some kind of  madness. We were at the Lake Oval. North was playing South. I [Read more]

At the races with Dad

My father always had superstitions with numbers. He always told me to take quinellas, 5 and 7 always. For what reasons, no one really knows, yet there are times now when I’m at the track when I hear his voice, ” 5 and 7″. I just say,” yeah, yeah, 5 and 7 dad, I know”.