AFL post-season: Who is ready for a superdraft?

Waiting for something to happen in trade period? Still don’t understand how the draft rates the comparative worth of players? Prior to last year’s draft, Dave Brown tried to make sense of how it all works.

2018 AFL Player Previews: Revisited

How did they fare in 2018? Anna Pavlou revisits the player previews she made at the beginning of the 2018 AFL season to present an assessment of their performances for the year.

Footy Media Watch: Why does everyone hate the Crows all of a sudden?

Adelaide’s not unreasonable desire to be right has become their demon in the Jake Lever deal according to Dave Brown.

Trade Tirades

Jake Lever – $nake in the grass or making hay while the sun shines?

Round 16 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Jakes in Flight

Detours, getting lost and airport parking couldn’t stop Swish and his family making it to Adelaide to watch an impressive Crows outfit demolish the Bulldogs.

Round 16 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Are the Crows back?

Classic Rulebook analysis of a dominant Crows performance against the reigning premier with an appraisal of numerous Crows players. While the Crows were good, he really starts to get to the heart of the matter when he looks at the Dogs. They were terrible.

Round 12 – Adelaide v St Kilda: More Questions Than Answers For the Crows?

Malcolm Ashwood with his comprehensive thoughts on Adelaide’s win over St Kilda, plus some strong thoughts on the AFL’s lack of support for the SANFL.

Round 3 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Crows Go Top Of The Tree

A happy Malcolm Ashwood is on top of the world today as his Crows top the AFL ladder after defeating arch rivals Port Adelaide in the South Aussie Showdown.

Round 21 – Fremantle v Adelaide: Optimism is for the young… and Hawthorn

Dave Brown comes to terms with the Crows being a red hot chance at a typically frantic family gathering

Round 21 – Fremantle v Adelaide: Lever sells the pup and goes Bang!

Rulebook uses the Fremantle thrashing as a platform for Showdown week in Adelaide (“C’mon Adelaide – come out switched on and smash ’em!”).

Round 20 – Adelaide v Brisbane: Percentage is the go

Rulebook poses (and answers) lots of questions in the Crows’ second guaranteed win in a row at Adelaide Oval

Round 14 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: What Rulebook learnt last night

Rulebook has a few points to make on the Crows game last night – 17 of them actually. Here’s his analysis, excellent as always.

Round 11 – Adelaide v St Kilda: lateral thinking

Turns out not every party ends in a hangover. Rock on, Crows!

Round 3 – Richmond v Adelaide: Jake the Snake

Classic Rulebook. Includes praising of the Crows, bagging of Richmond and the obligatory Troy Chaplin sledge.

Round 17 – Adelaide Crows v Gold Coast Suns: Adelaide one day, Surry Hills the next

The resilient and courageous Adelaide Crows get the job done against the Suns at the Adelaide Oval in style. Rulebook then heads off to Sin City for the Adelaide Uni Greys and Footy Almanac Sydney lunch, where The Harcourts and the ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup’s Earl O’Neill have our man entertained in fine style.

Round 6- Gold Coast v Adelaide: No Sun, No Alcohol But Crows Shine

Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood, in between doing a hospital run for the Adelaide University FC and meeting The Avenging Eagle (and PB), found time to cover the Crows win over the Suns.