1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 17: The Reels, A Round At The Fountain

Gordon Agars has a sizeable windfall during Round 17, which somehow leads to a night out at one of Adelaide’s famed rock pubs with one of the Blacks’ famed rock dogs. It’s time the tale were told.

1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 12: Sechs on Legs

The Lutherans were kaput, The Ones won but the Glamour Side were put off by some lippy Catholics. Gordon Agars sent also young Gucci around the teams for the 1986 Round 12 AUFC report.

My Footy Recollections

Adelaide University Football Club – The Blacks – is saddened to hear of the passing of one of its great characters, Brenton “Nose” Eckert.

Nose wrote this piece almost a year ago, not long after he was awarded Life Membership.

Yes Nose, your memories, and our memories of you, are surely worthy of saving.

RIP Brenton “Nose” Eckert

Life Membership and Life. And Death.

Michael Dadds got to present Life Membership of Adelaide Uni FC to the “Nose” Brenton Eckert. Every day is precious, and Brenton treasured every moment. (This article was originally published in 2014)

Bob Neil drinks West End Draught of course!

Tom Martin tells the tale of the Adelaide Uni Blacks Football Club’s traditional beverages, West End Draught and Stone’s Green Ginger Wine. Features a song devoted to Almanac favourite, Darren ‘The Jerk’ Graetz.

Round 6- Gold Coast v Adelaide: No Sun, No Alcohol But Crows Shine

Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood, in between doing a hospital run for the Adelaide University FC and meeting The Avenging Eagle (and PB), found time to cover the Crows win over the Suns.

Is that Bob Neil over there in the grey hair and Volleys?

Adelaide Uni Blacks player Daniel Weekley may have spotted Bob Neil. Here’s what happened.

The Bob Neil Almanac

We are seeking stories of Bob Neil, evidence of homage to him (via signs and other hagiographic material), photographs of Bob Neil iconography, and photos of sightings of the man himself.

We believe it is time for a Bob Neil Almanac.

Who is this Tim Harcourt? (From the The Adelaide Advertiser)

Having just profiled some of The Almanackers whose names begin with H, I, up bobs Tim Harcourt. There I was, up the bush in South Australia, looking for nominations for the wool team of the century, when there in the Addie is none other than the Almanac’s very own. [We’ll claim him – JTH]

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Two : Smith and Clarke Take Full Toll of India’s Pop-Gun Attack

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood was at the Adelaide Oval for yet another day that will go down in the proud history of Test cricket in the City of Churches

AFL Semi Final- Fremantle v Port Adelaide: Putting a lid on Bob Neil No.3

Dan Hansen calls for a roof to be built over Bob Neil No.3 Oval (AKA the Adelaide Oval) while enjoying the Power’s Semi Final win at the Royal Exhibition Hotel with the NSW Port supporters group.

Adelaide University Blacks FC: Jerk reaches 500 games!

This Saturday (August 16th) sees Adelaide University Blacks FC stalwart Darren “The Jerk” Graetz play his 500th game for the club. Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood pays tribute to the gregarious figure, join him with your praise

Adelaide Uni Greys Melbourne Lunch: Meeting Rulebook

Luke Reynolds attends an Adelaide Uni Greys lunch to meet the great man. Not Bob Neil – but his acolyte ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood.

Adelaide Uni Greys/Footy Almanac pleasant Sunday afternoon lunch in Melbourne

Lunch. In Melbourne. All welcome.

Hear Rulebook deliver his speech: “How to be an avant-garde standover man in the liberal varsity environment”.

AFL Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Bob Neil: The Encore.

Rulebook reports on the traditional Adelaide Uni Greys lunch in Melbourne (at the All Nations Hotel), and on another disappointing Crows loss when the umpires make a hash of it.