Round 17 – Adelaide Crows v Gold Coast Suns: Adelaide one day, Surry Hills the next


Saturday maggot duties completed, it is off to the pubs to sell raffle tickets and watch the Crows v Suns game.


Gold Coast get away to a good start and kick the first couple but the crows settle with Walker looking dangerous early. Charlie Cameron is improving and maturing by the week and under the tutelage of Eddie Betts is looking like he could develop in to a key player with a real X factor. At lemon time it is all squared up with, realistically, Adelaide far better placed than that due to the knee injury suffered by the little master, Gary Ablett.


The second quarter is fast and furious with turnovers quite often leading to a score. Henderson for the Crows has again been disappointing in this area. The Crows, when they let Bernie Vince go had a choice to make between Ricky Henderson and Vince – with both Richmond and Collingwood very keen on Henderson due to list balance.  I understand the decision to keep Hendo but he needs to lift and improve dramatically and quickly. The highlight of the quarter is a sublime ruck tap at a centre bounce by Sauce Jacobs over the back to the returning batman, Rory Sloane, who kicks long to Eddie Betts who marks and goals. The Crows, just before half time have a chain of quick handballs followed by a long kick by (the Crows’) Tom Lynch kicking long to Jenkins. His goal gives Adelaide a handy 2 goal lead at the long break.


Gold Coast’s Tom Lynch is a very good player and while the Crows are missing defensive general, Daniel Talia, Jake Lever – who is only 19 and in his 1st season – is showing the poise, judgement and maturity of a 200 game player and is showing just how vital recruiting is. How he slipped thru to pick 14 and the fact the Crows knew Lever was going to before the draft, and therefore were prepared to exchange their draft choices knowing their man would still be available  is incompetent by several clubs (I was fortunate to be told before the draft that Lever was our preferred selection). Jake must be this week’s Rising Star winner.


The third quarter is a battle of momentum swings with the Crows starting the quarter strongly and the Suns fighting back. Harley Bennell has been excellent in his first game back from his suspension. While I am not defending Bennell it has come across that drugs were a problem at West Coast and now it is at the Gold Coast. Garbage! It is extremely naive to not see this as a huge whole-of-society problem and an AFL industry concern across all clubs. Luckily for the Crows, Charlie Dixon’s kicking for goal is diabolical and the third term ends with the Crows just nine points up, and the game seemingly up for grabs.


This is quickly shot in the water as Adelaide run the game out strongly kicking eight goals to two to finish comfortable 45 point winners. Jacobs dominates in the ruck and Richard Douglas, who has been ok, lifts to another level, and runs and carries and kicks a couple of long goals. Rory Laird has again been excellent; his marking, use of the ball and footy smarts are again a feature. Patrick Dangerfield with his contested possessions – as always a highlight – shows yet again, he is in the absolute elite of the competition, and will set the Crows back several years if he leaves. Josh Jenkins has taken another small step forward. Sloane has contributed strongly, surviving his test. It will be harder next week, second up after a long spell is always the real measuring stick.


For the Suns Hall, Rischitelli, Lonergan and Kolodjashnij have had their moments. While the Crows in the end have won comfortably the game has provided many questions: what exactly is Matty Wright’s role? He is not your manic forward 50 defensive forward, not a mid size marking forward. Surely the Crows now have more than enough depth now not to just play a guy that is a honest battler? Outside run is still the Crows’ achilles heel and we need a far greater output from McKay and Henderson to have a real chance against the better sides


Other thoughts from other games:
*   Hawthorn are the most well drilled and organised side we have ever seen and virtually coach themselves. The game against Carlton made the 2007 GF look like a cliffhanger, shattering that beautiful winning margin of 119 points.


*   Are there enough good players for 18 sides?


*   How much are coaches responsible for the look of the game? How good was it when Fyfe and Dangerfield had a shoot out? The Richmond v Freo game was boring defensive stoppage footy by both sides, with the closeness of the game the highlight and then Bachar Houli’s error was so bad, in another sport, match fixing would be questioned.


Sunday was the Adelaide Uni FC Greys and Sydney Knackery function. Wow! What a character Earl O’Neill is (words can not do justice to those pants)! As always, we covered several generations from the 35 year old Demi Moore to the great man; 84 year old Professor Geoff  Harcourt.  The Prof, as always, spoke eloquently. Adelaide Uni FC are eternally grateful that he recruited the immortal Fred ‘Chocka’ Bloch to the club.  The Prof’s son – the well known Tim ‘Plug’ Harcourt warmed up for the long lunch in Adelaide in a couple of weeks. Diamond Jim Edwards entertained with stories of vomiting before games, his TV career, The Logies and even a bit of medicine. These lunches are always great value. Thanks to John Harms and everyone for turning up. Hopefully more next year and it’s always great to put a face to a writer.


A huge game for the Crows against the Swans this week


Adelaide 19.11.125
Gold Coast 12. 8. 80



Adelaide Crows:  Cameron 4, Betts 3, Jenkins 3, Walker 2, Sloane 2, Douglas 2, Dangerfield, Martin, Knight

Gold Coast: Lynch 4, Dixon 3, Matera 2, Day, Lonergan, Russell



Adelaide:  Jacobs, Dangerfield, Laird, Cameron, Lever, Sloane, Thompson, Douglas

Gold Coast: Bennell, Lynch, Hall, Dixon, Rischitelli, Lonergan


Crowd: 42,656 at the Adelaide Oval


Malarkey Medal Votes: Jacobs (Ade) 3, Dangerfield (Ade) 2, Laird (Ade) 1.




  1. Demi Moore says

    Well played rulebook!
    totally agree about the crows lack of outside run, fix this, and who knows!!
    Lever at pick 14 may end up one of the great draft steals – good recruiting.

    Greys lunch was good fun, good to be in attendance with such grey(t) men.
    As much as I would like to claim the youngest position, I actually snuck into 2nd youngest at 36, with ‘young’ Tony taking the biscuits at 35!

    Highlight of the day was receiving a signed copy of the ’14 Almanac from Harms and Ashwood!

  2. Ryan Eagle says

    Great write up R Book.


  3. well done Rulebook and harmesy and great to meet so many faces old and new

    Earl O’Neill is an encyclopedia of knowledge on all things Western Sydney, footy and politics Rock n Roll, Hoodoo Gurus the Australian Railway Union and Spinal Tap

    like Paul Keating he went to De La salle bankstown and knows the band The Ramrods whom PJK took “from nowhere to obscurity”

    look up Earl when you are in Sydney.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    btw Earl, time you updated your LinkedIn profile

  5. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff, Malcolm. Agree with all your Crow assessments. Not too many clubs would have a better rookie record than the Crows. Bassett (at Melb), Doughty, Rutten, Bock, Mattner, Porplyzia, Henderson, Jaensch, Wright, Laird, Cameron, Hartigan and Kelly all having come off the rookie list at some point.

  6. Leigh Plant says

    Great summary as usual Malcolm,i do believe the crows made a good decision in moving bernie on,we have great mids and with all fit he may of found himself playing ressies,hendo although not performing at his best is a very good run and carry defender in my opinion,but again,nice work mate and keep it going.

  7. Nice as always Book. Missed the game, but if Wright is struggling as you suggest, the SANFL reserves side has Lyons, M Crouch, CEY, Otten, VB, Kerridge, Pod, Cheney and others reportedly in ripping form, so the healthy competition for spots should sort itself out. Guesses on ur other thoughts:

    – Hawks folk are quick to point out no Premierships ever won in July… hopefully some entertaining twists & turns between now and the 1st Sat in October because right now the gulf between them and the rest seems massive!
    – Yes. The difference between top and bottom is mainly due to off field decision making, not so much “is there enuf talent for 18 teams?” Hawks best at it, Lions & Carlton and now recently Essendon the worst, and it shows!
    – coaches very responsible for the look of the game. Not employed to make the game ‘look’ attractive however, but to win premierships. Ref P Roos in ’05, and R Lyon almost in ’09, ’10 & ’13, and top in ’15 as we speak. Very unattractive footy, but great chance of winning!

  8. Willow Wilson says

    Nice work book,
    Agree with your Henderson comments, he doesn’t do enough of the basic stuff in the back half, no physical presence so is easily beaten in a one-on-one and doesn’t work as the drop off defender to help out his back 6 mates. I would like to see Cam Ellis-Yolmen given a go at half back, has the pace and ball skills to play that role and provide some run. Might be good development for him as he becomes the big bodied mid-fielder down the track. I think a Kerridge for Wright swap might work, although Kerridge seems to be seen as more of a tagger (does anyone still use that terminology?).
    Another very good game from Laird, and agree that Lever looks like a gem.
    Need Talia back this week for the Swans.

  9. Neat and Tidy says

    Nice one, Booklet. Lever was very impressive.

  10. Jill Tathra says

    I thought 16 clubs was almost too much and worried where all the good players and coaches would come from. Maybe they should have done a Fitzroy and St Melb and sent 2 more Vic clubs north instead of adding 2.

    Also while on these things what about having a PROPER AFL. At the moment its really only a glorified VFL as we have a father son rule only Vic clubs can use, we have a Brownlow medal, the Coleman Medal, the so called historic Anzac Day match between Collingwood and Essendon. Why aren`t these all called by AFL names and the VFL names should be back in the VFL surely.

    Sorry I`ll get of my soapbox now but it does make me cross at times with Victoria running the AFL.

  11. Melina Mueller says

    The bond that these boys have now is amazing. Phil’s death has drawn them closer then any other experience could hope to, even a premiership. There is such personal unity amongst the players, which is bringing an awesome synergy to the team as a playing group. The Jacobs to Sloane pass is evidence of that. The pressure must be immense for Danger to stay a part of that. For now, he continues to play fantastic footy, amongst a band of brothers.

    Watching the depth of young talent is exciting for our future, but given how Campo is steering the ship, whose to say that future isn’t nearer than we dream?

    I’m loving watching our boys at the moment, even though there is still a tear or two at the final siren.

  12. Campbell says

    Great write up. I agree about Henderson, he needs to lift his game, he hasn’t played too well at all yet. Bad news for the Suns and Ablett with him out for the rest of the season

  13. Jeff Milton says

    Another great article A few crows not at their best on the weekend but overall a very solid win, no injuries and 7 days to prepare for the Swans who are coming off a short break after their trip back from Perth.
    Pity the Sydney Greys Function didn’t quite line up with the Crows in Sydney.

  14. Agreed Crows have rookied well,
    Watch out for a young gun at Oakleigh charges Fraser Pearce his Dad Darryl was a great BBaller and a SA Legend
    I know the Crows were close to picking him last year, lets hope they go one step further and pick him this year

  15. ^ “the Iceman”!

  16. Eloquent as always Book. I thought the Greys were playing at Angaston on Sunday – that’s where I was!

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Guys loved meeting Earl definitely a character.Dave great point re the crows and the rookie draft.
    Leigh while I agree,Bernie needed the wake up call he could have been the tagger ironically we lack
    Hendo has been disappointing and as Willow points out is poor in a 1 on 1 contest.Jamesey depth wise there is a strong case that the crows are only behind the hawks in this regard.i must admit I have changed my tune in that I used to think the coaches only had to worry about winning but with so much crap footy being dished up now I reckon it is more than that the tigers have followed this defensive pattern eventually it will drive a lot of people away from the game ( tv ratings are down ).jill you are totally correct in reality it still is a extended vfl comp with the entrance fee saving several,Vic clubs with still 10 clubs in Vic and yep not enough real good players for,18 clubs.Melina yes it is a rediculous close bond which is unique we wait to see what happens.Milts huge game this week.Coke we will watch that 1 with interest if Fraser is as good kicking the footy as the,Iceman was from the 3 point line he will be a gun
    Thanks folks greatly appreciated

  18. Great match summary RB. Catching up with Earl O’Neil is now on my bucket list.
    Dunno about some of the general comments. Hawks coach themselves? Anything effortless means thousands of hours unseen preparation by Clarko, his coaches and the playing list. Makes it seem effortless on the day.
    Asking coaches to take responsibility for anything other than winning? Like asking crocodiles not to bite.
    Great that Walsh and Campo put on a few games for the fans, but unique circumstances and not something that will happen regularly. 2 subs and cap interchanges at 40 a game.
    I think that the AFL needs a 20 team comp. 2 more teams in Melbourne so that the Victorians can further dilute their talent pool and suck up more Melbourne/Carlton/Essendon crap in freezing weather in empty stadiums. Their arrogance is their own reward. Chuck out 2 of the above and we’d have a much healthier 16 team comp (as you suggest) – but I’m not holding my breath for Victorian humility or the AFL to consider anything other than TV $’s.

  19. Dan Hansen says

    I haven’t seen the Crows-Suns game but from the scoreline it looks better than any game involving Ross Lyon, John Longmire or Paul Roos.

    I agree with your comment that the Hawks are looking scary. It makes me think of Billy Brownless’s comment on Open Mike whe he said after the 1995 Grand Final he didn’t want to make another GF. After the last two GFs and the last three weeks i wonder if there are any Swans or Dockers players thinking the same. I think the only team that may be avle to challenge them and is of the right mindset may be West Coast.

    Time will tell.

  20. Cam Bryson says

    I know you only highlight the bits worth knowing, so thanks once again for your distilled summary.
    That and selling raffle tickets at the pub….

  21. Thanks Malcolm. Like you I wonder what immediate future there is for Wright. He doesn’t appear to have an obvious function. As he was subbed off I reckon he’ll have a gallop in the SANFL. I think we’ll give the Swans a big shake Saturday too.

  22. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Great point about Crows in-form depth Jamesy (at last)

    Who comes in for Wright? Is Cheney a chance for Hartigan? Talia for Shaw? Too many changes?

    Who would’ve thought a few weeks back that we’d be looking forward to the Swans away?

    Onya ‘Book, see you in a couple of weeks.

  23. Martin Rumsby says

    I don’t mind Henderson as a link player. He’s not in top form at present having missed a fair bit of footy over recent years, but he is a ball carrier and can pinch-hit in a number of positions. Agree with your comments about Lever and Laird. The Crows have an opportunity this weekend against Sydney to firm up their place in the eight. With their reserves side playing well in the SANFL and Talia due to returns they should be able to select one of their strongest sides for the year.

  24. E.regnans says

    Love this story OBP.
    Mostly the “other observations” points you make at the end.

    The connections you create, maintain and foster seem incredible from this distance.
    Well played by you.

  25. anne sargeant says

    another great summary. a good team is one that is able to cover the blokes that are having a bad day and we are getting there. hawthorn are beatable if they don’t have their best 22 on the park as has been shown this year, and we matched them for three quarters, so who knows what can happen :) feel there is plenty of talent. but don’t forget a lot of it has gone north in the last couple of years and some clubs have better recruiters.

  26. It was another great win for the Crows over the weekend. The first 3 quarters were nothing of the sort we saw the equivalent in the Showdown but that final quarter was outstanding. Nice to see Rory Sloane back, the emerging youngsters including Charlie Cameron and Jake Lever. After the Phil Walsh tragedy the club has gotten back on track with back-to-back wins in both the AFL and SANFL. Saturday will be a huge challenge. The Crows have an excellent record at the SCG and I think they can do it! The SANFL team play the Redlegs, the same day. While it is great to see the SANFL Crows in great form, this one I want Norwood to win. Norwood are the only team to remain undefeated against the Crows and until last weekend the only team to beat Port away from Alberton in 2015.

    Friday night’s game showed how bad it was to give Carlton so many Friday night games. Surely the AFL can show a Showdown (2 previous ch 7 Sunday 2:50pm games were both thrillers to the ‘away’ teams) or a Western Derby with the current top 2 teams. GWS broke a milestone in having a sellout in Canberra for the first time as Geelong won in the nation’s capital for the first time. The Power won a high scoring contest in what was a great game to watch. Port Adelaide’s accurate 20.9 is a 2 thumbs up from me and the fact both teams scored over 100 points is also 2 thumbs up from me. It was anyone’s game in the 4th quarter making it a great contest. The final minutes of Freo’s win was a thriller and North won at the Gabba for the first time in 10 years for Boomer’s 400th. Saturday a great day of AFL. Nice to see the Dogs give Collingwood their 5 straight loss, St Kilda continue their dominance over the dees and West Coast reclaimed 2nd with a win over the Swans, first time beating them since 2007. Lets hope round 18 can be just as good!

  27. Luke Reynolds says

    Good stuff Malcolm. The legend of E.O’Neill. Sounds like a trip to Western Sydney would be worthwhile.
    Was Perky Girl there??

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    PB yes a combination of experience,discipline having set team rules and obeying them does to some extent equal coaching yourselves versus Houli kick in I rest my case.Darren Lehmann often makes the point that the aussie cricket team is in the entertainment business and it is there job to entertain I no it really is a pipe dream but I just wish all coaches would see the big picture they won’t so there for are zones inevitable ? I like your sarcasm re the Vics
    Danny very good point and totally agree.TC you no the greys are good at multi tasking.Thanks Cam doesn’t every 1 sell raffle tickets at a pub? Mickey,Swish finally very few injuries meant only 2 top up players in the SANFL so competition for spots with a lot of options.Martin agreed injuries have been a huge problem for,Henderson and he needs continuity in his footy but we can’t afford his turnover she needs to justify his spot quickly.Thanks OBP greatly appreciated.Thanks Anne we are slowly getting there.
    Cameron a huge game this week and obviously go the legs but I think the crows will win easily( hurry up and have a national reserves comp) thanks Luke and unfortunately,Perky girl did not attend

  29. Jack heard says

    great read fellas. Interesting to see different views on the game. Dangerfield is a jet

  30. Good review book of the game and lunch sounds like fun as always totally agree re the state of the game and coaches responsibilities

  31. nice work R-Book. I am watching less and less AFL and more SANFL in the last 6 years. There are too many non-event matches, and its getting boring despite the elite skills players have. The game is getting more like gridiron by the minute. I cant watch games where the objective is to kick 10 goals and win. Nor can i watch 23 goal hidings. Or seeing 36 players in a 50 metre vicinity of the ball.

    I will state the bleeding obvious that the Hawks best is way better than any other teams best. So whoever plays them in the GF will have to play at 100% ability and hope the hawks are around 90% just to make it an even contest.

  32. I knew there was a reason I had stopped getting to the footy – apart from the renovations – and that is because all I need to do is sit back and wait for Book’s write up and observations. Keep ’em coming Mal.

  33. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Very sad I missed the lunch, Earl and autographs. Over-committed Sydney lifestyle and an inability to get child, work or duty free round midday!
    The Hawks are frightening. But I suspect, like PB that their visible skill, spirit and ease must be akin to the pinched-nose smile of a synchronised swimmer, egg beating away under the surface. Hope so anyway. Gives the rest of us hope that things in our own training pools can be turned around.
    You vs us this weekend. Hmm …

  34. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Jack yes,Danger is indeed a jet.KOP and Jags yes I have become far more discerning as well re games to watch when by the ladder 1 v 5 round 17 is adud game says a lot of things thanks,Rookie and all the best mate!Mathilde would have loved to meet you really enjoy your writing you would think,Sat will nd a close game

  35. Susan Schutt says

    I enjoyed reading your article it was great. I hope Dangerfield will stay with Adelaide as he is by far our best player.

  36. G’day Rulebook,

    Great to see everyone on Sunday arvo. Thanks for the invitation. Earl is the personification of truth and beauty in that Ramrods-PJK-Spinal Tap sort of way. It was terrific to spend time with him and with the others. PLug can always make you feel like he could ring B. Obama and get him at next year’s event. I’m not sure Diamond Jim was actually at the Logies. And we now have a tradition of Geoff-watch to see what he has done in his 80-whateverth year. Looking forward to hearing that next year.

    Oh, and the Crows? Not that fussed really.

  37. Good summary again Rulebook. I went along to the game to watch Gary Ablett do the things that you don’t pick up on TV. His injury is unfortunate for him and the competition. Like Eddie’s pocket, there soon could be a Charlie’s corner (SW pocket) and why hasn’t Charlie Dixon become an outright star of the game?
    Norwood need to crack the whip next month.

  38. m killicoat says

    Nice one RuleBook. Very interesting gathering on Sunday, thanks for organising. I think the youngest there was 31.

  39. What a magnificent opening line. Has to be on the cover of the 2015 Almanac!

  40. A lot of people are saying the Dogs are the story of the year if they make the finals but I would argue if teh Crows do given the events of the last few weeks they would shade it.

  41. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Susan Dangerfield easily crows best player in top 5 in the comp.Thanks JTH need your far superior ability re words to describe,Earls jeans a fascinating character,I inderstand exactly what you mean re Plug,.Thanks Raf and the legs are more than struggling and Charlie is v promising.Thanks Killer yes I checked ages before you and Tony got there my mistake apologies.Raj before the season to be placed where they are now def dogs after what has happened the crows have been amazing thanks folks

  42. nice summary Book
    Agree with your thoughts although we still need to find ourselves a power centre half forward who can be our target up forward and bring the ball to a our runners.
    You or I could coach Hawthorn and they would still win the flag this year.

  43. justin Kenyeres says

    Thanks Malcolm – David McKay has been conspicuously quiet this season and I still think there’s room for improvement with Jenkins. Good win and I think if there is enough belief within the group they will get over the Swans this week.

  44. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Paddles what a outstanding duo we would be ! I reckon we could give Michael Dadds address before,IV
    Well we have travelled a long way you no where your playing see you at quarter time! Justin DMac has been poor overall in the area we lack depth outside run and carry personally I would love,Rabs Wilson the quickest player I have ever seen get a run

  45. Lovely Lisa says

    Thank you Book for keeping me connected to the outside world!

  46. Bec Blossomvictory says

    Great analysis of the game, am so disappointed about D.M — since his 4 years deal was signed, consistant solid form has been lacking. Glad that, the Crows’ talent pool seems ever enlarging, so perhaps we should be more generous in dropping players who have not been able to best use their game time — tough love & fair go for other emerging talents like CEY, R.A, etc,.

  47. Bec Blossomvictory says

    Ohh, not to mention about the Umpiring decisions in the game were just so overwhelmingly poor and understandably immensely frustrating for the Crows fans watching, to say the least. Perhaps, it’s time for umpiring decisions to be made more easily accountable, for the good of the game? — AFL games should just pride itself in their absolute elite standards, not to be jeopardised by ‘amateur’ umpiring every so often. Umpiring decisions can really cost a game, if not lucky enough.

  48. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Lovely Lisa glad to keep you in China in the loop.Thanks Bec surely,Dmac spot is on the line big game for him this week.Umpiring was embarrassing this round that’s what happens with guys who have not played adult footy,I admit to I emailed,Wayne Campbell earlier in the year and to his credit at least he replied but he does not understand rucking his lack of knowlege of blocking etc was appalling they actually need a ruck coach in a ruckman who has good communication skills and complete knowledge of the rules and interpretations to pass on

  49. Mark mcinerney says

    lacking in key defenders other than that was pretty convincing from the crows

  50. Earl O'Neill says

    Twenty years ago I wondered if sixteen teams was stretching the talent pool. Now, with eighteen teams and four professional football codes competing for teenage sportsmen, I’m all but certain. Another reason for the return of the nineteenth and twentieth men.

  51. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Mark we certainly need,Talia.Earl great to meet you and totally agree not only footy codes but competing for talent re summer sports,George Horlin Smith is the perfect example the best junior cricketer I have seen and he had well and truly marked by cricket australia as a potential wearer of the baggy green

  52. Lorraine O'Dwyer says

    Very interesting Malcolm, thank you for including me!

  53. Michael Jay says

    Great read, thank you for the share, you are very correct regarding Dangerfield , it will take a long time to recover that loss.

  54. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Lorraine
    Michael, re Dangerfield he is in the absolute elite of the competition yep debate what number but is in the top few and is easily the crows best player

  55. Sam Penniment says

    Good stuff rulebook, really enjoyable article

  56. very good….but Tex needs to be mentioned as `just trying`……………………he is very `soft`……………….Jenkins and Lynch and Jacobs r better than Tex…………… leats they contest with purpose??

    Tex doesn`t even `hold the ball in area`………………..or `bring it to ground `for Eddie & co…………

    Patrick still needs to dispose of ball better…….

    Crows still `pretenders` in Finals race……………………..`hot n cold`… Douglas………….he finished well but average early………….

    cheers Perky

  57. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Sam.Perky agree re tex in that especially bringing the ball to ground there are times when he must be better in a pack marking situation.Dangerfield re disposal we must remember that so many of his possessions are contested in which he is arguably the best at in the competition yes at times he should balance himself more before he kicks but overall he is amazing.At the moment it seems to be the
    Hawks gap,West Coast gap and then the majority of the clubs yes the crows are a chance to make the 8

  58. Another quality article Book. Great result uniting the blacks all over Australia. Interesting insight into the risk the crows took to get Lever. Cats did get cockatoo who will be a jet in the future and also gregson who was played every game at 47 though.

  59. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hazard more than a touch of irony in your comment re after what has happened this week ( Ad Uni FC are called the blackx) what the cats did was smart in that,Cockatoo was there desired player and was a real chance to be gone by 14.amazingly stupid by other clubs in that on a needs basis,Lever had to be there 1st choice but wasn’t and just as bad that it got out that they weren’t picking him so,the crows could swap there choice so confidently.Imagine the repercussions if something similar had happened in the business world ? Good luck yourself,Saturday

  60. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hazard sorry yes,Gregson a absolute steal at choice 47

  61. Mitchell Murgia says

    Great stuff, I really like the bit at the end with a short summary of other games.

  62. I suppose the selection of players from draft picks can be easy to reflect in hindsight, but it’s vitally important in a clubs performance and development. They should make a statue for Stephen wells down at catland for all the gems he has unearthed.

  63. Excellent as always book – Cameron is exiting prospect for the Future, Hendo needs to lift his game. Lever a new fan favourite already, him Talia and kelly are looking like the backline of the future – not sure on Hartigan but hes the biggest body we have at the moment.

  64. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Holsty totally agree with every point,if you coach as well tomorrow you will win easily

  65. Barb Jamieson says

    A win is a win, but I didn’t come away from the game full of excitement . It’s concerning that for three quarters , we saw more mediocracy , than good football , thankfully, our last quarter showed that Adelaide can play football. What we need is four quarters of that kind of football , and I’m not sure that we have that in us right at this moment.
    I agree with your opinion of Henderson, when it comes to body on body, he just doesn’t cut it , whether that will come with time , and some bulking up of his body , only time will tell .
    Charlie Cameron , he’s going to be the new Eddie Betts, energy, enthusiasm and speed, and beginning to get the footy smarts .
    I’m going to say , we need to stick with Josh Jenkins, I know he’s not consistent yet, but he’s not afraid to use his body, and I think he is going to become an integral part of the team . We have it ,just not consistently enough, and we have the players who can do it, but again , not consistently sharp enough with their skills . When they can’ put it all together , we can look towards playing finals football

  66. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Barb after last nights upset today becomes a even bigger game big test for,Hendo,DMac,Wright and Hardigan in particular

  67. Renate Carman says

    thanks for the summary of the game.Malcolm, always enjoy reading your comments. i would love for us to win against a team that is above us in the ladder. !!! Hopefully today will be the day. Am looking forward to see how Lyons performs today. So glad Talia is back in. Shame that Buddy and Tippett had to come back this week!!!! Thanks again for your summary.

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