Footy Media Watch: Why does everyone hate the Crows all of a sudden?

Adelaide’s not unreasonable desire to be right has become their demon in the Jake Lever deal according to Dave Brown.

Forgotten Hardworking?

Has journalism become lazy with the rise of social media? Why don’t some footballers train harder when they’re at the elite level? Yoshi tries to find some answers.

AFL 2016 from a non-Victorian perspective

Dave Warner demonstrates a whole series of inequities in the national competition and points the finger at the Melbourne-based journalists who support them. How strong are the arguments he brings?

My First Day

Callum O’Connor always wanted to work as a footy writer. And more recently, as a women’s footy writer. Since last Saturday, he does. [Congratulations Callum – Ed].

A Frenzy of Sharks

Tony Robb gives the footy media a spray, as self-aggrandising nongs blowing smoke up each other.

Congratulations to Susie Giese

Cats fan and story-teller Susie Giese is now an intern at AFL Media.