AFL post-season: Who is ready for a superdraft?

Waiting for something to happen in trade period? Still don’t understand how the draft rates the comparative worth of players? Prior to last year’s draft, Dave Brown tried to make sense of how it all works.

Round 9 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Floreat Pica Society report from Steve Fahey

Steve Fahey reports for The Floreat Pica Society about Collingwood’s stylish excellence with their victory over the Saints in their Round 9 clash.

Winning and weddings

Magpie Danielle is baaaaaaaccccck, and, boy is she excited! Her Magpies are back in town, and together with her wedding preparations, Danielle is on top of the world.

Round 2 – Collingwood v GWS: Nothing Else Matters

Luke Reynolds reports (from his great seats in the Ponsford precinct) on a game of almosts for his beloved Collingwood.

Round 1 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: Do Not Be Satisfied With Mediocrity (Floreat Pica Society)

Is Collingwood content with mediocrity? Paul O’Connell reports on another frustrating Magpie loss for the Floreat Pica Society.