Neil Craig: Elite Performer (Part 2)

Rulebook’s back with Part 2 of Neil Craig’s career – from player to super coach

#WeWantAnswersAFC – actually, we do but what are the questions?

There’s definitely a problem at the Crows but it’s not new and it’s not on the field

AFLW Round 7 – Collingwood v Adelaide: Where’s Chelsea?

Dave Brown’s Crows went down in a devastating loss to the Pies at Olympic Park yesterday, missing a chance to defend their flag in another AFLW Grand Final. However, it was the loss of a key player in the second term and the commentary team’s oversight that really had him perturbed.

AFLW Round 4 – Greater Western Sydney v Adelaide: In the shallows

Viewing things through the lens of the outcome changes your perception. Dave Brown on watching a taped footy game and a funeral on the Yorke Peninsula

Footy Media Watch: Why does everyone hate the Crows all of a sudden?

Adelaide’s not unreasonable desire to be right has become their demon in the Jake Lever deal according to Dave Brown.

Round 6 – Adelaide v Richmond: Richmond Kicked Away After Quarter Time

Lachie Brown sees the Crows go 6-0 for the very first time. “The Crows are looking unstoppable in 2017.”

Round 6 – Adelaide v Richmond: Tex stole all the goals

Both of young Aidan Hammond’s teams saw off threatening Tigers on Sunday. Yes, his Adelaide Crows faced Richmond – but this story also describes his Walkerville Cats, who took on the Salisbury West Tigers.

Finals Week 1 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: Crows in a canter

Rulebook sums up the Crows’ big Elimination Final win over North Melbourne. And still finds a way to stir Richmond.

Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: The Slip Up

Aidan Hammond (10 years old), could feel the intensity of a showdown clash, even though he was at home – one or two kilometres away.

Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Potassium deficiency

An ugly incident overshadows what was a cracking game of footy. Despite that, Dave Brown finds a lot of positives up on Adelaide Oval’s hill

Round 21 – Fremantle v Adelaide: Optimism is for the young… and Hawthorn

Dave Brown comes to terms with the Crows being a red hot chance at a typically frantic family gathering

Round 15 – Melbourne v Adelaide: Melbourne by foot, Part 3 (Job done!)

Dave Brown finishes up his weekend of footy as the Crows salute on a big day for the club

Round 11 – Adelaide v St Kilda: lateral thinking

Turns out not every party ends in a hangover. Rock on, Crows!

Round 5 – Hawthorn v Adelaide: A courage of his own

Rees Quilford enjoys a contest worthy of the poetry of one Adam Lindsay Gordon. Paul Puopolo seems to be interpreting lines of poetry in on-field action.

Round 3 – Richmond v Adelaide: A feast of crows

John Green watches the Crows recover from the disappointment of not playing at the G, to trounce Richmond. “Eddie Betts should be required to play in a high visibility vest.”

Round 21 – Adelaide v Brisbane: Unintended consequences

Dave Brown may not necessarily be a fan of the AFL and what it has come to represent, but he does love the Adelaide Oval and Eddie Betts. A lot! Dave takes the family to see Blighty’s statute, the Crows and manages to nab seven consecutive general admission tickets in one fell swoop. Good times.

Round 21 – Adelaide v Brisbane: Tex Walker wins a cliffhanger

Union organiser, raffle ticket seller and general umpire about town, Rulebook finds a close match amidst the Crows’ 87 point taming of the Lions

Phil Walsh: for the good of the game

Dave Brown takes time to reflect on the tragic death of Phil Walsh. As he shows, it is a time for all families to reflect and re-consider.