SANFL Round 16 – Norwood v Eagles: Norwood on top of the tree

Rulebook reports Norwood have moved closer to securing the minor premiership with a 32 point win over Woodville West Torrens to go one and a half wins clear on the Premiership table by securing their 11th win in a row.

Footy Blogging and Archiving

Andy Fuller provides a thoughtful and insightful discussion about footy blogging and archiving.

Confessions of a Maggot

Rulebook has been a footy umpire for over 30 years. Here he shares some of the lighter moments from more than a thousand games of whistle blowing.

1986 – A Year With The Blacks Round 6: New Kid In The Black

This week, Gordon Agars discovers the answer to Griff’s forward line woes, right under his ashtray.

Round 6- Gold Coast v Adelaide: No Sun, No Alcohol But Crows Shine

Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood, in between doing a hospital run for the Adelaide University FC and meeting The Avenging Eagle (and PB), found time to cover the Crows win over the Suns.