When boots give way to flip flops

Steve Earl ponders summer footwear down the local. Know any frequent Fitzroy donners of the Volley? {Now includes Steve Earl’s Volleys snap – Ed]

Volleys, Blundstones and Thongs: Life in the Shoe-Wearing States

In praise of thongs, the [time honoured-Ed] Dunlop Volleys and Blundstones. Mickey Randall salutes three Australian icons.

The ‘Wagga Effect’

Craig Dodson throws down the gauntlet to Almanackers and sports fans alike: Is there a regional city in Australia with a better track record for producing elite sports talent than Wagga (Wagga)? Nominations welcome. [note JTH: includes reference to the time honoured Dunlop Volleys – Ed.]

Is that Bob Neil over there in the grey hair and Volleys?

Adelaide Uni Blacks player Daniel Weekley may have spotted Bob Neil. Here’s what happened.

Adrian Quist

Adrian Quist made a significant contribution to Australian life.

Damir Dokic: Food Critic? 20 Tennis questions that baffle Lord Bogan

The easy melancholy that comes with watching the Australian Open raises a number of baffling questions for Lord Bogan aka Phil Dimitriadis.

Tennis as a Game of Beauty and Well-Being

Philip Mendes recalls falling love with tennis after his grandmother passed her trusty wooden-framed racquet on to wide-eyed eight year old boy. From the streets of Caulfield to centre court at Kooyong, Tennis has been a life-long love affair for Philip.

When Dunlop Volleys just won’t do

  By Clint Rule With the inevitable explosion of my Dunlop Volley Footy Boot Hybrids in about round 12 a few years back, I pined for a new idea. Something fresh to dig into for this year’s lower grade amateur league pre-season. And when I think fresh, I think retro. In my school days there [Read more]

Love the Volleys

by Pamela Sherpa   Are Dunlop Volleys making a comeback, or did they never really go out of fashion? When the Preston girls competed in the finals of the 2009 Victorian Little Athletics championships in March they weren’t wearing fancy, expensive  ‘throwing’ shoes. Zoe , 12 and Anna, 10 from Brighton preferred their reliable, comfy [Read more]