Almanac Life: A postcard to Life

E. regnans has written this postcard to Life. It’s a patchwork of moments and more moments, thoughts and feelings and observations and descriptions. It rolls and drifts all the way to a reassuring conclusion.

Almanac Tassie Lunch – Ball & Chain Grill, Hobart (July 27)

The Footy Almanac lunch juggernaut heads south to Hobart for an entree to North Melbourne v West Coast.

Reclink Community Cup – Perth: Footy lives on in Freo

“The gluten-free pies van did a roaring trade, the veggie wraps were going fast, The Brow’s brassy hip-hop was pumping – it was like the hipster jungle of Fremantle was claiming an ancient derelict temple of footy for its own.” – David Zampatti brings us some unique insights from Perth’s Reclink Community Cup

The Perth Reclink Community Cup: Hounds Hunt in Packs

Dennis Gedling’s first hand review of Perth’s Community Cup is a ripper. (Was that J Mascis umpiring in orange? – Ed.)

The Hobart Reclink Community Cup: Looking back and forward

Old Dog played for the Ramonas against The Van Diemen Dogs in the Hobart Reclink Community Cup. Read his account. [Blundstone are a major sponsor of Reclink and this is their home Cup – JTH]

Adelaide Reclink Community Cup – Rockatoos v Anchors: from the little things

It’s a rivalry as old as, well, three years as the Rockatoos and Anchors raise a sweat and some funds for Reclink at Norwood Oval

Reclink Community Cup Melbourne – This Sunday

The Reclink Community Cup kicks off in Melbourne this Sunday. Get along for an awesome day of footy and music.

When boots give way to flip flops

Steve Earl ponders summer footwear down the local. Know any frequent Fitzroy donners of the Volley? {Now includes Steve Earl’s Volleys snap – Ed]

Local Footy: The club where Blunnies mattered

Matt Zurbo’s first footy club (many years ago) was a suburban club where the blokes worked hard and played hard. Young Matt Zurbo was made welcome because of his Blundstone boots. Not footy boots. His work boots.

Volleys, Blundstones and Thongs: Life in the Shoe-Wearing States

In praise of thongs, the [time honoured-Ed] Dunlop Volleys and Blundstones. Mickey Randall salutes three Australian icons.

Round 20 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: Saints (and Denise) fail to get the chocolates.

Yvette travels to beautiful Hobart to watch the Saints take on the Kangas at Blundstone Arena.

Did you bring a footy?

A story. The miracle of kick-to-kick. The Li sisters give Taz and Bung a lesson in the execution of the drop kick. All with a little help from their trusty Blundstone footy boots.

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Thwarted in Hobart – why Smokie Dawson kept his boots on

Smokie Dawson has his eye on not only wearing the white shorts, but taking them off, as he escapes to Tassie with Mrs. Smokie. His plans are scuppered but he enjoys Norths win at the famous Blundstone Arena, Bellerive, nonetheless. [From an editing point of view I’d have to say I’m glad your plans were Smokie – Ed]

History: In search of Blundstone footy boots

Didn’t know Blundstones made them! Well, I’ll be blowed.

Help us do the research; let us know if you’ve ever worn a pair.