Almanac (Backyard ISO) Games: I’ve Found a Winner

COVID is having an impact Down South. It seems to have gotten a hold of Steve Earl. This is what they’re doing at Chez Earl. [RUOK – JTH]

Almanac Junior Footy: The unsuspecting victims of Coronavirus

Plenty of events are being delayed, cancelled or morphed into a new form under the spectre of coronavirus. Steve Earl turns his attention to just one – kids putting on a jumper for the first time to have a crack at playing footy.

Peyton Manning’s French Connection

Steve Earl relates the story about NFL great Peyton Manning chatting with players involved in a controversial 1972 divisional playoff. And what do frogs have to do with the story?

Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly together: NYC Tribute to First Responders

Steve Earl’s mate, former Blue Angel Commander Jim Naumann, has provided a link to the fantastic aero display by the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds in their tribute to NYC first responders.

Almanac Basketball: Community `Ball – A Way of Life and Opportunity of a Life-time

The Last Dance has captured the world’s attention. But there are local equivalents. Steve Earl presents a terrific short film ‘This is Yarra’ about the Yarra Wild Beasts, a community basketball team with quite a story.

A tale of Trans-Pacific football friendship – Spirit in St Louis

It’s not all Richmond triumphalism (though their deeds get a mention here) on the Almanac site at the moment – here’s Steve Earl’s story of a chance meeting with a former US Naval pilot and their connections around football, family and the forces.

Almanac (Sports) Travel: St. Louis – Land of Blues, Reds, Brews and MACs.

Steve and Lachie Earl are in St Louis where it seems the locals find them exotic enough to chat, befriend and look after them with visits here and there. [Great travel yarn belted out on a phone – JTH]

Nick Foles’ brave play reminiscent of Ole Miss v OSU

The Foles-Pederson play in Super Bowl LII had Steve Earl reminiscing about his trip to Ole Miss v OSU on New Year’s Day in 2016 when something similar transpired.

Whitsundays and the days are easy, so sports aplenty

Steve’s on holidays and happy about local (Fitzroy) prospects in the NBA.

When boots give way to flip flops

Steve Earl ponders summer footwear down the local. Know any frequent Fitzroy donners of the Volley? {Now includes Steve Earl’s Volleys snap – Ed]

Almanac Obituary: Vale Dick Custerson

Steve Earl pays tribute to his mate Dick “Dicky” Custerson, the most generous and positive of blokes who ‘walked sunshine into every room he entered’. Vale Dicky.

VAFA – Fitzroy v St. Bede’s: Roys Pacifying Protagonists

After cutting work to catch the second half of the Fitzroy game on the weekend, Steve managed to avoid the cameras only to post about it on the Almanac. Don’t worry, mate, we won’t dob.

Almanac Basketball: Yarra Wildbeasts make finals

Steve Earl is a convert to the cause of Sth Sudanese basketball, now he needs more support and sponsorship.

Yarra Wildbeasts on the Prowl

Steve Earl leaves with his basketball team for the 2016 AUSTRALIAN Sth Sudanese basketball tournament commencing tomorrow in Werribee.