Book Extract: ‘A View of Australia From Fine Leg’

In another excerpt from Craig Dodson’s ‘A View of Australia From Fine Leg’, Craig battles the fear of bushfire in country Australia while meeting a wonderful turning pitch.

Hard as Cement

Rod Gillett profiles the much-traveled football career of Laurie Pendrick, who represented both NSW and Queensland, and had an influence on the early careers of both Wayne Carey and Jason Dunstall.

The Ten Commandments for average cricketers

His children having caught the cricket bug, Craig Dodson draws upon years of experience to dispense some wise advice on cricket, dating and life in general

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016: Wagga, Eddie and barramundi

Cam Hooke pops the black & white glasses on for a look ahead to Wagga, Docklands and… Round 1. How are the ‘Pies travelling? Do you have a barramundi story?

Round 17 – West Coast v Sydney: Where to from here?

Craig Dodson weaves recent Eagles-Swans history, Leo Barry, text message banter etiquette, Peppa Pig and musings of Tasmanian woodchopping into his game day experience. But for the Swans: where to from here?

Farrer Flag Favourites for ’15

Josh Pinn and his wider family have strong connections with the East Wagga-Kooringal Football and Netball Club. They are on the march and he wants everyone to know about it.

The ‘Wagga Effect’

Craig Dodson throws down the gauntlet to Almanackers and sports fans alike: Is there a regional city in Australia with a better track record for producing elite sports talent than Wagga (Wagga)? Nominations welcome. [note JTH: includes reference to the time honoured Dunlop Volleys – Ed.]

Round 4 – Fremantle v Sydney: A Swan walked into a South Melbourne bar…

Craig Dodson could be the archetypal Swans fan – as he explains in this story about his trip to watch the boys at the Rising Sun Hotel in South Melbourne. Born and raised in Wagga, off to see the Swans in Sydney as a kid, uni in Canberra, working in Melbourne, raising kids into the faith. And the Swans nearly turned a slow start around.

Hometowns and Upside Down Frowns

Josh Pinn celebrates 25 years since deciding to follow the North Melbourne Kangaroos. Can one’s choice of team be rationalised? Josh makes a good fist of it; there’s been a lot to enjoy. Bring on 2015.

A Gunn & Moore for all seasons

Craig Dodson beautifully shares the triumphs and tribulations of life alongside his trusty Gunn & Moore. It’s a special relationship between man and cricket bat.

Hooked: the story of a country boy’s first-ever game

To celebrate the return of footy Craig Dodson tells the story of the first AFL game he saw when, as a kid living in Wagga, he joined his family for the big trip to the SCG.

Robertson Oval – where Terry Daniher was king

The AFL grounds onslaught into NSW continues with the unveiling of a revamped Robertson Oval in Wagga on March 2 when the Giants play the Brisbane Lions in a NAB Cup game under lights. Rod Gillett says the oval has a rich history.

Off Season Odyssey – Part 19: Blood

    Uncle Les is dying. It’s not right. I have such vivid memories of him being so damn imposing. So solid. All Hungarian, with that slicked back hair, the angular face, barrel chest. That way. Straight down the line. Now he’s skin and bone, there nothing there. He sits opposite me in his house [Read more]

The best Wagga has to offer

As a proud Wagga boy (now living in Melbourne), I’ve beenthinking about what a great production line of players Wagga has produced. I have decided to have a crack at naming my best 22. What makes it more impressive for me is that arguably Wagga is split about 60% league and 40% AFL (in my [Read more]