Who should stay and who should go? A reflection on Robbo’s list of 23 uncontracted Kangaroos

After reading Mark Robinson’s take on North Melbourne’s playing list, Philip Mendes and Lucas Lewit-Mendes responded with a more accepting evaluation of the 23 Kangaroos facing contract negotiations at the end of this season.

From the foot of the table to the Final Five: Fitzroy’s exhilarating 1981 season

Philip Mendes presents a meticulously researched look at the meteoric rise of Fitzroy in the 1981 VFL season. A great companion piece to Sam Steele’s week by week coverage of this season.

Almanac Book Review – ‘The Death of Fitzroy Football Club’: Mixed Feelings

Melbourne writer and academic Philip Mendes loves the Fitzroy Football Club. This is his review of Russell Holmesby’s book ‘The Death of the Fitzroy Football Club’.

Rising from the cellar: Fitzroy’s outstanding 1979 season

A teenage Philip Mendes watched his beloved Lions break a 19 year-old finals drought in 1979. He recounts every game of that breakthrough season. [Sit back and enjoy – Ed].

So close to the Holy Grail: A personal reflection on Fitzroy Football Club’s 1983 season

Philip Mendes was in his second year at uni in 1983, the year Fitzroy made a genuine play for the flag. Here he recounts the season, game by game, quoting the analysis of the experts of the day, and giving his own commentary. [Fantastic memories – JTH]

Almanac People: The 30th Anniversary of “Superboot” Bernie Quinlan’s last season

Philip Mendes reminds us about Bernie Quinlans’ last VFL season in 1986, 30 years ago.

2016: A year of high and low anniversaries for Fitzroy Football Club supporters

Philip Mendes reflects on the significance of this year’s anniversaries for Fitzroy Football Club – the good and the not so

Almanac Tennis: Can we compare the tennis greats of today to the legends of yesterday? Two different views by Philip Mendes and Lucas Lewit-Mendes

Should you compare players across eras? Philip says no, Lucas says yes. Who is right?

Close but not close enough: a review of North Melbourne’s season

Philip Mendes looks at the Kangaroos’ 2015 season. While there was plenty to like, Phil thinks the Roos need to make some changes to go the next step in 2016.

North Melbourne Season Preview – 2015

After a summer of lists and best of’s that generated plenty of discussion, the Mendes boys – Philip and Lucas – return with a comprehensive preview of North’s chances in 2015.   Strengths: Much greater depth than in previous seasons. North arguably have 30 players who are proven at AFL level. Youngsters are pushing up [Read more]

Tennis as a Game of Beauty and Well-Being

Philip Mendes recalls falling love with tennis after his grandmother passed her trusty wooden-framed racquet on to wide-eyed eight year old boy. From the streets of Caulfield to centre court at Kooyong, Tennis has been a life-long love affair for Philip.

Top 15 VFL/AFL Full-Forwards of the Last 40 years: 1975-2014

Controversial, fearless, well-informed and exhaustive. Philip Mendes and Lucas Lewit-Mendes list their greatest full-forwards of the ‘modern’ VFL/AFL era.

AFL Legends Side: 1970-2014

As we get set to draw the curtain on another year, Philip Mendes offers his latest list. This time, his Australian Rules Legends team of 1970-2014. Warning: contains some notable omissions!

Roy Boy Legends – 1970 – 1996

Philp Mendes tugs at the heartstrings of old Roy Boys fans with his greatest Fitzroy Team from 1970 – 1996.

[Note: Chruistmas news is the Fitzroy Football Club in the Ammos is to be celebrated with a weekly Almanac column next year. If you’d like to be a contributor please contact [email protected])]

Summer of Tennis : The Top 15 Australian Mens Tennis Players 1974 – 2014

Following on from yesterday’s top 15 Mens players, Philip Mendes declares his best 15 Australian Mens players from 1974 – 2014. Did he get it right?

Summer of Tennis : The Top 15 Tennis Players 1974 – 2014

Philip Mendes has seen a lot of tennis. As we get prepared for the 2015 Australian Open, Philip ranks his 15 greatest players of the ‘modern’ era.

A-League All-Star Team, 2005-2014/15

The A-League is 10 years old. Philip Mendes and his 16 year-old son Lucas, mark the League’s Aluminium Anniversary by naming their all-star line-up.

Kanga Kings : North Melbourne’s Best 22 (1997-2014)

Phillip Mendes submits his best North Melbourne side from the years of Kanga glory; 1997 – 2014. Who’s in, who’s out? Blakey? Longmire? Schwass? Did C or B Sholl get a guernsey?

It’s Footy Time Again

Missing the footy? Cast your mind back to the start of the season, when everything seemed possible, and old Fitzroy supporter Philip Mendes was musing on the experience of changing team allegiance. It’s not too early to get excited about anticipating next year…

Revising the Doom and Gloom Historiography: Fitzroy Football Club’s last golden era 1978-1986

Despite the doom and gloom impression history may have given you, in the early 80s Fitzroy were a “glamour team” of the VFL. Philip Mendes is keen to counter the negativity and prove that Fitzroy were up there with the best.