Love the Volleys

by Pamela Sherpa


Are Dunlop Volleys making a comeback, or did they never really go out of fashion?

When the Preston girls competed in the finals of the 2009 Victorian Little Athletics championships in March they weren’t wearing fancy, expensive  ‘throwing’ shoes.

Zoe , 12 and Anna, 10 from Brighton preferred their reliable, comfy Dunlop Volleys.

Like generations before them the girls have grown up in them and  appreciate  their comfort and simplicity. They’re not surprised  that Volleys are  considered  ‘cool’ to wear.

There are some advantages to having shoes with well worn shiny soles- like spinning in the discus circle at competitions.

On a day when the hot north wind was blowing the hurdles over, Zoe hurled the discus 31 metres into a head wind on her final throw  to win the  discus title at the championships. She came fourth in the shot. Zoe won the 11 years girls’ discus at the VPSSA (Victorian Primary Schools sports association) in 2008.

Anna finished sixth in the discus and shot final at the 2009 Little Aths Championships.

The girls’ shoes are rather worn out and almost too small to wear but it’s hard to part company with them.

One day the girls were thrilled to see Cathy Freeman  training in a nearby park  and at the end of her session she kindly obliged and autographed Zoe’s precious shoes.

Dunlop Volleys –  treasures worth keeping.



  1. Ah, the Dunlop Volleys. Twenty years ago, when I first went out with my wife, they were all I wore – usually the ones with the green and yellow stripes. My wife’s brother apparently used to rib her about how daggy I was wearing them. I saw him this week as he was heading out on the town – and he was wearing an identical pair. I was 20 years ahead of my time!

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