Who’s versing? Carlton

Carlton gets the Alex Darling prose

Who’s versing? Brisbane

Alex Darling puts Brisbane’s woes to verse

Who’s versing? Adelaide

Alex Darling puts Adelaide to verse

Who’s versing? Western Bulldogs

Short sharp prose from Alex Darling on the Western Bulldogs

Almanac Classic (Footy Poetry): The Year the ‘Roos First Wunner

This, my friends, is one of the contributions of the year. Murray Bird and he QAFF group have discovered this epic poem which tells the story of the Brisbane D Grade Grand Final in 1946. [A snapshot of a moment in time, this is a dead-set classic – JTH]

My Saintly brothers and sisters … in Jake, we must now trust!

Jen Muirden asks that her fellow Saints give Jake a go.

Almanac Poetry: Brothers

Bluestone with a delightfully simple poem about brothers.

Almanac Poetry: Time, the toughest opponent of all

Time and football. Verse from the pen of Jeff Dowsing.

Almanac poetry: Season’s over

The changing of the seasons moves Vin Maskell to verse.

Almanac Poetry – Red and White

Jan Courtin shares a poem for the Swans she wrote in 1957

Jarrad Waite and the Hand of God

An ode to Jarrod Waite with his 200th game approaching against the Blues

Poetry: The Earth’s Been Cooling

Another small piece from the Old Dog.

Haiku Bob – Round 8 – wherever you look

What a difference a week makes: “10 goals up/We start talking again/About the future.”

Poetry: One Game, One Goal (Tom Petsinas)

This is a poem by Tom Petsinas. Orm Fowler, known as Tom, played one game for Fitzroy and then (it seems) went to St Kilda. Looks like he enlisted in 1915. I have had a quick look at the War Memorial service records. Seven Tom Fowlers enlisted during World War I. Someone might like to work out which one this is.

South Melbourne/Sydney Swans: Memories of our 30 Years in Sydney

Jan Courtin puts into prose her thoughts for her beloved Swans

Simple footy words: Sad Day

How are footy fans feeling on this intriguing day, just a couple days out from the start of a fresh season?

Ingrained Madness

A smaller piece from the Old Dog

A Poem to ‘Baby Roo’

Yoshi Imagawa welcomes the latest St Kilda Father-Son prospect (only 18 years to go until he’s eligible, Saints fans…) into the world with some quality prose .

Round 21 – Haiku Bob – all the clocks

Clocks, petals, a door. Haiku Bob tries to make sense of another Collingwood loss.

Collingwood’s 2014 bicycle

In the face of a flogging, E. Regnans resorts to high-end doggerel (with apologies to Banjo and Mulga Bill).