In search of All Along the Line (a request from Julie McInerney)

Hi, I’m Julie McInerney, granddaughter of Matt McInerney as described in the poem posted by Richard Jones on March 11, 2010:


It seems one Saturday in the 1930s (the Greens were formed in 1911) a well-known player by the name of Matt McInerney missed the train. It was a pouring, wet day.
Not fazed by the sight of the train disappearing towards Beckom, Moombooldool’s opponents that day, Matt urged on his faithful horse Molly and the pair arrived at Beckom just in time for McInerney to take his place in the team.


So taken by this act of dedication at the season-ending function in the Moombooldool Hall (where else?) a poem in McInerney’s honour was read out. That task fell to local schoolteacher Mr R.F. Cooke.


A couple of the stanzas went like this:


For sure I missed the train said Matt,
‘Twas all that flamin’ rain
I pushed old Molly to the boards
But it was all in vain.
We didn’t miss by very much
Still smoke-filled was the air,
I said: “C’mon old Molly horse,
You’ve got to get me there”.


‘Twas soaking to the skin Matt was,
The road was long and rough
But Molly rallied to the fore,
They both are pretty tough.
And so ’twas Matthew saved the Greens,
[the local press observed].
Took out the club’s gold medal,
Which surely he deserved.


A few posts back I made an attempt to get a copy of Áll Along The Line, a book which apparently contains this poem, but no luck. I would dearly love to get a copy by whatever means I can. Is there anybody out there who could help me? Thanks, Julie

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