Don Scott’s Dimple

Don Scott’s dimple has seen it all:

from Kanga’s hop to Huddo’s fall.


’Twas there when Lethal came of age.

’Twas there when Crimmo left the stage.


When Scotty held the trophy up

his dimple mirrored on the cup.


When Hawthorn’s fortunes took a dive,

it fought to keep the Hawks alive.


The dimple thrives on contact sport

and now it comes for Kennett’s wart.




About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a delusional Collingwood supporter who writes poetry and fiction. He is the author of 'Strange Game in a Strange Land'.


  1. Would’ve been more impressed if the poem had been about Don’s handbag.

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Love it Damo. Don’s dimple trying to thwart Kennett’s wart. Interesting battle. How do they shave those things?

  3. Jennifer Muirden says

    Love your work, Damian. Guess you must be stoked having Kennett back at the club as el Presidente?!

  4. DBalassone says

    I wanted to get the handbag in there, but Scotty insists it was a ‘European Carryall’.

    Love Don Scott. One of the great characters of the game.

  5. Made me smile – and think of poetry (or doggerel as Zampatti demeans it). Is there a rhyme for Kennet’s twat?

  6. Peter B – there is, but it’s unprintable here.

  7. Haven’t got any poems on Jeff, but you might remember this ditty from a few years back…

  8. ‘The dimple thrives on contact sport
    and now it comes for Kennett’s wart.’

    Sublime Damo. Give me this over odious trade/draft gumf any day.

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