Round 12 – Carlton v GWS: Delirium at Docklands.


Orange invaders
Appear under the roof
Cheered by few


Second versus second last
In Bolton we trust
Or pray


Tractor crashes in
150 games he’s played
Liam Jones!


Blues up by 7 at the break
Wall stretched across half-back
One defender down


Giants find cohesion
Five minutes, three goals
Ed replies from the boundary!


Still in front at half-time
Can this somehow continue?
Class versus grit in the middle


Oh what a third quarter
30 minutes of thrills
Still a kick in it


They swarm in the last
Edge ahead early
Blues won’t buckle


All square with five to play
Orangeman Greene
Misses again and again


Levi and Zach
Emerge from the pack
Roof lifts – siren!


Conscription into the army ended Warren's dreams of becoming either a league footballer or a professional musician, but military service did at least teach him how to handle firearms, and to work behind a bar.


  1. John Butler says

    Liam Jones!


    Nice work Warren.

  2. Warren Tapner says

    Thanks John.
    A win always inspires!

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