Almanac Footy: Remembering The Seventies – Carlton Full-Forward Peter McKenna

Collingwood great Peter McKenna spent a season with the Carlton Football Club in 1977. Warren Tapner examines McKenna’s time at the club in his report that first appeared on the Blueseum website in 2015.

Almanac Footy: Vale – Serge

Warren Tapner pays a fitting tribute to Carlton great Sergio Silvagni, who passed away a few days ago.

Almanac Music: A musical journey (in praise of Fred Eaglesmith)

Warren Tapner has had plenty of years filled with enjoying great music. But his wonderful journey reached its peak when he came across the crooning of Fred Eaglesmith.

The Day I Met Dick

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s amazing who you might bump into. Warren Tapner picked out someone significant – to say the least!

Carlton’s Controversial President George Harris – The Power and the Glory

  This is an edited version of an article originally published on the website in 2010.   George Henry Harris elected himself President of the Carlton Football Club in 1964. Rambunctious and ruthless, he led the Navy Blues for twelve seasons and won four Premierships. Amid those triumphs, he became embroiled in one of [Read more]

Remembering Festival Hall – The Night Jezza and George Walked Out on the Blues

Reflecting on the loss of another treasured Melbourne venue – Warren Tapner reminds us of some of Festival Hall’s rich history outside of the music world.

Teenagers in Premiership Teams 1968-2017

Warren Tapner has put together a team of teenagers who won an AFL premiership in the last 50 years.

A Team of Tongue Twisters

The latest quirky team assembly is a real tongue twister. Warren Tapner has found the hardest names to pronounce in AFL/VFL history.

Olympic Medals and Wooden Spoons: Carlton 2002

Warren Tapner remembers one of the more unusual motivational speeches in Carlton history.

Footy on Television

Warren Tapner has had enough of gambling ads during the footy.

Round 12 – Carlton v GWS: Delirium at Docklands.

Warren Tapner celebrates the Blues great win in verse!

Centre Square Blues

Warren Tapner has written a poem about the art of umpiring.

Round 8 – St Kilda v Carlton: Let The Sunshine In.

Warren Tapner has been inspired by Haiku Bob.

An Ode to Kade Simpson

Skinny legs and big, blue heart, the terrier from Princes Park as expressed in verse by Warren Tapner.

Two Brothers – an ANZAC Story

Some shiny service medals, a slouch hat, and a series of letters written by a father to a son he had never seen were delivered in a package to Hobart shortly after World War I. A poignant Anzac story as told by Warren Tapner. Lest We Forget.

Almanac Music: Andy’s Wake

A farewell to gifted Bendigo musician Andy Pattison who died suddenly. This was quite a wake.

Remembering Harc Dowsley – Carlton Full-Forward, World War II Pilot and MCC Captain.

Former Carlton footballer and Flight Lieutenant in the RAAF, Harcourt “Harc” Dowsley lived a full life. Warren Tapner chatted to Harc over coffee years ago and remembers a hero as ANZAC Day approaches.