Almanac Music: Coffee House Blues and the Sounds of Nina at the Adelaide Fringe

With a tasty special Wheaty’s beer in one hand, Peter Crossing shares his experience seeing the likes of Cal Williams jnr showing off what he can do as a blues guitarist and a talented performance by Apphia Campbell who showcased the life and songs of Nina Simone at the Adelaide Fringe Festival

Almanac Cricket: Tests, T20s and that tall, slim bloke with the graphs and diagrams

Peter Crossing has a go at deciphering the state of the land’s premier summer sport through opposite ends – the traditional Test and the upstart T20, both under pressure at the moment for different reasons.

Almanac Cricket (Wordplay): Marnus Ran Sum

Peter Crossing and his sidekick Al Gorithm contend that ‘anagrams can help explain that curious phenomenon
Marnus Labuschagne’.

Almanac Cricket: Cricketus Interruptus

Peter Crossing examines those interruptions in play at the cricket that are not necessarily cricket related.

Almanac Music: Key Grip at the Murray Delta Juke Joint

Some magic blues-tinged tunes from Key Grip had Peter Crossing enthralled at the Murray Delta Juke Joint in Goolwa.

Almanac Tennis: Wimbledon 1973 – A lob back over the net

Glen!’s recent story about Wimbledon 1973 brought memories flooding back for Peter Crossing – he was actually there at the event! And, this is his account of that day at Wimbledon in 1973.

Almanac Music: Three Blackbirds and Pigeon

Thirty years on from Mabo, Peter Crossing revisits Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists who have covered lesser known but important events in Australian History.

Almanac Music: Guns are the go in America

Guns have been a part of American music for a long time as Peter Crossing highlights in the examples he presents.

Almanac Music: House of Blues – Blues Harmonica

A brilliant evening of blues music, especially blues harmonica, was had by all at The Gov in Adelaide recently as Peter Crossing reports.

Almanac Music: Mystery Train

Peter Crossing takes a trip down memory lane with Elvis’s lesser known – but no less brilliant – song, “Mystery Train’, looking at the history of the song, its lyrics and other iterations.

Almanac Cricket: Marnus and the Nightwatchman

Some Marnus musings from Peter Crossing; he draws on science fiction and ‘mystic’ movements to help explain this talented cricketer.

Almanac Music: ‘There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis’ – Kirsty MacColl

Inspired by a uni housemate who thought he saw someone who looked like Elvis, Peter Crossing remembers Kirsty MacColl and her song ‘There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis’ .

The Ashes 2021/22 – The first ball of the Ashes Test series

Mitchell Starc’s first ball wicket at the beginning of an Ashes Test series was the first one since 1936/37 reports Peter Crossing.

Almanac Music – Billie Holiday: Three Songs

Peter Crossing reflects on the legacy of Billie Holiday through three of her greatest songs.

First Test of the Elite Test Series, Australia v India – Day 1

A great man said, “It’s easy to see without looking too far, that not much is really sacred”, and with that in mind, Peter Crossing lets his cricket imagination flow.

My Mate Dave

There was something of a fighter in Dave, particularly when his eyes bore into you with that steely gaze. And there was also something very gentle. Peter Crossing fondly remembers his mate; a great man, and a great groundsman.

Alt Federal Cryptic Quiz

Peter Crossing(word) gives us a St Francis load of footy related clues without the fiddly grid to worry about. Put the kettle on, grab a sharpened 2H and go your hardest.

Almanac Music – Lazy Lester: The Same Thing Could Happen To You

Peter Crossing pays tribute to blues man Leslie ‘Lazy Lester’ Johnson who passed a short while ago at 85 years young.

Round 23 – Melb v GWS: A Weekend of Melbourne Culture

Peter Crossing gives an entertaining account of the various forms of culture he imbibed across the Melbourne weekend, from the NGV to the MCG and other pleasant haunts. ‘The Arts’ in all their multi-faceted glory. Very Melbourne.

Almanac Book Review: Adelaide Sporting Sites by Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and individual contributors

Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and a band of contributors have compiled a history of Adelaide sporting sites. Peter Crossing reviews a book he finds rich in detail and historical knowledge.