Ode to Ross Oakley – and Sheeds

Ode to Ross Oakley – and Sheeds
(The AFL National expansion – a work in progress)


In the beginning was the VFL
And the VFL ruled their homeland
And looking beyond their border
The VFL did pillage
All across the land
And the strong clubs prospered
At the expense of the weaker
And the weaker were jettisoned
Across the Barassi line
And lo
The AFL was born
New clubs
To the West and to the North
But not in Tassie
And the interstate clubs flourished
Now and then
Still the tentacles spread
And the Melbourne suits
And many of the fans
Even some from the Almanac mob
And whined
And whined
About GWS
Especially Eddie
But not about the Suns
They know their place
For now
Yet the upstarts from West Sydney
Not enough pain
All those players who should have been ours
Progressed to the G
Only to fall at the penultimate
More work to be done
A culture to build
Will they win it one day – who knows
One thing remains true
They’ll be damned if they don’t
And damned if they do


About Peter Crossing

Peter Crossing loves the pure 'n natch'l blues. He is a member of the silver fox faction of the Adelaide Uni Greys. He is something of a cricket tragic although admitting to little interest in the IPL or Big Bash forms of the game.


  1. Loved it mate

  2. Hold your bowlies…

  3. Joe De Petro says

    Damn it, Janet.

  4. John Warhurst says

    Absolutely spot on Peter. Beautiful. Thanks.
    As a foundation Giants member I can say that in Melbourne we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Win that is. By contrast the Crows, with not one Top 10 pick in their side, have just got on with playing football. Good on them.

  5. Terry Riordan says

    Ross Oakley is responsible for the demise of the Fitzroy Football Club … I hate the bastard !!!!

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