Cats Could Do With An Overhaul

by Angus Nicholls     I’m pretty much a Holden man. Don’t know if I was born this way or was somehow subliminally groomed by the General during my formative years. What’s more it doesn’t matter given that we’re talking about the General’s mortal enemy and the Greatest Footy Club on Earth.   Co-located in [Read more]

People, Places and Footy on ANZAC Day

by Andrew Starkie North Melbourne versus Richmond 7.20pm, Saturday, April 25, Etihad Stadium This is primarily a match report for the North versus Richmond game, however, I do want to share some observations from earlier on ANZAC Day. Earlier in the day… A small group gathered around the cenotaph for the dawn service at Reservoir [Read more]

Believing in the Impossible

by Tony Wilson Shaun Dockery only ever gave one truly great three-quarter time address, but that’s not bad for someone who’s never actually coached. The match was Hawthorn versus North Melbourne at Arden Street, and if the year had have been 1976, this story might have been coloured with screaming fans, traditional rivalry and searching [Read more]

Save the Bounce

by Sasha Lennon     I actually like Mike Sheahan.  By that I mean I like (most of) what he writes in the paper and what he says on the telly.  I especially like when, sitting on the couch alongside Wallsy he makes one of his softly-softly, it’s only business, I’m just doing my job [Read more]

The Round 5 View From Shepparton

by Peter Schumacher St Kilda is going from strength to strength, whilst the term “Port Power” is turning out to be an oxymoron. Same difference I suppose. I suppose that the only point a losing coach can make  in this circumstance is that the result shows where his team really is in the  scheme of things. [Read more]

Australian football and disputes over the Anzac legend

By Robert Pascoe (with Mark Pennings) A talk to the Almnackery at the All Nations Hotel, Richmond, 24 April 2009 On the last Saturday of the February just gone, the former treasurer, Hon Peter Costello, now a backbencher serving the people of Higgins, was addressing Camberwell RSL at their ninetieth anniversary lunch. In his speech [Read more]

More than a Kick on ANZAC Day

by Sean Gorman I began a conversation with my seven year old son two years ago. That conversation continued yesterday when he played in one of the little league games as part of the half time action at the MCG on ANZAC day. It was the way the conversation started when he was five that [Read more]

Benched Coach

by Andrew Fithall I didn’t have a good week this week. The Williamstown Juniors Under 16 Ds played Wyndhamvale at their ground and had a solid win. But I didn’t coach. There were a number of reasons for that. But, for the moment, let’s go back to Wyndhamvale. Wyndham was in the news a bit [Read more]

An Anzac Day reflection

By Damian O’Donnell A whole generation of blokes goes off to war in 1914. They go to a foreign land to kill and be killed. Today we might struggle to understand that. We, the inhabitants of this global village where the other side of the world is a click of a mouse away, cannot begin [Read more]

Bulldogs not on free-to-air? No surprise there

By Andrew Gigacz Imagine if Adelaide were second on the ladder and they were playing in top team St Kilda in Melbourne. For Crows supporters it’d be a dream scenario. First v second live into their lounge rooms. Now imagine that the game was only available for viewing in Adelaide via Pay TV. You can [Read more]

From The Village to Victoria Park

A Villanelle that is an ode to my Father By Phil Dimitriadis From dodging bullets in World War 2, to stepping on broken bottles of Abbott’s Lager. Ah, the relative peace of Turner Street in 1952. While Communists and Royalists searched for prey, The slums of Collingwood seem like heaven. The wounds were still raw, [Read more]

Tigers need a young coach for a new era

By Paul Daffey In 2004 Hawthorn finished fifteenth with four wins and a percentage of 70 while Richmond finished sixteenth — last — with a percentage of 69. The clubs were separated by one percentage point. I know these figures because they’re burned in my mind. It hurts and confuses me to think what has [Read more]

Collingwood Find Some Form in the Reclink Cup

by Hamish Townsend There’s a point near the roundabout at Keele St and Gold where the wind changes to gusts. Local inns call with a false warmth and hospitality; The Leinster and The Bendigo either side or retreat to the Curry Family or Robbie Burns and its Spanish restaurant. This point is where the black [Read more]

Sydney Uni align with Collingwood — and stick with blue and gold colours

By Rod Gillett When the Collingwood Football Club first sat down with the Sydney University Australian National Football Club to talk about the proposal to field an under-eighteen team in the Sydney AFL competition the uni officials made it quite clear that the team’s colours would be blue and gold. This was not an issue [Read more]

Seventh heaven, my bootlace. Writing match reports is a terrible business

By Andrew Stafford A few days after the Brisbane v Collingwood clash at the Gabba, I received an email from a fellow Pies tragic. “You must have been in seventh heaven!” she gushed. Several other friends, not all of them Magpie fans, made similar comments. My job is a source of some envy. I am [Read more]

So good to see brilliant Cats live. Yes, live!

By Peter Schumacher If I were a Geelong supporter I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, how did they ever manage to lose the grand final? On Saturday night they were magnificent. Even Neil Craig, who I reckon is really fair in his analysis of the way his side is playing, said that [Read more]

You learn as you go

By Andrew Fithall They say that how you train is how you play. In fact Dickie Fry said it several times on Friday evening as under-sixteen training went overtime until we could get some semblance of skill into the drills. Training had begun the same as Wednesday, with “whole group warm-up” co-ordinated by Dickie and [Read more]

Rochy’s local heroes do it for the jumper

When the Rochester footy team took to the field in last year’s Goulburn Valley Football League Grand Final, it ran through a home-made banner that proclaimed “Local heroes”. Their rivals, hot favourites Seymour, who were aiming for their fourth flag in a row, ran out through an AFL club cheer-squad banner.   But it was [Read more]

May the force be with you

I have a four year old son who is mad about Jason and the Argonauts, Batman and, above all, Star Wars. Together we have watched all six episodes of said saga many times. Further, we have played Lego Star Wars on the Playstation almost every day since Christmas, but only when the baby is asleep [Read more]

New tricks for a new Dog by Stephen Cooke

Muzza had taken it upon himself to provide me with an impromptu coaching session. It was my first night of training with the Capella Cattledogs and I certainly needed the help. I was a Victorian (“Mexican”), followed Australian football (“aerial ping pong”) and had never watched a full game of rugby in my life (“inconceivable”). [Read more]