Off Season Odyssey Part 6: Excaliball

Footyhead of the Cove… Devil’s Kitchen, Moonlight Head, Victoria.

I hope all the Knackers have a corker of a season on and off the oval next year.

Matt Zurbo.


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    That looks like the legendary VFA umpire Fank Vergona, at the start of the game on a particularly wet Sunday afternoon at Preston.

    Thanks for all your contributions this year Matt. I for one have really enjoyed them.


  2. Turbo,

    is that all that’s left of the beach footy game at Rocky Cape where they towed the 20 metre beached whale from Burnie the other day.

    All the seals have gone, a local bloke caught a four metre white pointer the other day and no one is going swimming this summer.

  3. Andrew

    Great get. Frank taught me Latin at school, legendary bloke. As Year 10 students we used to love watching him umpire on TV on a Sunday.

    Tough but fair teacher. Smaller than virtually all of us in his class, with the original hair replacement treatment we coudl all see from our height and the incredibly Capper-esque tight shorts.

    Yes, photo looks like him holding the ball aloft on a mudheap in the glory days of Coburg vs Willy, Cleary vs Wheeler.

    Many school memories now flooding back.

    Merry Christmas, great photo work


  4. Thanks heaps, Andrew. Frank Vergona, memories!

    That is both typical and no good Phantom! Surfed Lighthouse before I left. Brilliant.

    Sean. Coberg Vs Willy… Man! In mud! Hell yeah. Footy as is should be played.

  5. Andrew Starkie says

    Like a wet training night at the Davo, West Warrnambool.

    Keep up the work Zurbs.

  6. Turbo,

    Well done Lilydale. Evandale learned that you just can’t buy them. Enjoy za beers. Hic!

  7. Phantom.

    Oooooooohhhhhhhh, my head…

    Learn they did.

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