Tennis: My lowdown on the Open so far

By Domenic Favata Well, we’re just about to start the round of 16 and things are starting to heat up. There will be mouth-watering battles coming up, none better than the Hewitt v Baghdatis tonight. The pair will meet for the second time in a month, the last time being in Sydney, where Baghdatis won [Read more]

Cycling: Tour offers one of the highlights of the year for an Adelaide sports fan

By Anne Federowytsch The middle of January is a time I look forward to every year. And no it’s not because of the chance to spend mornings sleeping in, afternoons lazing on the couch watching Ricky make a double ton, or warm evenings with my toes in the sand at Glenelg; it’s because of the [Read more]

American football: Mixed feelings for New York fans

By Adan Hesketh I’m living in New York and I’m pretty excited about the NFL playoffs. The mood in town is predominantly a mixture of excitement (and optimism) for the Jets, who looked no chance to even make finals late in the season, and disgust/disinterest from Giants fans, who had expected a lot more and [Read more]

Tennis: My Australian Open preview

By Domenic Favata Men The men’s singles is headlined by Federer, Nadal, Murray, Del Potro; all have a chance of claiming the first tournament of the year.

Tennis: Things to look for at the Australian Open

By John Butler * Numerous folk called Bruce, Baz or Cheryl suddenly discovering long lost Swedish or Spanish heritage and a love of foreign flags and group chanting. * Maria Sharapova’s picture to appear at least daily in the major metropolitan papers. Some of the pictures may even relate to tennis.

Tennis: C’mon, give it a go. Tip someone other than Federer

It’s that time of year again: the time when everyone tips Roger Federer to win the Australian Open. Is anyone willing to tip another player in the tournament that starts in Melbourne on Monday? What about Juan Martin del Potro? Or the unlikely-sounding Robin Soderling? As for the women’s title, surely there’s a candidate among [Read more]

Tennis: Federer’s class separates him from the rest

By Domenic Favata Roger Federer, the magician, the king, whatever you want to call him, is back at Melbourne Park and ready to rock. The fifteen-time grand slam winner is back after a loss to Nikolay Davydenko in Qatar. Some may call it a setback, but I call it ‘warming up’. Federer will release his [Read more]

Tennis: Australian Open offers best sporting value in town

A preview of who I think will be the main players at Melbourne Park in 2010.

Link: Somehow you can come clean but leave others feeling dirty

Dear Almanackers, Here’s another interesting piece from the New York Times, this time concerning the stage-management of mea culpas. The apologist here is Mark McGwire, but it’s an issue that play on the minds of footy administrators in 2010, I’m sure! Rob Clarkson

Bikes, bats, lycra: a big weekend in Ballarat and Bunni

Local civic and political leaders rarely miss a chance to proclaim Melbourne the “sporting capital of the world”, or “the world’s most liveable city”, blah blah. Whilst I agree that our beloved state capital is a very nice place to live (for most) and a fine sporting town, would it be too cynical to suggest [Read more]

Christmas Quiz: How did you go? Check your answers here

1. What the hell do the books The American Way of Death and Love In a Cold Climate have to do with the present-day politics of international Formula 1 car racing? Both were written by aunts (Jessica and Nancy Mitford) of Max Mosley, the recently deposed President of FIA, the F1 governing body (son of [Read more]

CHRISTMAS QUIZ: Some sporting conundrums

1. What the hell do the books The American Way of Death and Love In a Cold Climate have to do with the present-day politics of international Formula 1 car racing? 2. In the history of Test cricket, the names of two players each appear three times in the top-ten list for runs scored in [Read more]

Russians not Hiddink it off with Guus

by Tim Ivins Guus Hiddink would have cast a lonely figure in the bowels of Petrol Arena late on November 18. His Russian team, chock full of talent and Euro 2008 runners up had been eliminated by lowly Slovenia on away goals. In the first leg, a goal from Nejc Pecnik in the 88th minute [Read more]

Boxing: It’s tough when you wait so long for something that’s over so quickly

With footy season over, I do my best to substitute footy with other sports. With the big Green v Jones fight tonight, I think it might be worth checking it out. I’ve never been a big boxing fan. My boxing knowledge spans only from Danny Green v Anthony Mundine to Rocky Balboa v Apollo Creed. [Read more]

Morality and sport

by Chris Riordan Morality in Sport is a very broad, interesting and controversial topic. Fine Cotton. Shoeless Joe Jackson. Recent Euro soccer and tennis betting scandals. All palpably deceitful. But it’s not always so clear. The “gentleman’s game” has had its problems. Trevor Chappell was within the rules (and following orders) when he rolled McKechnie. [Read more]

What were your favourite Almanac pieces of 2009?

This is not a forum for ranking. However, one of the pitfalls of this fantastic site is that so many articles can appear and then be smothered soon after. In the spirit of end of year lists, I wish to highlight some of my memorable reads from in 2009.

Off to South Africa along the All White road

by Tim Ivins World Cup Football provides me with some of the strongest emotions I’ve experienced as a sports fan. It’s almost like the golden path in the Wizard of Oz, countries play-off for the right to play in the greatest show of all. The show which causes me to shift my body clock to [Read more]

The table

by Damian “Dips” O’Donnell Our dinners at home were always noisy, cluttered affairs. The eight of us would sit around the delightful (though tiny) old mahogany table, which seemed to have a talent for expanding whenever Mum found there were additional mouths to feed. It could have been someone’s mate, a cousin, the local parish [Read more]

Life: Vale Uncle Ado, butcher, battler, family man, Australian

By Andrew Starkie My dad, Joe, is like the You Yangs: back from the road, strong, always there.  He looked like Tom Jones before Tom had the work done.  Joe turned 67 on Thursday, the day we buried his elder brother, Adrian. Uncle Ado was a few years older, but had been an old man [Read more]

Tennis: Federer says it’s good to be back home

Tennis god Roger Federer has made it to the final of the tournament on his home turf in Basel, Switzerland. The world No. 1 (and my personal favourite) was bound to get this far on a home court advantage. With 15 Grand Slam titles and gold Olympic medal (2008), the brown windswept haired beauty has [Read more]