The medal that never was

Who deserves a premiership medal? In the third part of his Grand Final trilogy, Rick Kane shows how the 2014 Hawthorn squad shines a light on this issue. [You just can’t stop thinking about the 2014 flag can you Trucker Slim? – Ed]


Trucker Slim with some words of advice for neutrals and their neutrality.

Almanac Music (Stereo Stories): Do you really want to hurt me? by Culture Club

Rick Kane is on top of the world with the Hawks win. He’s in music-writing form as well. Here’s his piece on the moment he first heard Boy George and Culture Club.

AFL Grand Final – Sydney v Hawthorn: Save the last dance for me

A euphoric Rick Kane captures the joy in all Hawks fans’ hearts.

AFL Preliminary Final – Hawthorn v Port Adelaide: This one’s for Gibbo

Players take no solace from a loss – Josh Gibson explained this sternly to Trucker Slim back in May. Port Adelaide played with speed, ingenuity and sublime skill, but did not quite do enough.

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: #woohooandaboutbloodytime

Rick Kane curses the curse that was Jeff Kennett, and then (rashly?) goes on to wave the “Mission Accomplished” banner after his Hawks beat their ancient nemesis Geelong in the Qualifying Final.

NFL U18s Girls Grand Final: South Morang Lions v Darebin Falcons

The NFL U18’s Girls Grand Final between Darebin Falcons and South Morang Lions was the tightest finish since Twiggy Dunne goaled after the siren. Rick Kane doesn’t let his family involvement get in the way of a great yarn.

AFL Round 22: Geelong v Hawthorn – the mind is a prison

Rick Kane sneezed and spluttered and bellowed while watching the Hawks trail the Cats. He sent bile hurtling from the depth of his liver’s bum. And then the Hawks starting kicking goals. Ten of them.

NFL Girls Under 18 Grand Final Preview – Lions v Falcons

The South Morang Lions will go in favourites against the Darebin Falcons in tomorrow’s grand final, but Rick Kane thinks an upset is on the cards.

AFL Round 17 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: The Butterfly’s Wing

Rick Kane reports from the Spotted Mallard on his Hawks convincing win over the Crows. Was ordering a Hawthorn Amber Ale at the 17 minute mark of the last quarter responsible for 2 late Adelaide goals?

AFL Round 15 – Hawthorn v Gold Coast: At what point will Gold Coast say we can win this?

Trucker Slim casts his ever-watchful eye over another masterful game by Luke Hodge, and another Hawks’ win, its fifth on the trot.

Not Bad or how the Hawks walk the talk

Trucker Slim sees his Hawks as only improving from here. After having the dark clouds of injury look like derailing Hawthorns season 6 rounds ago , the opposite may be in the making.

The Earth is flat

Rick Kane challenges the way Mick Malthouse understands life, the universe, and close losses.

AFL Round 10 – Port Adelaide v Hawthorn: Port win the battle

It’s all smiles at Alberton, but Trucker Slim reckons the Hawks were not far away.

Showboaters Need Not Apply

Jordan Lewis nails the Hawthorn way, in a word, says Rick Kane.

Progressive Hawks Lunch

The Progressive Hawks lunch is on tomorrow (May 2). Rick Kane is taking bookings.

AFL Round 5 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Either way, cracking game

A really thoughtful (and magnanimous) report of a tense match. Trucker Slim casts a mature Hawthorn eye on yesterday’s thrilling struggle.

The First Wonder of the 2014 Season

Step right up. Easter Monday’s clash between the Hawks and the Cats under the big top promises all the fun of the fair. [slightly bizarre and other worldly but I think I get it – Ed]

AFL Round 2 – Essendon v Hawthorn: The four points

So much from Rick Kane to love if you are a Hawker.

AFL Round 1 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: The AFL season is officially open for business: footy at The Peacock on the Fox(tel)

R. Kane hits The Peacock to begin his 2014 premiership defence.