Diva demands

Basically this piece in the Herald Sun got me thinking.

It was about some of the crazy demands and requests celebrities have when they are on tour. This got me thinking if I were famous what would my demands be? After some thought Danni’s Diva Demands include:

A Swarovski crystal tiara.

3 Maxibons.

A packet of pretzels.

A frozen Coke machine.

Pink rose petals scattered all over the floor.

2 bottles of sparkling Moscato to be chilled on Heart shaped Canadian ice cubes.

6 bottles of Evian water, 3 chilled, 3 frozen.

2 brunette male models to throw pink and silver glitter after me as I walk.

1 charcoal chicken with a large chips.

2 Big Macs.

Satin leopard print bed and pillow covers.

Reasonable demands right?

Then I got thinking what would some of the footy players demand?!

Travis Cloke: A popcorn machine, a mini freezer filled with an assortment of ice-creams/ice-cream cakes and a basket of French Pug puppies.

Dane Swan: a slab of VBs, and a personal tattooist.

Buddy Franklin: A PS4 (Playstation), a framed photo of Jesinta Campbell, budgy smugglers.

David Zaharakis: 2 tubs of pink strawberry flavoured ice cream, a basket of Cadbury chocolate and a fresh set of golf clubs.

Gary Ablett Jr: A framed Geelong fc poster, Geelong mascot soft toy, veggie platter, a bible, Peaking Duck feast.

Dale Thomas: a sterling silver locket with Mick Malthouse’s picture in it, a 2010 premiership poster, the first footy he played kick to kick with Mick to be displayed in glass box with high security beams then stored in a wall vault. A signed copy of Mick’s book ‘The ox is slow but the earth is patient’ with a personalised audio cassette, and a phone line with Mick’s number on speed dial.

I must be honest and confess I couldn’t get past Dale from the laughing that left stitches in my stomach, so help me out and add to my list!



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  1. Cheryl Critchley says

    Great fun read Danni! Personally all I would demand is a Richmond premiership :-)

  2. Cheryl Critchley says

    Shane Warne: 44 gallon drum of baked beans, 44 gallon drum of fake tan…

  3. I discovered Maxibons late last year… I’ll demand them next time I play in Melbourne.

  4. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Danni, I think your demands are pretty reasonable for a diva. However, I’m surprised that Jack Anthony as your personal masseur is not on the top of your list.

  5. Latest post by a Carlton player confirms that I am indeed too good haha

    Ah Dale, got you in one!

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