Kokky in the Back Yard

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Until last week I had not heard of Kokkinakis; now I have him practising serve in the back yard.

We don’t have a tennis court but we do have a net. My young Kokkinakis got it for free in the heat of the Aussie Open last Friday. It’s not really a net though, its more like a string of bunting. It was a kindly gesture from the sponsoring insurance company. They had a marquee called Fan Zone, which on Friday had unintended benefits, in that it served as a point of respite and possibly resuscitation for those suffering heat induced delirium and syncope.

It was for this reason, heat induced delirium, that I recall nothing of the games I saw, except sporadic hollers from the crowd “Go Kokky” in a doubles match on Margaret Court Arena.

At 1.15pm it was 41 degrees in Melbourne. Don’t ask me why I went.

The net is good though. My young Kokkinakis has finally gotten off the couch. He has temporarily forgotten about his 4,241 stick dollars earnt playing Stick Cricket on the iPad over the holidays. He has a reprieve from me yelling at him “Last Over” every time I spot him huddled faceless over my sticky, vegemite smeared, device.

Meanwhile the football has been relegated. Probably hidden in the murky depths of the garden somewhere. Shrouded and overshadowed it will remain until the net disintegrates and the 4,241 Stick Cricket dollars have been exhausted.

Until then it’s game, set, match……..Go Kokky.


  1. I go for the story this time. Normally its the painting. But I love how small things inspire our kids. Top effort in the heat, mum.

  2. Hi Kate.
    I’m calling it a tie.
    Lovely painting.
    Lovely story.
    thanks for showing us all.

  3. Hi Kate
    I note the obligatory cap on backwards which could be a mixed blessing but better that than playing video games I agree. My young bloke and his mate were in Melbourne for four days last week and attended the night sessions. He had a fantastic time, despite the heat, and I think I might join him next year. Lovely painting as usual

  4. Kate Birrell says

    Thanks Tony, E.Regnans and Peter
    The backwards cap has a bit of a Leyton look to it and perhaps an air of attitude.
    The ground passes for the open offer a great day out, for both kids and adults. I wouldn’t like to see the fixture moved because of the heat….maybe modified a little. It needs to incorporate school holidays to keep the kids coming and interested.
    Its amazing, I was at a local shopping centre yesterday and was quite surprised to see a lot of kids wearing Australian Open merchandise; from tshirts, hats, wind cheaters and even some of the giveaway drink bottles etc.

  5. Beautifully written. I really liked it. thanks.

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