Almanac Bonkbans and (General) Social Responsibility: No Sex Please, We’re…..Eagles.

Daryl Sharpen says that Malcolm Turnbull has taken his lead from 70s Tassie footy. #bonkban had an impact there.

The Nutty Professor

Daryl Sharpen with another fun yarn from Tassie – this one involves chance meetings with Jerry Lewis and Dipper.

Tassie footy – Uni of Tasmania v Richmond: Rainbow Warriors

Daryl Sharpen (jnr) reports on the ammos from Hobart where the Uni of Tassie boys took on Richmond in both the seniors and the reserves, Great to have another sparkling account from the bard of New Norfolk. [Can string a sentence or two together – JTH]

Almanac Racing: The Inter-Dominion

Daryl Sharpen reflects on the 2015 Inter Dominion Finals from Menangle Park, where the 8 y.o Tasmanian pacer Beautide confirmed his champion tag by taking out the feature race and becoming the pride of the Apple Isle in the process. Daryl also reflects on how the format of the titles has changed over time. Have the changes been for the better?

Raiders of the (Lost) Cup

Overseas raiders have flocked to Melbourne for Cup week from all parts – Japan, England, Germany – and even our intrepid Tasmanian racing correspondent Daryl Sharpen. He ventured out to trackwork at Werribee to assess the quality of the raiders, the touts and the egg and bacon rolls.

Gone to the Dogs

Daryl Sharpen might have gone to the dogs, but he witnessed the special feat of legendary trainer EA (Teddy) Medhurst leading in 7 winners from 11 starters. Phenomenal. And Dazza may have had a small interest in their success.

Black Cats

Daryl Sharpen reports on a classic knock (a triple century in a 50-over match, no less) down New Norfolk way. [Very amusing from D. Sharpen, yet again. Includes reference to Peter Hudson – Ed]

The Indoor League: Game On

Daryl Sharpen on the World Darts Championships and his mate Craney’s darts career in Hobart. [Dartitis can prove traumatic and dangerous – Ed]

Cocks Plate

Daryl Sharpen offers a look back at the Big One. And the title is not a typo. This is a must read for the needy, the greedy and anyone with a funny bone.

AFL Grand Final: Mighty Fighting

A couple of Tasmanians get right into the Grand Final.

Fevvy and all the fun of the circus

Quarter time and the punters were everywhere, texting, tweeting, phoning, filming admiring. A kid about 6 years old, burrowed in close to Fevvy in the huddle, stared up at him like he was Santa Claus and said, “Have you got 7?” Fev goes to the home of the arts, and this is the story.

The day love came to town

  The community of New Norfolk, a township about 22 miles north-west of Tasmania’s capital Hobart, has been having a tough time lately. They have been on the receiving end of a spate of fires; some pyromania, others unfortunate. They needed a lift and like so many country towns these days, their footy club is [Read more]

A Baker’s Dozen

Saturday was overcast and rainy in Hobart. A check of the forecast suggested nothing was likely to change. So what’s new in Tassy I hear you ponder? My regular traveling companion, Lezzy, was not too enthusiastic about the footy fixtures in and around Hobart so I hopped on the net, bought two seats at Hawk [Read more]

A modern-day (Tasmanian) parable

Easter Sunday dawned in Tassy and the natives awoke to three main news stories.   Firstly the Easter Bunny had arrived and I’d consumed the ears out of three chocolate rabbits before arising.   Secondly we met with a word unfamiliar to us in the southern outpost, Ominium. The nearest I’d heard of it was [Read more]

Raiders of the Lost Costume Closet

Hobart Cup day arrived last weekend.   It was a long weekend in Hobart but not for the Cup. Hobartians no longer enjoy a public holiday for their major race day. That was confiscated a while back when the government of the day announced: that things were tough. Since then the Cup has meandered about [Read more]


As a youngster I had never been exposed to a Collingwood premiership. It was not until 1970 that the black and whites finally made it to a grand final in my memory. That day they looked home and hosed after leading by 44 pts at half time. Then Ronald Dale Barassi unleashed an unknown in [Read more]

New Norfolk and all who sail with her

IN TASMANIA   In Tasmania the New Norfolk Eagles are a football enigma.   Last Saturday they were striving for a three-peat, which had never previously been achieved by the club. In fact back-to-back only occurred last season, such is the sporadic nature of their premierships.

Local Footy: Little Lions roar in Tassie Midlands grand final

By Daryl Sharpen About an hour’s drive north of Hobart is the town of Oatlands, in the Tasmanian Midlands. In a long forgotten past it served as a carriage stop for travellers as they made their way north or south in a penal colony known as Van Diemen’s Land. It is generally considered to be [Read more]