Practice Match: Healy heartbreak at Hamra Holmes

By Steve Healy I have never been so excited about a practice match. Maybe it’s the fact that I can listen on FiveAA covering the game over the internet. I’m really hoping for a Demons victory today at an unfamiliar venue, Hamra Homes Oval in Elizabeth (Northern Adelaide). With three other challenge matches on in [Read more]

NAB Cup Semi: BBBB Hall sees Dogs Home in Tacklefest

Steve Healy A seventh NAB cup game decided by 14 points or less took place tonight, between a rampant Bulldogs outfit and a young and surprising Port Adelaide side. It was a game of tough contests aplenty, where the umpires put the whistles down and both sides put in an input of 164 tackles. It [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 2: Freo beat Roos in a match worthy of the real season

By Steve Healy I’m on my way to the footy again, for the second week in a row. Last week it was Geelong V North Melbourne, this week, the Roos are up against the Dockers. Both of which, twilight games at Etihad Stadium. Does it matter? I think not. I’m meeting up with Almanacker and [Read more]

NAB Challenge: Demons’ loss not as bad as it seems

By Steve Healy The NAB challenge. Far from the ultimate challenge in football, but it certainly pays off when you get to spend quality time at the footy at a ground like Princes Park (or Visy, or Optus). My younger brother Brendan finally agreed to come to the game with me, which is a first, [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: This competition doesn’t mean anything, does it?

By Steve Healy After an exciting day at the footy with my Almanac Friends (Josh, Damo, Michael and Adam) there is nothing better than coming home to hear the Dees play Freo on the radio. Well, there might be, but on Sunday night it was the best option. I get off the train at Darling [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: It’s hard to imagine a better pre-season game

Could a NAB Cup game get any better? Two premiership contenders in battle, with Luke Ball playing against his former side. I am eager to see some other players, namely Simon Buckley (ex-Demon) and Darren Jolly for their new sides. The surface of Etihad Stadium is the talking point during the week, after being pulverised [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: Bulldogs see off brave Lions in Canberra slush

By Steve Healy Ah, Sunday afternoon footy on the radio… can it get any better than this? Fev’s first game for the Lions, Buchanan’s and Staker’s as well. The dark sky is looming outside my bedroom window, whereas the Canberra sky is even darker and Manuka oval has been three inches under water all day [Read more]

Footy: Casey Fields is a wonderful place

By Steve Healy Despite the fact that the NAB Cup was starting, the match I was most looking forward to last weekend was the Dees’ intra-club match. I have never been to Casey Fields before, even though I have planned to go a few times over the past couple of years, these plans haven’t eventuated. [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: Eagles and Bombers get season off to a flying start

By Steve Healy Naitanui… Naitanui. He was the star of the night, the crowd pleaser; he was almost worth the price of admission. But even more astonishing, arguably, was the thirteen goals scored by the Eagles to turn the game around midway through the second quarter. One thing’s for sure: West Coast are going to [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: Hawks look to be back to their best

By Steve Healy I turn on the TV, the Aurora Stadium light shine on to a brilliant surface, which is set for a game between 9th and 15th from last year, Hawthorn and Richmond. There’s all the evidence in the world that this will be a blow-out, but to be fair, indigenous stars Rioli, Gibson [Read more]

Footy: It’s back! Well, sort of. Here’s my NAB Cup tips

By Steve Healy Finally, after four and a half months with nothing for fans to enjoy, footy’s appearing above the horizon. Many supporters don’t take the NAB Cup seriously, but I for one do. It means more footy, not as long a wait to see your team play and it also helps communities around Australia [Read more]

Footy: Why I admire Jim Stynes as a leader

By Steve Healy The person I admire as a leader is Jim Stynes. Coming from Dublin and having such an illustrious football career on and off the field was truly inspirational. He played 264 games, 244 of those consecutive (an VFL/AFL record).  He kicked 130 goals, won the club’s best and fairest four times, and [Read more]

Footy: My Scoresheets

 By Steve Healy I have a football hobby: scoring. It’s pretty much using a bit of paper with teams and game notes, and writing the scores in boxes, while writing down goal kickers and the quarter by quarter scores. I’ve been doing this for years, but I’ve only kept them in a folder since 2007. [Read more]

Second Test, Day 1: Mohammads make a mountain for Aussies to climb

By Steve Healy A few days ago, I told my good friend Gigs that I’d be able to report on day one of the cricket. But after doing so, I realised that the Test started on Sunday, the day we were hosting my sister’s Italian boyfriend (who came to Australia on Wednesday) for a barbeque [Read more]

First Test, Day 4: Aamer red hot, Healy red-faced

By Steve Healy Going to the Boxing Day test is a rarity for me, in actual fact I’ve only been twice before. Last year on day three, and in 2005 on day four. On both occasions, the visiting team was South Africa. While walking into the MCG on a sunny December 29, I realised that [Read more]

A tale of two newspapers

by Steve Healy For many years, Melbournians have lived in a city of two major papers. The question moves from house to house. It is a question that breaks hearts, ruins friendships and causes long term arguments with peers. Which is better, The Age or the Herald Sun?

Second Test, Day 1: A uniform performance from a team that doesn’t know how to play the Safe way..

By Steve Healy After spending my first holiday morning at the uniform shop with my Mum, the cricket couldn’t have come at a better time: The West Indies won the toss and elected to bat, Adrian Barath and Chris Gayle strolled onto the brilliant Adelaide surface at the picturesque Adelaide Oval, with an attacking mindset. [Read more]

West Indies batting is bad news

By Steve Healy It was a day that started with the West Indies at the crease, and ended with the West Indies at the crease, a day where 15 wickets fell, all West Indian ones. Adrian Barath was the clear highlight of the day, with an inspiring 2nd innings century on debut, in a West [Read more]

Day One: Two exams and one Test

First Test: Australia V West Indies, Day 1 By Steve Healy Exams. They’re not as bad as you think, especially when you get to go home early. All day, my mind is on the cricket and of course the Draft, not school work. I get through my science exam unscathed, but then again, where will [Read more]

Fab 5 together for the first time!

By Steve Healy What a great night this was. As I stepped into the Clyde Hotel on Thursday, I was excited about meeting a group of people I knew so well but I had never met before, a group of people with one common link: footy. I walk inside, a pool table or two, a [Read more]