Second Test, Day 1: A uniform performance from a team that doesn’t know how to play the Safe way..

By Steve Healy

After spending my first holiday morning at the uniform shop with my Mum, the cricket couldn’t have come at a better time:

The West Indies won the toss and elected to bat, Adrian Barath and Chris Gayle strolled onto the brilliant Adelaide surface at the picturesque Adelaide Oval, with an attacking mindset. Bollinger is handed the ball in his first test for the summer. His first two balls down the leg side, both hit by Gayle for a two and a four. Gayle was batting like he was in Brisbane, taking many risks and flinging his bat around. Gayle hit a massive six, and he had started with a bang, 22 runs and just three overs had elapsed.

Disaster struck as Barath was caught at gully for 3, courtesy of a ripping catch from Hussey. The Windies were 1/26 and they needed a reasonable partnership from some of their top-order batsmen or this was going to be like the Brisbane test. But it only got worse for them; Bollinger bowled a bouncer to Gayle who edged it high to the glove of the leaping Haddin. Seeing Gayle’s reaction to being dismissed isn’t the most pleasant thing to watch, even as Captain he doesn’t take the initiative to walk off the pitch without fussing.

The experienced Chanderpaul joined Sarwan at the crease; the expertise from both of them saw a steady partnership formed.

Chanderpaul hit a couple of fours in succession off Siddle, and Sarwan was also playing nicely, before he spooned to Clarke at point. The score was 3/84, and Sarwan was gone for 28. The West Indies weren’t put off by this though, Brendan Nash nit two fours to get off the mark and Johnson bowled a wide ball miles over Haddin’s head.

Nash and Chanderpaul batted until lunch, playing plenty of strokes and putting runs on the scoreboard. Nash ended the session on 20 (and with a bruised forearm), while Chanderpaul was on 28.The Windies were 3/119.

Disaster struck again as play resumed, not only because Brendan Nash was retired, but I somehow got moved into the aisles of Safeway carrying milk and plonking it into the trolley. The ABC’s coverage was all I had, but people were giving me weird looks because I was getting so angry at the dodgy reception. Shopping takes a long time for a big family, but at least it paid off because I got a free drink and I got to choose all the foods that I prefer.

I was surprised when I found out that the West Indies had only added 30 runs to their total, after over an hour. But they added another 23 runs on the car trip home, just to make up for it. Chanderpaul and Bravo were still at the crease.

I sat back on the couch. Chanderpaul made his 50, and its 3/194 at tea. Bravo made his 50 right after tea and they both bat exquisitely. But luck eventually turned the Aussies way, but only after Watson made a fool of himself by trying to keep the ball in the rope, it was like an act in the circus even though it resulted in a dropped catch and a six. Those are moments to savour in cricket, though. Bravo smashed a couple more boundaries, including a six, and he was racing through the seventies. But it was Watson himself who took two wickets in four balls, Chanderpaul edged one to the keeper, and Ramdin was in shock as he saw his middle stump fly out.

It was 5/239 all of a sudden, but Sammy, one of the West Indies’ two new players from the last test, started slowly but he himself started to whack a few around. Bravo kept going on and brought up his third test century with a four down the ground. His innings came to an end at 104 (same as Barath is Brisbane), when Hauritz bowled him with a brilliant ball.

Nash came back in, and he and Sammy made another 60 before the end of the day’s play (not that I saw the last half hour, thanks Channel 9). Sammy hit a couple of sixes, and Nash looked fine. The question looms: Can the West Indians pull off an upset?

West Indies: 6/336

End of Day 1.

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. John Butler says


    Mothers just don’t understand priorities, do they?

  2. Steve Healy says

    No, definitely not.

    But Mum was saying she hadn’t been to Safeway with a helper for 3 months, so she begged me to come.

  3. lol poor steve!
    i refuse to go ‘fruit and veggie shoping’
    next time do what i do, if mum drags me to the supermarket kicking and screaming i manage to get her to buy me a magazine and then guilt her into buying me a couple of chocolate bars. By the end of it all everyone, (especially me) is very happy.

  4. I like going shopping, but sometimes i really dont want to and cant be stuffed but get dragged along anyway

  5. Im i think up to the second last chapter of the story!!! :)

  6. Finished yet?

  7. nope i had a 2 hour shower, so im starting the second last chapter ..NOW

  8. Steve Healy says

    2 hour shower?

  9. Danni, my cow just died coz of that shower

  10. Steve Healy says

    Expect a massive drop in water storages

  11. hey..i have long hair! it takes a while!!

    I FINISHED THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Steve Healy says

    post it, Danni!, or send via email.

    Were you literally in the shower for 2 hours or were you exaggerating?

  13. nope, im being serious.

    okay ill email it to you only if you promise to forward it to the rest of teh guys! okay?

  14. Steve you havent sent it yet..

  15. Michael Allan says

    wow Danni this is alot longer than I thought it would be. I’m looking forward to the read.

  16. LOL yeah, just dont bag me for the millions of spelling and grammar mistakes!

  17. Steve Healy says

    I just sent it then.

    It’s great by the way, Danni, well done

  18. wow that was fast steve, im a slow reader!

  19. Michael Allan says

    Danni how can you drive to school like you do in chapter 1?

  20. ..what do you mean??

  21. Steve Healy says

    nah lol I haven’t read it all yet

  22. Michael Allan says

    You drive to school by yourself in your own car when you clearly state your seventeen.

    Please Explain.

  23. i didnt say anything about being 17

  24. Michael Allan says

    well how old are you then?

  25. Steve Healy says

    she can only be 18 at the oldest if she’s in high school

  26. yer steve is correct im 18 and if it makes you feel better im on my P-plates!

  27. Michael Allan says

    so are we in year 12? I thought we were in year 11.

  28. there is no reference to what year we are in but yeah we are in year 12.
    lol you will like this character cos she doesnt study as much as i do!

  29. Michael Allan says

    lol yeah I was surprised when it said that Mikey was the one scribbling down notes. Last time I checked, you were the one to leave the Almanac launch early to study.

  30. Steve Healy says

    hahahahahaha good one Michael.

  31. yes thats the point! lol
    shes not ME remember, shes a mix of me now and a mix of the care free me.

  32. Michael Allan says

    I’ve just read chapter 7 and I’ve got some advice for Robbie.

    Get some health insurance.

  33. Steve Healy says

    Did you describe your own room when you described choele’s room

  34. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah and he shouldn’t rush things either. Just because he likes a girl in high school it doesn’t mean that that’s the girl of his dreams and needs to give her his greatest possecion before they’ve even gone on a real date.

  35. ..hmmm no not really Steve. my room is messy but not like hers! lol

    Mikey, they dont need to go on a date! theres a CLEAR connection between them!

  36. Im up to chapter 13, dont laugh but this sorta reminds me of a Specky Magee book haha

  37. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I’m up to chapter 13 as well.

    I dunno how Robbie convinced me to paint that room

  38. lmaoo

    haha Well steve, he has a sort of charm about him.

  39. Steve Healy says

    hahaha I can’t stop laughing at the bit where I sing the Melbourne theme song

  40. HAHAH yeah when i wrote that part i like had to visualise what you would be like..and so i came up with that!

  41. This is based in Melbourne right? Where on earth do you go in Melbourne to only have one bar of reception??

  42. I just finished it

    Its a good story, although i didnt realize how quick i was reading, when i got to the last chapter i thought i had a bit longer to go lol

  43. Josh that was cos the electricity went out and the room is crowded with people. lol

  44. Steve Healy says

    I don’t get why when the dream happens you immediately presume that it’s real and that his aunty was definitely going to die

  45. …right..

    Steve go on MSN if you can, and is there a chance of this book having a sequel?

  46. Do me and Lilly end up getting married by the way?

  47. lol its just happens that way Steve, some people believe in that stuff, you know, dead people comming into their dreams to tell them of something.
    its bookworld after all!

  48. Haha book world..

  49. yeah i left that blank cos it seemed too happy with two
    but sure, you can personally think that for youself if you want! LOL

    Nan no sequel.

  50. Ohh weak

    I might try making a book like that, nothing to do with love though…ideas anyone??

  51. lol id like to see what you guys make of a love story! lmaoo

    i dont know josh, Maybe you could wite one up on how it would be if we did all go to school together and the stuff we get up to.

  52. Or you could write one about a footy player that goes through some sort of life change or struggle.

  53. As you saw it doesnt take long.
    mine took 3 days.

  54. Okay i just started one then. I’ll keep you all updated

  55. Steve Healy says

    hahaha that’s the name of Josh’s favourite book shop

  56. lol steve how did you like chapter 24?

  57. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh, I’m on MSN

  58. Michael Allan says

    Danni I’ve just read chapter 24.

    I know I’m not exactly Mr Cool but do you have to make me out as such a nerd?

    By the way, Darth Vader has a red lightsaber. If your going to mention it get it right. Gosh.

  59. lmaoo COS its cute! LMAOO
    you know the cute nerdy red-head!! lmaoo

    …gee im sorry im not a Starwars expert okay!! LOL

  60. Chapter One – Where’d It All Go?

    The crowd roars, spectators cheer for their respective team, people from neutral sides gasp at the game of football they are seeing. It’s frantic. 0:33 seconds remain on the clock, the ball flies inside 50…

    Things have changed a lot in three months. Just after celebrating Christmas, my family and I struggled to cope with the aftermath of the massive bushfire that swept through Waaia and its outskirts, killing off all land, dairies and homes, even lives. We were the lucky ones though, we survived. Luckily our animals had some brains as well and escaped while they had the chance. It was very emotional letting go of Billy, our Cockatoo.

    We had had him in a cage in our backyard for at least 15 years, trained him to talk (even the odd swear word) and he knew all the names of my family. While Mum would be cooking one of her signature Chicken Parma’s, looking out the old rickety window, looking at Billy. She would call out my name. “JOSH! TEA’S READY!” As I walk into the kitchen, I would hear “JOSH!” from outside. It was Billy up to his tricks, which was usually followed by an unmistakable laugh.

    Unlocking the cage was terrible. He plonked down onto the bottom of his area, took some steps onto the smoky grass, looked at me, and flew away. He said “JOSH!” as he was flying away, followed by that unmistakable laugh. I’ll miss him.

    I ran to my room to get some of my prized possessions. My footy medals, all six of them that I had received playing for Waaia. I grabbed my trophy which stated in gold writing “Waaia Football Club – Josh Barnstable – Leading Goalkicker, 13 goals” I know its not that much of a tally, but when your side averages three goals a game it’s a worthy contribution. I leave my Xbox 360, grab my Sony Ericsson Phone and charger, as well as my iPod Touch and headphones, and head out the door putting it all in the backseat of our Ford. Ford’s are my favourite, those people who bag Ford and barrack for Holden are silly. We leave as the trees are ablaze with fire, its gonna be an effort to get out of Waaia. I give one last look to my home that I have lived in for 15 years, and look forward to a life I have no idea where is going to lead me.

  61. Michael Allan says

    Haha. Playing Jonas Brothers at a funeral? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  62. Second that Michael

  63. Steve Healy says

    yea lol I’m the hero in Chapter 24.

  64. firstly!
    :( i want Jonas Bros to be playing on my funeral!!!

    He said “JOSH!” as he was flying away
    nawwwwwwwwwwwwww BIRDIE!!!

  65. That bird ripped the lens off my camera last year..

  66. TO COMMENT 65-
    i repeat-
    nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww BIRDIE!!!! :)

  67. Michael Allan says

    I just finished the story then Danni.

    Love stories aren’t exactly my cup of tea especially when they involve relying on dreams to get the through, but that one was ok.

    I’ve got another question.

    Because I kicked the footy that hit Robbie that made the two of you cross paths, does that mean I’m an angel too?

  68. hahahhahaha!!!!
    well i guess you did have a big part in their meeting Mikey so id say that you played the part of ‘FATE’

  69. Steve Healy says

    I’m an angel as well cos I attempted to drive you to Robbie’s house

  70. Lol it made my laugh how Steve had a skitz at that bloke

  71. yes my Stevey is very protective of me!
    nahh he just seemed the right character to jump in at that moment really.

  72. Michael Allan says

    No Steve, your driving had no impact on what happened. All Khloe did was get to the house and the Aunty was dead. It would’ve been the same if she didn’t get their at all.

  73. you know if thsi becomes a film, im going to have A VERY HARD TIME not laughing my head off during the filming of chapter 24

  74. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but at least I helped, all you did was give her a lightsabre

  75. come on Mikey, Steve’s role was hilarious and dotn forget that creepy guy could have been waiting for Khloe outside!

  76. Michael Allan says

    Steve, I started the whole thing. If I didn’t kick the footy into him Khloe would never have met him and in turn she wouldn’t have “saved him” like she did. So I’m an angel and your not.

    Deal with it Steve.

  77. Michael Allan says

    Nah, the lights were out he wouldn’t have seen her.

  78. ..wish Robbie was REAL!! :(

  79. Nah Mikey, The creepy guy goes out into the street, he could have been hiding behind a tree.

  80. We decide to sit down and drown our sorrows in some nice, cold drinks. Hayley passes me the obligatory red ice tea drink that I always have when I’m staying over, while Mum and Dad opt for some lemonade and lemon respectively. We watch some TV, the news comes on. Fire alerts for northern Victoria, duh we know that! Stupid Sandra Scully! I feel like throwing my drink at the TV, but I know that will make things worse, especially since its one of those Viara widescreens, the same type Robert Walls gives out after each Saturday night football match. “You beauty S. Scully!” I shout! “What?” quiz the others? “Didn’t you hear that?? There is a hotel in Melbourne that is welcoming in any families who have been effected by the bushfires. If we haven’t been effected, I don’t bloody know what to call what’s happened to us!” There is hope now. I hear the word “Delicious” come from my pocket. “Oops, got a text” I read it carefully. It’s from my mate Jeff. SHE’S ALL GONE! It reads. ‘Delicious’ “Another one??” it’s from my other mate, Harley. SHIT, I THOUGHT BLACK SATURDAY WAS BAD! Memories come flooding back to Black Saturday, the day Victoria was alight.

  81. Michael Allan says

    He still wouldn’t have seen her because the lights were out.

  82. Steve Healy says

    that’s not true, Khloe might’ve gone up to him anway regardlessly

  83. keep it going Josh.
    lmaoo abuse of the word ‘delicious!’

  84. Michael Allan says

    rofl. Why would she go up to him?

    lol, Delicious.

  85. yeah Steve’s right.
    that was going to happen but i thought it would be funnier if he got hit in the head lol.

  86. why?
    what do you mean why?
    hes a hot guy sitting under her favourite tree reading a nice piece of literature, WHY WOULDNT SHE GO UP TO HIM!!

  87. Maybe she thought it was a ghost and since she believes in mystical beings she went up to him lol

  88. Oh sorry i thought we were talking about that bloke who came onto Khloe at the party lol

    Does anyone here live near Hawthorn? Oh well doesnt matter, its gonna be based there.

  89. The story’s gonna be based in Hawthorn i mean..

  90. Steve Healy says

    Base it in Ashburton instead. Yeah Hawthorn isn’t that far away from me

  91. Steve Healy says

    Exactly Michael, it was love at first sight, clearly.

  92. you now what would be really freaky.
    first day of uni..i see a guy sitting under a tree , reading a certain book!!

  93. Hey Danni how come Robbie wasnt allowed on your school grounds??

  94. Cos he isnt a student there.
    lol when guys rock up to my skool, which they do they call for staff member to shoo them off and stand gaurd incase they come back! lmaoo like let them come in! WE ARE DEPRIVED LOL!!
    once a few years ago these guys tried to come in, and NO JOKE and alarm went off ahahah they were running for their lives!!

  95. Michael Allan says

    I haven’t been talkling because I had a shower.

    Khloe wouldn’t have talked to him when he was under the tree because at that time she was low in self confidence.

  96. .hhmmm thats a good point made by the Swannie.

    Im a pretty shy person but sometimes i talk to people and end up surprising myself.

  97. Steve Healy says

    Well, that’s arguable, Michael.
    Why would he hang around your school reading a book? I don’t get that..

  98. no Steve he wasnt near the school reading he was at the park near the library!

  99. Steve Healy says

    I thought it was the school lbirary

  100. nope, jst the public library! lol
    jst watched a small vid that my friend took on my bday of Nathan and my screaming LMAOOO

  101. Steve Healy says

    is it on Youtube? lol

  102. Time passes, and its February 2, school. I hate Monday’s! Greg and I walk into the school grounds, totally oblivious to the people staring at us. We check in, and are put in the same homegroup. Score! Also in my homegroup is a ranga, and not being a shy person, I approach him and ask “Are these seats taken fanta pants?” he purses his lips, but relaxes, and replies positively. Greg and I take our seats. I learn that this kid’s name is Michael Allan, and he goes for Richmond. Poor kid.

    My first class is English. It turns out Michael is in year 10 also, and we walk there together. Michael introduces me to his mates. A tall, skinny boy who goes by the name of Steve. I can see his Melbourne Demons undershirt through his ugly school shirt. A small Italian greets me, his name is Damian. He goes for Carlton. The last person Michael introduces me to is certainly one heck of a character. Standing in her uniform is a Lebanese girl who goes by the name of Danielle. I don’t know who she goes for, and don’t bother to ask since she is probably scared of the small red ball filled with air. “SO, what team do ya go for??” she starts to make a conversation. “Umm, North Melbourne, what about you?” I reply. “OHHH NORTH MELBOURNE!! I love those boys, especially that Andrew Swallow and Alan Obst, such hotties! But myself, my heart belongs at the Lexus Centre, I’m a Collingwood fanatic, but don’t run away from me just yet!” Wow, what you can learn in one short conversation. We hang out for the rest of the day, and I eagerly wait for the start of the footy season like I need it to live, well I do actually.

  103. Oh there’s another kid called Greg by the way..

  104. LMAOO hell no!!
    its just nathan doing drills and me screaming like a weirdo..
    now that i think of wonder that trainer was looking at me wierd

  105. Standing in her uniform???
    hahaha what have i done to it. hitched it up so thats its inappropraitly short??
    cos that would be scarilly accurate

  106. Lol i dunno they are just the words that appeared before i thought of anything

  107. Michael Allan says

    We’ve got a word for girls who do that Danni.

  108. Does it rhyme with putt?

  109. Steve Healy says

    This story is going places.

  110. Steve Healy says

    Dean Putt?

  111. Michael Allan says

    He was a hack. I think Hawthorn will pick him up as a rookie.

  112. hahaha new that would get at Mikey!!
    id like to point out that my school dressed are over the knee by about five fingers, and trust me i look like a nun compared to others.

  113. I hope Robbo will get picked up, everyone seems to have forgotten about him

  114. Steve Healy says

    Hey Danni, I saw a picture of you when you were in Year 7 on Candy’s facebook

  115. ahahahah lol. yeah nerd or what!!??
    thankgod i discovered makeup, heels and hairstraighteners!!

    although Mikey, since u say that i cant say the same baout the clothes i wear out…lol lucky ur not my older brother cos i doubt ud approve!

  116. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think any club would want Putt.

    Yeah, Robbo better be picked up, it’s wasted talent if he isn’t.

  117. Michael Allan says

    OK well I’m off now.


  118. hahahah scared Mikey off!!

  119. Steve Healy says

    Nah I thought you actually looked exactly the same

  120. what!! NO I DO NOT!!
    im not that fat anymore!!

  121. Steve Healy says

    Ah, Michael’s famous way of saying goodbye:

    well, i’m off now

  122. Steve Healy says

    What???? I thought you said you’d gained weight!!

  123. Nah i was at my fattest at year nine LOL.
    Then after that i lost it.
    its funny cos candy sadi to me the other day.
    “i was looking at our year nine pictures and Danni you have lost so much weight i was like damn u betch!”

    Titanic is on tv…
    ohh godd!!
    its soo saddddddddd, here come the tears.

  125. Steve Healy says

    Did you lose that weight intentionly or just naturally?

  126. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha i’m watching it as well.

    How funny is when that guy in the moustache just radomly runs past her in the corridor? hahaha

  127. definatly intentionly!! lol

    its not funny goona cry cos his name is Jack and when she says “JACKKKK!!”
    i think of SUPERMAN

  128. Steve Healy says

    “I want you to draw a picture of me wearing this, wearing only this”

    im talking about the dying part!!

  130. you know how hes like stuck to the pole and shes trying to save him.. :(
    MY SUPERMAN!! :(
    i swaer think of me when they end up in the ocean, ill be crying my eyes out.

  131. Steve Healy says

    it’s a funny line.

    I love the bit where the guys who run the ship have to escape through those closing doors.

  132. Steve Healy says

    and the captain guy who looks like Ricky Ponting

    and shes all
    “JACKK!! JACKK!!” :(

  134. “ill never let go..i love you jack!”

    why did have have to be called JACK??!!

  135. Did you get my story Danni?

    Im off now, probably wont be on here till tomorrow night coz of Numurkah’s Show Us Ya Wheels event, if ya havent heard of it, look it up. Cya

  136. Michael Allan says

    I’ve finished reading your story Josh.

    Not quite as dramatic as Danni’s. I’d say yours was a tad more realistic lol.

    It seems I have a knack for kicking the footy into people who others want too meet.

    A bit harsh on Richmond don’t ya think?

  137. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, lol there’s something about your deadly bannana kick that makes a good story.

    Yeah Michael, I’d like to know your reaction at the last line. hahaha

  138. Michael Allan says

    Well it depends on how you read it Steve.

    I could be emotional because Richmond are 2-0.
    Maybe it’s cause we’re 0-2 as usual.
    Or it could be because Josbh thinbks that the sterotypical Richmond supporter is nextremely emotional.

    I’m gonna go with numberoption 2 and let it go by.

  139. Michael Allan says

    lol I mean option 1.

  140. You make it what you want Michael lol

    I’m going to send you guys a video of something i took today at Show Us Ya Wheels, should intrest you

  141. Damian Watson says

    lol I liked Danni’s story, I wonder if Steve ever found the tire.

    I’m disappointed how the Aussies were bowled out at the end today against the Windies.

  142. Nawww thanks Damo.

    JOSHY! lmao loved the story!!
    you got me on the dollar!!
    lmaoo i cant belive ive met Swallow and Obst in Bookworld!! :) hehehe

    just got home now, went shopping with cousins since 12:00 lol
    bought really cute white headband!!
    ohh and there was an incident…

  143. An incident?

    Did you guys get my photos and videos?

  144. yes an incident!
    it seems that i can go out anywhere dolled up, in shorts and singlets, with my hair and makeup done without getting some sort of unwanted attention from men!
    arggghhh!!! like …i dont know wat to say.
    im jst standing arond with my cousins doing shopping and im lokking around and this tall, tank, tnanned guy stares at me and i stare at him like, why is he staring at me..and then the idoit WINKS AT ME AND SMIRKS!! like WTF!!
    so i just look at him like WTF!!
    He keeps walking so i calm down a bit BUT NO, YEAH HE WALKS AWAY BUT HE TURNS AROUND TO HAVE A GLANCE AT ME AGAIN!! omgggg!!

  145. You call that an incident?? A kid fell through a shop window right next to me today and got taken away by the cops, thats an incident

  146. hello!! im so pissed off!!
    like seriously i cant wear, well clothes that Mikey wouldnt tolerate lol without being winked at or picked up!!
    its just a pair of pink short-shorts and a tight white singlet! i wasnt pracing about like a slag!!!

  147. AND WHAT ??
    its like 36 degrees!! but i cant wear summery clothes without being targeted by freaking boofheads (a polite way of putting it)

  148. Settle petal, maybe another reason to live in the country? It gets so hot here that people wear exposing clothes and no one thinks anything bad of it

  149. Steve Healy says

    Bull crap, it’s not hotter in Waaia than it is in Melbourne

  150. lol petal!
    you knwo it wasnt bad when the cute guy who took my order at Maccas called ‘paul’ ( i know this cos i read his nametage) was gawping at me, cos he wasnt being all weird!! infact, he made sure to fill my frozen coke to the top, unlike other who fill it half way!!
    anyways it just freaks me out when its men who are like over 30 that wink at me and stuff like, GET A EFFING LIFE!!

    ps. im okay LOL

  151. Steve Healy says

    Doesn’t that mean your attractive, Danni? You should take that as a compliment, I don’t get girls looking at me often

  152. She’s getting complimented by the wrong people Steve.

    Steve, it got to 49 degrees in Waaia earlier this year.

  153. lol, okay i could take it that way, but i dunno! lol it jst makes me feel a bit insecure!

    what are you talking about Steve, you are adorable!! i bet plenty of girls check you it, the thing is that you dont notice!

  154. lol yeah true that Josh and its annoying!
    like 9 times out of ten its some weird dude that i would give the time of day and then by luck it will be that maccas guy who take smy order!

  155. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, well I thought Danni liked them old.

    It got up to 46 on Bushfire day, but I don’t think it’d be much if any hotter in Waaia on average than it is in Melbourne.

  156. yes i like them old at 17-21
    then an exception for Colin Firth!
    the funny thing is, i didnt even go heavy on the makeup! i wore just the standark liquid and pencil eyeliners!
    and its lucky my dad wasnt there…if he had saw that, we lets just say the guy wouldnt be able to wink for the rest of him life and my dad would be in prison.

  157. And its a lot hotter at my house when we have no air-conditioners and Mum is cooking and the oven is causing a lot of heat to go through the house. Fans are our only defence to heat

  158. Steve Healy says

    same, I’ve only got fans in my house.

    And my room is bloody boiling, it’s got terrible insulation and the sun always shines directly through the window. It’s always colder in my room in winter and hotter in my room in summer, even Mum agrees.

  159. we installed air-con in the whole house like 2 weeks ago. lol

  160. Steve Healy says

    Ok, I’ve gotten that a couple of times from girls but not recently. It’s not like they ever go up to me and talk to me anyway.

  161. Lol i’ve always got girls talking to me in the street, its pretty annoying

  162. lol well its not like guys come up and talk to me! apperently i can be seen as snob by people that dont know me, which i think scares them away! lol
    but its true Steve your a muffin, so cute!

    oh i saw a guy that looked like Josh in Jay-Jays! lol

  163. Steve Healy says

    yeah, but doesn’t everybody know everybody in the country?

    A guy that looked like josh? A guy with a black and white feather thingo on his head?

  164. nah just the normal Josh! LOL
    i was like..omg is that..NAHH!
    lmaoo looked like him heaps!

  165. Michael Allan says

    Haha I was called a snob by my primary school friends cause I was go to a private school.

    Why are you called a snob Danni? I’ve never heard of a Collingwood supporter being a snob.

  166. Lol yeah Steve

    Danni, i was going to go for a rainbow coloured mohawk wig but went with the silver one instead

  167. very funny mikey!
    nah app i do , like if you dont know me i come across as stuck-up just form by body language. this is what ive been told lol.
    bloody hell! well atlease you guys know now, DONT STARE AT GIRLS WHO WEAR SHORTS AND SINGLETS OR SHORT SKIRTS!!
    it doesnt help!!

  168. Steve Healy says

    What if there are girls that aren’t like you?

  169. what do you mean Steve?

  170. Steve Healy says

    Girls that love all the atention that they recieve, ones that like being stared at all the time

  171. Michael Allan says

    Danni, if you don’t want that attention dress more conservitively. Like me.

    I only have two pairs of shorts. I have are board shorts for swimming. And Basketball shorts for playing soccer and basketball.

  172. lol well there diff kinds of attention though.
    i dont mind if i get a few looks from a guy a year or two older them me, cos they dont really do much except give a shy glance for a mins and thats about it! but then theres those certain guys who just take it too far! i doubt any girl well except those wierd sleezy ones would like that kind of attention.

    Mikey, whats the problem if i like to wear short skirts/dresses and low cut singlets? i think its the men who should be respectful, i should have to dress a certain way because some men dotn know when to shut their mouths.

  173. Steve Healy says

    I always wear my school shorts, they’re the only pair of shorts that I really have at the moment so I’m always wearin em

  174. Steve Healy says

    And I’m wearing them now as I type this, isn’t that funny?

  175. Michael Allan says

    Danni I didn’t say there’s a problem with it. All I’m saying is if your wearing short skirts and singlets then be prepared for that attention because that comes with the clothes, that’s the reality. And if you really don’t want it the simple solution is to wear something else.

  176. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, that’s why the muslim women cover up their whole body’s when they’re in public

  177. Damian Watson says

    lol everyone at my school wears pants, even in the summer and I’m practically the only one that wears shorts and I get bagged a lot lol.

    We used to have fans but now we have built in air con.

  178. lol im in leggings and a baby pink long low cut jumper.

    i have 4 pairs of shorts, none of them anywhere close to the knee. 2 demin blue one, one has silver studs on the belt and is darker than the other pair, a faded hot pink pair and a green pair. Im hoping to buy another two colours next time i go shopping.

  179. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I’m the same as Damo, I always wear shorts to school.

    Michael, why don’t you wear shorts, what’s the problem with them?

  180. Steve Healy says

    No offence Danni, but I always find it annoying when girls have to describe colours like “baby pink” and “hot pink”

  181. okay i understand what you mean Mikey its just that i wish they could be a bit more respectful, like yes im wearing tight short clothes, so what?! LOL
    guess im jst gonna have to put up with it. im not wearing baggy long clothes jst beacsue people cant keep their mouths shut.

    ohh and im wearing the white headband i bought today, its gonna look so good with my Collingwood jumper!

  182. lol im sorry steve, but i have to be specific! what if i have two pairs of shorts and they are diff shades of pink!

  183. Michael Allan says

    Haha I don’t have a problem with the shorts, I have a problem with my legs. They’re far too white to bel flashed around in public.

    The Sad Life of a Red Head.

  184. My ranga mate never wears pants, he always wears shorts. Bit of a contrast between you two

  185. lol Mikey!
    i used to have a really bad self esteem problem with my body, especially my legs.
    i never used to wear shorts in public.
    i still hate my thighs, but ive gotten much better and i now i love wearing short-shorts and short skits.
    my legs are really white too! lol

  186. Steve Healy says

    Yeah me legs are very white as well, but I don’t really have a problem.

    Why do all girls hate their thighs as well?

  187. My legs are almost brown i wear shorts that much

  188. Steve Healy says

    come to think of it, my legs are pretty tanned compared to the rest of my body minus my arms.

    My back and chest are really pale

  189. lol well i hate mine cos they are HUGE!
    lol turned me off wearing shorts for ages!
    and then after i lost weight i felt a bit better.

  190. Steve Healy says

    good on you, Danni.

  191. Soo, do you’s like stuff?

  192. thanks Steve.
    Lol…yeah I like stuff
    I jst ate a dark chocolate covered Cherry Ripe!
    So gonna regret this later on.

    ohh josh where did u get the name for ur love interest in ur story?

  193. Damian Watson says

    Don’t use the Ralph Wiggum line Josh!

    What day does the Pre Season and Rookie Draft begin?

  194. I havent eaten since this afternoon.

    Oh lol funny story in that Danni, i’ve recently been reading posts made by a girl on Facebook and her name is Maddiey. She goes to my school but she recently said something bad about someone and on facebook there is a whole mob wanting to kick her head in and smash her face in, and it got me thinking ‘hmmm, Maddiey is a unique way of spelling the name!’ and that’s how Maddiey was born

  195. The 15th

  196. this is wat i ate today

    no breakfast
    my normal pigout at maccas at about 4:00
    just now- a cherry ripe.

    wow Josh lol..okayyy lol

  197. Im writing the story again Danni, changing a few things.

  198. lol…okay!
    anyone know how i could contact a publisher
    And if I need to get some kind of trademark license thing?

  199. Michael Allan says

    You’d need alot trademarking because you mention all the footy clubs and stuff. At least I think you need trademarking for that.

  200. Steve Healy says

    Just email them or something…

    I’ve just started my story.


    Steve’s Story

    Chapter 1- The ruins of an education

    I love footy. I hate school.

    What was my reaction when I turned up for school last Monday? Confused, but excited as hell. All I saw were ashes, and bits of charred paper lying around the place that I had had so many memories in, most of them shit memories. No one was around, only me in my school uniform. It felt strange, I had been away on a beach Holiday last week, and I heard nothing about it. A newspaper headline is attached to a nearby oak tree: School gets attacked by terrorists, unknown number of deaths.

  201. very confused!

  202. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now bye.

  203. Steve Healy says

    what’s there to get, Danni?

  204. You need to introduce things better Steve

  205. School gets attacked by terrorists, unknown number of deaths??
    thats how

  206. Steve Healy says

    Yes, that’s kind of the introduction, I’m gonna do that in Chapter 2, that’s kind of the point.

  207. lol steves gonna love this. my uncle just came over and called from the lounge room
    “eyyyy DEEE!!!!”

  208. Steve Healy says

    hahahahaha go Dees!

  209. Chapter Six – Time To Party, Yes?

    Still thinking about Maddiey, I return to the Hotel with Greg. We talk about the upcoming opening round of the season. “St Kilda v Sydney?” I quiz him. “Should be a close game, the last time we played the Swans it was tight and we only got over the line thanks to ‘Joey’ Montagna. We should win by 20 points though. How do you feel going up against Port Adelaide in the city of churches? New uniform, new attitude, possibly a new style of play from the Port Adelaide Chokers?” I scoff at this. “Greg, it’s bloody Port Adelaide, the easy-beats. We should win by 4 goals, Brad Scott will taste victory in his first game in charge and Aaron Black will kick 5 goals.” He thinks deeply, “okay if you think so.” We continue walking, we get to our ‘home’, and relax by the pool. My mind thinks to Waaia. What’s left of it? Is the shop still intact? What became of the footy oval? I can see Greg thinking the same things about his own town.

    Greg starts talking to me about his mate, Shaun. It’s his birthday this Friday night. He’s invited me to his party. His shin-dig. His celebration of life. His piss-up. I agree, but question whether I can watch a bit of Geelong v Essendon while I’m there. I also ask if I can bring along the other Fab Five members. Greg thinks. “Okay, but not Steve, he really irritates me with his whiteboards and footy stats that he seems to come up with at the top of his head. And he has no eyebrows!” I reply angrily “he is a good kid! He might be a bit full-on, but once you get to know him he is a good bloke.” Greg thinks, again. “Whatever, fine.” Party on.

  210. ..I dont like Greg!

  211. Your gonna hate him for what he does next..

  212. Steve Healy says

    Greg’s a mean bastard.

  213. ….ohh no!!
    dont even think about it!
    if he even comes near me, ill show him what a box to the face feels like!

  214. Steve Healy says

    Can he stop bagging my whiteboards! lol

  215. nawwww steve!! :)
    thats so cute, the whiteboards thing

  216. Steve Healy says

    Chapter 2- A new School
    I explained to my Mum and Dad, and they were flabbergasted. All those school fees wasted, so many lives lost. It wasn’t long before they transferred me to another school, which brings us to now. A 15-year-old passionate Demon named Steve, walking through the gates of a new school, four days after the disaster. I had rung a couple of friends, Tim and James, who were both alive and well. They had slept in last Wednesday, when the school burnt down, and they told me in description of the things they saw, the agony they went through, the planes crashing, the people screaming, the middle-eastern faces holding guns. It wasn’t a pretty sight, clearly. They said that only ten or so were killed, most of them teachers. Another thirty were in hospital, in a serious but stable condition.

  217. Steve Healy says

    Danni, do you know the whiteboard story?

  218. isnt it something about you using Whiteboards to write down all you crazy stats and stuff??

  219. Tim and James?
    nah chnage them to hot names
    Ryan and Zac

  220. Steve Healy says

    Yes, but it’s not true.

    In my Melbourne V Adelaide match report, John edited it and said that I do scores on whiteboards. I actually sent him pictures of the scoresheets (which are on paper) and he must of thought they were whiteboards. And Josh isn’t letting me forget about it either.

  221. Or Josh and Josh

  222. Steve Healy says

    nah lol, they’re real people

  223. lol okay.
    Steve i couldnt sleep after Titanic last night!!

  224. Steve Healy says

    yeah, it gets pretty sad at the end.

  225. Danni, do you carry anything in your purse/handbag that could be used as a weapon? Its for my story..

  226. pretty sad?
    thats an understatement :(
    i was crying so bad when she was floating and on the woodthingo in the ocean and she wakes up to tell Jack that the boat is there…and hes dead.
    bloody scriptwriters!! :(
    especially that part where he tells her thats shes not going to die and lists the stuff she will live to do.
    mannn Leo Dicaprio was a stunner back then, the smoking has aged him terribly.

  227. lmaoo umm..
    il go through it now
    more lipbalm
    a smaller mirrior
    more lipbalm
    my phone
    my wallet
    breath mints
    more lip balm.

  228. Steve Healy says

    She smashes someone in the head with a mirror

  229. the mirror isnt that big steve! LMAOO

  230. Dont spoil it Steve!

  231. Steve Healy says

    Chapter 2- cont.

    I walked through the gates, which were old, rusty ones with a sign at the top which said: The School of Dreams… enjoy! How corny, I thought. Waterville High School clearly wasn’t the best place to attend. Cigarettes a-plenty sprinkled all over the pavement. Chip wrappers and beer bottles stuffed inside a gap in a wall. Everything looked bland, the only colour was from the graffiti, which was sprayed over the place like a disaease. I’m late for class; a few kids are running around, clearly they are late like I am. I walk into my homeroom, where there is one available seat. I sit down on the chair, which is a blue, plastic one, like you’d expect in kindergarten. Next to me is a boy, my age, with hair that looks like it has been dyed regularly. It’s hard to tell what his natural hair colour is, since it’s bright green at the moment. The teacher has a stern look on his face, and he stares at me like I’m some sort of idiot. “JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE NEW, IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN WALK IN FIVE MINUTES LATE!”, he bellows. I reply, “Yes, ok, I’ll do better next time”.

  232. hahah gotta love evil teachers!

  233. Steve Healy says

    Chapter 3- A Roo, a Blue, a Pie and a Tige

    Mr.Moloney goes on to call the role: “Michael Allan”, he shouts. “Here”, says a voice from behind me. I look, and I’m surprised. Red hair, freckles, yellow-and-black scarf hidden under his school shirt, obviously to avoid Mr.Moloney from seeing it. “Josh Barnstable!”, he screams like a mad man. The boy next to me puts his hand up, and I wonder how he isn’t in trouble for having green hair. I notice something on his desk. A North Melbourne pencil case, and a poster on North Melbourne captain Brent Harvey. He must love footy, like me, which is a good sign. I also notice pen markings on his arm, they are the scores from the Round 1 games. Ok, he must love footy almost as much as I do, if that’s possible. “Sanjay Brashinda!”. A small Indian boy on the other side of the classroom puts his hand up, he has a cricket ball on his desk.
    The role goes on, and I notice Danielle Eid, a short Lebanese girl sitting behind me. I notice three things: She has a love heart on her desk with Jack Anthony in the middle, she has so many notes on her desk that they are almost touching the roof, and she is not wearing her uniform properly. Oh no, she barracks for Collingwood! The last name in the role is a bloke sitting a desk away from Josh and me, next to a fat girl with glasses. He goes by the name of Damian Watson, an Italian boy with braces. It’s pretty obvious what team he barracks for; there is a “They know we’re coming” sticker on his school bag. At recess, I hang out with them and we discuss our interest: footy. We all love the game, and because we get along so well, I think of the name: The fab 5. They all like it. Michael is complaining about Richmond’s 100 point loss to Carlton in the season opener, while Damo, who looks like he’s been grinning since Thursday night, is never letting him forget about it. Josh has mixed feelings with the Roos performance, he’s upset with the draw but he’s happy that Aaron Black kicked five goals on debut against the Power. Danni is sad at the two-point loss that her boys suffered, but even sadder by the fact that Jack Anthony hit the goal post hard in the dying seconds, trying to take the winning mark on the goal line. As for me, I can’t stop smiling since the Dees beat the Hawks by five goals, Watts kicked six, Scully and Trengrove picked up 65 possessions between them and Roughead was held goalless, with Franklin missing from suspension.
    Michael thinks of an idea. “Let’s go and kick the footy!” he exclaims. Josh holds his red Sherrin in his hands, and drills it to me perfectly, hitting me right on the chest. We egg Danni to come and kick with us, but she’s too worried about her hair, and I learn that she has taken an interest in an inspiring poet named Robbie, who hangs around school for some reason. They sit together under a tree, hugging. “Get a room, you guys!” yells Michael. “Yeah, yeah, over here!” shouts Damo, and I send a long drop punt his way. Damo goes on to hit Michael in the face. “You’re dead, you Carlton scumbag!” and he chases Damo around the turf. Michael eventually catches him, and he tackles him to the ground. Josh kicks the ball towards them, Michael grabs it, and me and Josh come out of nowhere and lay a bone-crushing tackle. “Ahhh, I can’t feel my legs!” he shouts. “No wonder, it’s because you never wear shorts”, Damo quivers. We all laugh at this, “Come on, let’s get on with the kicking”, I say. Michael gets up, ball in hand, and screams “LOOK AT ME, I CAN BANNANA IT LIKE ROBBIE NAHAS”! He spoke to soon, his banana hit awkwardly on the boot, and flew way over Josh’s head, down the hill and on to the road. It lies on the road, we chase after it but disaster strikes, and a Garbage truck comes along and flattens the ball into a red circle. Josh walks up to it, and says “I got that footy for my first birthday”. “Oh well, we can still use it as a Frisbee”, Michael exclaims. Just as the two begin to fight, the bell rings.
    We walk back to class, with Danni, who is all star gazed after meeting her secret boyfriend again.

  234. Looking good Steve

    My Mum served Fraser Gehrig today in the Numurkah Bakery

  235. Steve Healy says

    Nice, thats funny cos a guy in my class this year who works in a bakery said that he served Jarrod Roughead

  236. hahhaa! lol
    naww Robbie!
    my feet are killing me ive been out shopping since 10:00am and i jst got home now!!

  237. Steve Healy says

    You’ve been shopping again?

    I went bowling today.

    Jeez I don’t think my story’s going anywehre lol

  238. I dont think i’ve listened to my ipod this much, i dont think i turned it off today from the time i started school till i got off the bus.

  239. lol why does that surprise u steve?
    i love shopping.
    i bought christmas pressies

    MUM– earings and hair band from Forever New
    DAD– Collingwood t-shirt AFL STORE
    BROTHER- gel pens and pencil case from Smiggle

  240. What did you get Josh?

  241. Lily Allen! :)

  242. Steve Healy says

    Did your brother really want pens and a pencil case for Christmas?

    My sister works at smiggle

    oh yeah and what did you get Steve?

  243. well he loves Smiggle so i thought hed like what i got!

    i got Steve Liam Jurrah. :P

    oh and im happy to say that a muffin was staring at me in the foodcourt, he was soo cuteand not weird at all! although i have a feeling hes your age but cos hes tall he looks older.

  244. Steve Healy says

    what shopping centre were you at?

  245. Highpoint. :)

  246. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, don’t worry then.

  247. …lol

  248. Dont say muffin and foodcourt in the same sentence coz for a minute i thought you were saying you saw a cute muffin in the foodcourt, an actual muffin.

  249. Steve Healy says

    cos I was at a shopping centre today, for a sec I thought that “muffin” was me.

  250. LMAOOOO JOSH!! hahahhahahah!! hahhaha

    lol Steve if it was you i would have known it was you!
    trust me it wasnt you, he had brown hair.

  251. Steve Healy says

    where does the “muffin” thing come from?

  252. …well muffins, as in the actual muffins, are considered cute, cos they are little therefors they are cute!
    so guys that are cute and seem to be younger (or little) than they look at called muffins.

  253. im wearing Joshy’s favourite colour, royal blue! lol
    im just missing white stripes.

  254. Im wearing all black lol black shirt, black footy shorts and a silver and black wig!

  255. lol we kinda match then, cos im in a royal blue singlet and a sparkly black skirt.

  256. But ya dont have a wig, do ya!!!

  257. Steve Healy says

    I’m in boxer shorts and a blue and grey stripped shirt

  258. lmaoo steve!
    u remind me of my cousin.
    that one walked with me to the petrol station an on main road in his boxers!!

  259. ohh and Josh i really hate that Greg guy!!

  260. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha good on him.

  261. At least me and Steve give him his just desserts

  262. lol are you serious?
    i was so embarrassed!
    lol hes from Sydney and it was hot, we wanted ice-cream lol.
    so my cousin, doesnt change into clothes, nahh He just goes out onto a main busy road in his bright yellow and green boxer shorts!

  263. Michael Allan says

    lol apart from being a jwrk in general. Why did you punch Greg?

  264. Coz he didnt stop Jack from threating Damo and Steve

    Im off now, cya

  265. And coz Danni didn’t like him.

    Oh, would anyone like to take a guess at what Fraser Gehrig does for a living these days? I bet ya it’ll be wrong

  266. Steve Healy says

    Dunno, Josh.

    Just got a free Melbourne magazine in the email- there’s a picture with me in it!

  267. well if Jimmy Bartel is a construction worker then Gehrig is…….a plumber??

  268. Thats cool Steve

    Gehrig installs artifical lawns

  269. Steve Healy says

    sorry, I was meant to say mail not email.

    It was a picture of all the Melbourne fans on the walk to the G before Queen’s birthday, I’m looking at the camera and I’m the right in the middle

  270. I want to buy all the AFL magazines that are on sale

  271. Steve Healy says

    I’ll sell you the Dees one then, lol.

    Have you officialy finished school josh?

  272. artifical lawns? lol i was close!

  273. Okay Steve lol, hey take a photo of that photo of you and put on facebook if you can

    Yes i have Steve, i go back Feburary the 2nd i think

  274. Status – drinking lemon ice tea that i bought a couple of hours before the launch lol

  275. i had one of those yesterday while i was shopping! refreshing!! :)

    wait..u left it in the fridge since the launch?

  276. It was sitting in a bag i took to melbourne but i put it in the fridge a few days ago

  277. lmaooo its funny cos mine NEVER Last thae long! i have to drink it the same day!
    its addictiveeeeeeeee!! :)

  278. Its delicious

  279. ..any excuse ey Josh!!
    but yes i agree with that statement! :)

  280. Its a delicious statement

  281. ..yep hes on a roll now!
    ill add to it.
    i just ate a Parma and that was delicious!

    status- making media notes from textbook.

  282. Parma- delicious
    Status- NOT delicious, im sorry Danni

  283. hahah i knew that!!
    im craving Tim-Tams

  284. Mmmm delicious

  285. lol yes they are…
    seriously, if im Augustus NOW, imagine me pregnant! right now ill kill to get a packet of Tim-Tams, a Snickers bar and some M&Ms.

  286. Im craving sleep lol so tired

  287. Im drowsy.
    i woke up at about 12:30 read my stupid english novel that i cant get through one chapter without swearing at the author and then read some of Eclipse.

  288. I got up at 9, and im on holidays!

  289. why would you do that?
    i only get up at 9 if i have to get ready and make sure i look good to go shoppping and church.

  290. I dont like sleeping in, 10:00 is as far as i’ll go regarding a sleep in. Any further and i feel like i’ve wasted a day of my life LOL

  291. what!!
    lol ive been able to sleep until about 2:30 at times

  292. it was so funny cos i woke up read that stupid book for as long as i could bare it!!
    next thing i knew i looked at the time. it was 4:30!

  293. Hayley sleeps in till about 1 when she isnt working haha she’ll kill me for saying that.

  294. lol nah she wont not next to my 2:30!!
    i love sleeppppppp!!
    i mean i dont get to bed till about 3:00 in the morning.

  295. And i cant stay up that late lol i was out before 11 last night. Seriously though, what is there to do to make you stay up until 3AM?

  296. my crappy english book, listen to my ipod, get otehr work done.
    i dont know why but i like doing my work when it late or shoudl i say early in the morning! lol

    status- Jesse Maccartney on ipod.

  297. Hmm well no sound is allowed to come out of my room that late anyway coz it would wake everyone up, i cant even turn a light on

  298. lol well mine tell me off, but i jst keep working until i feel like sleeping.
    hey josh u must love Averil Laveigne’s song, girlfriend eyy? its your fav right, cos of the words.

  299. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    I’ve written about six chapters of my story. It’s really going places. lol not really but it’s still fun.

    I’ve been woken up by the phone ringing the past two days. It’s really annoying.

  300. mikkkkeeyy!!
    where u been boyfriend!?

  301. What are the words? I havent heard that song in yonks

  302. Michael Allan says

    I’ve been watching the cricket and other exiting things. Musn’t be much happening if we’re talking about sleeping.

  303. well joshy the most important part would be
    ‘Your so fine, i want you mine, you so

    LMAOO it came on my ipod and i was like..
    OMG JOSH!! lol

  304. excuse me pretty rangga, sleeping is a very important thing!!

  305. Some chinese lady rang me today.

    Show us a preview of your story Michael

  306. HAHHAHAHA josh!!

    yeahh boyfriend i wanna read it

  307. Haha delicious.

  308. Michael Allan says

    Nah, my story’s gonna have suspence to it. Your not going to know anything about it.

  309. omg this guy called my house once

    ME- “Hello”
    HIM- “HELLO”
    HIM- “Hello”
    me: “ummm who is this?”
    HIM: “who;s this”
    ME: “Umm no, you called, who are you?”
    HIM: “mark”
    ME: ‘right”
    HIM: “yeah”
    ME: “you have the wrong number then?”
    HIM:”Oh, yeah ok.”
    ME: “BYE”
    him: “BYE”

    LMAOO wat the??

  310. Damian Watson says

    How could you guys sleep until 2:30? Even if I tried too I wouldn’t be successful.

    Have you heard about the new Richo DVD, Mike?

  311. nawww Mikeyy!! not even for meee??
    *gives sad pouty face*

  312. He was probably the bloke eyein you off the other day Danni.

  313. omggg Damooo!!
    *waves at Damo*

  314. LOL nah Josh it wasnt this guy sounded my age. lol Mark!

  315. Lol i remember on camp this year my friend went to call his uncle and was talking to him about camp for about 30 seconds before he quickly hung up realizing he had been talking to a stranger

  316. omgg lol!!
    hahhaah how would he not know that?

  317. Nope, really long, ugly black hair with a rats-tail lol

  318. ..okayy..

  319. Michael Allan says

    Yes, I’m not sure if I want it yet. I probably will. Maybe a good x-mas present.

    And Danni I will never do a favour to someone who *does an action on web convos like this*

  320. ….whyyyy???
    lol thats so mean!! :(

  321. Michael Allan says

    It’s silly and annoying.

  322. Gee Mikey, you shouldn’t talk about yourself like that!

  323. Michael Allan says

    Didn’t they ever tell you in debate meetings not to attack your opponent?

  324. why would they do that?
    its very persuasive to degrade the opposition :)

  325. Michael Allan says

    haha, lol. rofl. lmao. roflmao.

    You make me laugh Danielle.

  326. Michael Allan says

    By the way.

    I don’t like emoticons either. :(

  327. Are you talking about where i would say, “Danni your stupid” *grins at Steve* ?? If so, i do find it a bit childish.

    I got the Glenn Archer story on DVD last year

  328. gee you dont like much do u?

  329. Why not Michael? :(

  330. Michael Allan says

    Like this *looks at Josh* it’s just childish and not necessary. You should be a good enough writer to bwe able to express yourself without the need of a visual aide.

  331. one time in debating we were up against this guy school we have beaten twice already! its funny cos app its the luck of the draw..yeah right!
    anyways! they were lebo and they were talking about us in lebo not knowing that me and omy other friend on our team are lebo.
    they say this is lebo :”are you serious, THEM again, man they kicked us that last two times man! bloody hell!”

    one of their nerdy guys, in lebo :”okay so lets discuss our arguments…

    lmaooo they had no idea we could understand them and they were saying their arguments!

  332. gee im sorry Mikey!
    im jst a very animated person.

  333. Michael Allan says

    haha that’s funny. Did you tell them at the end you were Lebo.

    I know what you mean though. We played the laides of Sion thrice. they were two different teams but I still don’t see how we can play the same school three times in a row when their are so many schools and everybody debates at the same venue.

  334. Michael Allan says

    I’m annimated too. But I can express myself well enough with words, that simple drawings of emotions would only lower the power of the emotion Im feeling.

    I hoe that makes sense. lol.

  335. hahaha yeah, you should have seen their faces! what we did we my and my other lebo friend went up to them and spoke lebo.
    hahah they were like “OMG SHIT!”
    it didnt end their, we debated them another 2 times and won. lol when they wlaked into the room to see which Mercy team they were against, their coach lookes so pissed off and then he sat with his hands in his face though the whole time his team TRIED to rebutt! LMAOO GOLD

  336. Michael Allan says

    Well no wonder you made it into finals. You just kept on playing the same bad team. Richmond would be able to make finals if over half our games where against Melbourne.

  337. Haha that’s funny Danni.

    Michael, me and Steve both noticed that your a very serious person on the Almanac.


  338. Excuse me! after we kicked them out we went against some poshy dude school, against really cute dudes i might add. we won that one by i think it was 2 points.
    we made finals but none of the girls were willing to go..cos it was in the JOSH

  339. …what do you mean serious? lol

  340. You people avoid the country like the plague, what ever that means.

    Danni, i meant Michael was serious. And i dunno really lol

  341. ohh lol i was gonna say!

    omg dont talk about the bloody PLAGUE!!
    thats what that stupid english ovel is about..

  342. Michael Allan says

    yeah well those Posh guys probably played Freo three times to get into finals.

    lol I’m not serious at all. I’m only serious when talking about football. Unfortuneately the majority of the talk on this website is about footy so I may come across that way. lol.

    Just because I think “this” and :) is stupid doesn’t mean I’m serious.

  343. the plague is adisease that spreads rapidly through a population, killing anyone who contracts it.

  344. Steve Healy says

    Hello people!

    I’ve just spent 5 hours smothering my walls with dees pictures and kind of cleaning up my room in process

  345. nah i dont think ur serious, well u wernt at the launch mr-“FAB FIVEEE”

  346. Michael Allan says

    Don’t you mean Swine Flu Danni?

  347. No Mikey, its the plauge, its set in the year 1666.
    terrible book, author drained it big time.

  348. Michael Allan says

    Ok now I’m gonna be Mr. Laid back withm not a care in the world. I won’t be serious anymore.

  349. Michael Allan says

    No Danni, swine flu was in 2009. It started in Mexico.

  350. i recon you are laid back..untill u get into debating mode! lol

  351. ….never mind.
    you just have your rangga moment lol.

  352. Damian Watson says

    Do you mean the Black Plague Danni?

  353. Michael Allan says

    Haha thanks Danni even though I think that’s wrong too. Maybe cause it’s on the computer that’s how you interpret it.

    I made the adjudicator laugh in a debate this year. Cause they’re supposed to play a poker face so when they gave a titter and cupped their mouth to hide a smile I kknew I was doing well.

  354. yeah i think thats another name for it Damo.
    whatever its called, it ruining my holidays reading about it!

  355. Steve Healy says

    yeah the one with the misqutio’s?

  356. Gday Steve.

    I dunno if its the lack of the use of the word ‘lol’ or ‘rofl’, it might make you seem serious on here, i think it of Damo too lol.

  357. Michael Allan says

    No she means swine flu. It was contracted from Pigs.

    But not the Bay of Pigs. That was an invasion on Cuba by the U.S.A when the Cold war was reaching it’s peak.

  358. Damian Watson says

    Mosquitos? I though they were rats.

  359. Steve Healy says

    Come on, guys, this isn’t PlagueAlmanac

  360. omg we had a really hot
    Adjudicator once :)

    he was telling us the most stupid things but i didnt care, he was hot and gave me best speaker!
    “girls, your opponents arguments are like trees, you chop them down from the trunk.”

    im like “no not the trees!”

    the plauge was a deadly thing back in London in 1666, that is what my english text is about. its called Year of Wonders

  362. hi steve! :)

  363. Michael Allan says

    Haha, they always tell us the arguments are like houses. Knock em down at the foundations.

    All our adjudicators are nerds. Although we had a cute Indian girl ounce who was alright.

  364. Steve Healy says

    I hear there’s a new plague going around: The Liam Jurrah plague

  365. Steve Healy says

    What’s with this “hi Steve” thing.

    Josh if your there go on MSN if ya can

  366. Michael Allan says

    lol I know Danni I was just joking. I knew you meant the plauge of ’66. I was just joking cause I’m a kidder and laid back and not serious at all.


  367. riteeeee…
    well you know that song that little kids sing called ‘ring around the rosy’?
    thats actually about the plauge!!
    The ‘ring around the rosy’ referred to the marks that showed up on people’s bodies, and the ‘pocket full of posies’ means the nosegays people would hold up to their noses to block out the stench of the dead. As we all know, the next line is ‘Ashes, ashes, we all fall down’, meaning that so many died, it seemed as if everyone would ‘fall down dead’

    how creepyyyyyyy

  368. Michael Allan says

    Omg Danni everybody knows that.

  369. Steve Healy says

    Oh guys!

    Youtube video with me in it from yesterday:

  370. Really? well i didnt until we watched thsi documentry thingo!
    im never letting my kid sing that rhyme thingo! SCARY

  371. I just tried fixing my MSN with the help of a complete stranger, and it didnt work. So i cant be stuffed going on tonight sorry Steve.

    Status – bout to listen to my ipod

  372. Damian Watson says

    lol Only in Chadstone!

  373. …UMMM lol okayy
    umm whos the muffin in blue??

  374. Michael Allan says

    lol why is he a muffin?

  375. Steve Healy says

    James Rate, he’s a good bloke

  376. gee Mikey, we all know that!!

  377. good bloke and a muffin!

  378. Steve Healy says

    yea Damo, hah it was so funny when Tim spat it all out

  379. Damian Watson says

    What does the guy mean about your intresting laughing style lol?

  380. who’s the pretty blond in the red?

  381. Steve Healy says

    oh well he thinks I have an “intersting” laughing style

  382. Steve Healy says


  383. you have a friend with the same name as you?

  384. Michael Allan says

    well I’m off now, cya.

  385. Steve Healy says

    yep, a freind named Steve Healy

  386. Steve Healy says

    hah cya Mikel

  387. Caio Mikey.

    lol i know its you!
    who else would be THAT shy on video?

  388. Damian Watson says

    “Intresting?” come again?

  389. Steve Healy says

    of course it’s me, hahahaha. Am I shy on video?

  390. YEAH! lol
    if it was me id be all up infront of the camera fixing my hair, doing a few dance moves, anything to get the attention away from eveything else! LOL u jst sat there like a muffin

  391. Steve Healy says

    yeah but I was laughing my head off I guess

  392. thats u laughing ur head off?
    wow..if i was laughing my head off on camera id be:
    B- on the floor

  393. Lol Steve either has cerebal palsy or is laughing heaps at the start of it

    I like the song you guys used for the video, i only watched 2 minutes of it

  394. Steve Healy says


    I thought you were against lying on the floor?

  395. …well not in YOUR circumstances steve!
    i wouldnt LIE on the floor at a social, with very little lighting!

  396. Damian Watson says

    Cya guys I’m off now.

  397. Cya Damo.

    Its lightning at my house

  398. Steve Healy says

    ok, ok Danni

  399. ..what!!?
    why is it always such nice weather at ur house if its raining, i ENVY u

  400. steve, can i ask, what do u guys DO at Chadstone, since ite VERY CLEAR u dont shop

  401. You envy me? Come live in the country then

    Danni, me and my mates go to Shepparton for hours and hours, and we dont shop

  402. ..well what do you do?
    wait a sec…its clear now!
    ur those weird guys who hand out the front or near the cinemas to checkout and pickup girls!

  403. Nope, we do go to the cinemas to watch movies though, although i did meet a girl at the cinemas with my mates once haha. Then we usually go and play the arcade games and stuff, play a game of pool, then go to hungry jacks and sit in there for a couple of hours getting free refills after free refills

  404. hmmm…cos i see heaps of guys ur age that just hang out the front or back, but never go in..and im like..whats the point? just stay home! but most if not all just hang out there to pickup girls.

  405. Steve Healy says

    Hah, Josh, that’s exactly what me and my freinds do at Chadstone, although we went bowling this time.

    We either go bowling or see a movie and then go to hungry jacks or McDoanlds and then play games at intencity

  406. Steve Healy says

    By the way computer just crashed then sorry

  407. Hmmm i remember going off at a girl who was giving out the tickets at the cinemas coz she wouldnt let me in to see Step Brothers coz i had no proof that i was 15 and i was like “look at me, im bloody 15!” but she wouldnt let me in, so i had to watch Ice Age 3 instead

  408. ..weird i thought u guys would be much more interested in girls.
    looks like video games are still dominating ur brains!

  409. hahahahahha JOSH!!
    LMAOO Ice Age 3!!
    ohhh lmaoo!!
    killing me joshyy!

  410. Oh and we go bowling too, lol we do the exact same thing Steve, except the place where we play games is called timeout. And sometimes i drop into Hayleys work to see her and she always tries to give me money lol

  411. Steve Healy says

    yea we are Danni, we just don’t go picking them up otuside the cinema

  412. yes…im very worried about this!
    if not the cinema then where exactly?

  413. Steve Healy says

    hahaha Step Brothers is a great movie.

    Yea we do Josh, at the games place I usually play air hockey and the basketball game but I cheat by putting my arm into the machine to get the balls out

  414. What?

    Do you guys remember the day this year where they had free admission for public transport? I went to Shepp with friends that day on the bus, and i remember waiting for the bus to go home, it was 90 minutes late and it was 45 degrees that day and a person behind me passed out from heatstroke while we were waiting for that damn bus

  415. Yeah..i don’t do public transport. lol
    I need to go shopping!! Argghhhh!!

  416. Haha i love air hockey, but i suck at it. I usually play the nascar games and sometimes the “stop at 1000” game

  417. Steve Healy says

    Are you suggesting that I should always be somewhere trying to pick up chicks?

  418. Im going shopping tomorrow, i have $100 to spend

  419. lmaoo sure if you want to!
    lol nah, its just what most dudes your age do. hang aroung the cinemas, or outside.
    lol Steve, i cnt imagine you trying to pickup a girl, your too shy.

  420. Steve Healy says

    Gee, that’s harsh, 90 minutes!

    In Melbourne, you never have to wait more than half an hour for a train/bus/tram. Well rarel, anway

  421. damn u Josh!!
    i wanna go!! :(
    i need to but more clothes and i had my eye on a dress.

  422. Steve Healy says

    I’ve tried a couple of times before.

  423. Nah Steve will be to some chick: “Soo, how YOU doin??”

  424. Steve Healy says

    That isn’t the almanac money is it Josh?

  425. nawwww steve! and how did it go for you?

    very funny Josh! thats more what Mikey would say

  426. Steve Healy says

    yep, that sounds exactly like me

  427. Steve Healy says

    Well, at the social was an example, I talked to more girls than I thought I would

  428. …yeah good, but what did you say?

  429. Steve Healy says

    how you going? and stuff like that lol.

    I was actually disappointed cos no girls really came up to me

  430. Yes it is Steve

    Lol i remember that night, me texting you to see if you had gotten lucky lol

  431. lol well no wonder1 You should have asked them to dance!! DUHH

    well most girls like the guys to make the first move so dont take it personally.

  432. Steve Healy says

    yea hahahaha.

    I wish I could find my camera, when I do I’ll send pictures of my room to the fab 5, it looks brilliant.

  433. Steve Healy says

    Yea, but it happened to quite a few guys, girls walked up to them and started talking to them. It was too loud anyway, no one could hear what anyone was saying

  434. hmmm, well it depends on the girl, chances are the girl that did fancy you was too shy to come to you.
    ive only done that myself once and it was to save me from hacing to dance with a complete nerd. lol

  435. i just walked to the nearest group of guys they were a group of about 10. they all stood there listening when i asked the cute guy to dance.
    he was stoked! hes like “yeah sure!”

  436. I was thinking of taking some pictures of my room too, coz i wanna show you guys my door, which is full of old footy cards, plus a few posters. I have the Fremantle 1998 team photo above my pillow on the wall might i add lol

  437. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I don’t think there were any though, I didn’t really see any smiling at me and whispering to other people while looking at me.

    It was annoying though, when I saw an opportunity to go up to one of them all of a sudden they were talking to their friends or walking away

  438. Steve Healy says

    Hah, I just smothered my whole wall with Dees’ pictures, cos I was clearing out my room so I cut out some things from the newspapers. I also found some old footy books and magazines which I cut pictures out of as well. You’ve gotta see it, there’s barely any space on the whole wall.

  439. lol better luck next time then.
    well guys i bid u adieu,
    stupid novel is waiting for me, torture!! start swearing….. NOW

    Madame Deficit.

  440. Hope this dont sound gay, but if i had the choice of hanging out with a girl or hanging with my mates, i’d hang with my mates

  441. Steve Healy says

    have fun doing homework in the holidays, hahaha.

    Josh, have you finished reading the Almanac?

  442. Danni, its only 11:45? Dont you stay up until 3?

  443. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I’m kind of the same Josh, although I’ve rarely ever had to make that choice so hanging out with a girl for me might be better especially if I know them well

  444. Yeah i finished it last Friday

  445. Steve Healy says

    Yea, Josh, I think she’s planning to read for 3 1/4 hours

  446. Although some of my mates i go to Shepp with are girls so yeah

  447. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but you go to a co-ed school, so it’s different.

    Are you on FB? I’m about to go on

  448. Hello everybody.

    I went to Shepp today with my best mates – Mum and Dad. I got offered a job today to call GVFL games next season, but i don’t know yet because i may need to give up my commitments to playing for Waaia.

    Status – pissed off

  449. Steve Healy says

    What’s the GVFL? I’d take the opportunity, Josh.

  450. Steve Healy says

    By the way, I took the photos before and now I’m uploading them, I’ll be emailing them soon

  451. Damian Watson says

    Well Done Josh,

    How often are you going to be calling games?

  452. But i really want to play footy, the GVFL (Goulburn Valley Footy League) involves Echuca, Benalla, Euroa, Kyabram, Mansfield, Mooroopna, Rochester, Seymour, Shepparton, Shepparton United, Tatura and the Shepparton Swans.

    I don’t know yet, the bloke called Hayley today wondering if i was interested so she didnt get much details, but i’ll talk to him over the next few weeks and figure out what to do.

  453. Haha i had the choice to buy a book today so i went to the AFL section and asked if i could get the Collingwood book for $33 but i couldnt coz Mum wouldnt let me, so i wanted to get the Wayne Carey book but that was a bad idea, then i asked for the Tiger Woods Golf book hahaha. I never got a book in the end, i bought a new xbox 360 game and i cant play it coz the 360 wont work on my TV and its pissing me off!

  454. Damian Watson says

    I’ve got that In The Blood book on the history of South Melbourne/Sydney.

    Apparantly that Wayne Carey book is cheap, probably not selling very well.

    The Footy Almanac was $30 in the store today.

  455. Steve Healy says

    Check your emails, guys.

    I saw the footyalmanac at Borders two days ago, It’s so awesome seeing me in a bookstore. I felt like saying to everywhere “Look it’s me”!!!!!!

  456. Lol my Mum did that today, she opened up the Almanac in a book store and goes ITS MY SON! Lol, it was $32 in one store and $28 in another, and the Carey book was $20.

  457. Damian Watson says

    lol We should have asked for an authors discount!

    Well Steve it isn’t quite a shrine but it’s not far off.

    Was that Juddy in photo 4?

    What is the oldest footy card you have?

  458. Steve Healy says

    Some from 92/93, I think there’s some from 1990 in my house but I can’t find them.

    Yep it’s Juddy, with Jetta chasing from behind

  459. Hey, guys.
    ahhh 92 that was a good year.

    Josh i think its a great oppertunity for you, but if it stands infront of your footy, which i know you love, then you i suggest you sleep on it before making a quick decision.

  460. Damian Watson says

    lol I love those scoresheets, that’s great!

    You’ve even drawn the team sponsors and the network covering the game! in colour!

    Forget about the AGE’s review yours is more appealing, I’d be willing to pay for those.

    How long have you been doing this for?

  461. Wait till you see mine! Lol nah mines nothing compared to his.

    Yes it does stand in front of my footy, but im never gonna be a star player but i have a chance to be a star commentator. Hmmmm

  462. Steve Healy says

    I’ve been doing them since about prep, but I’ve only kept them in folders and made them more technical since 2007. I’ve got around 150 or so in my folder.

    Danni, did you get my emails?

  463. Damian Watson says

    Josh it’s your choice, but every great commentator starts somewhere and that league is a great place to start even if you call secondary games.

    Once again I’m not the wise one here.

  464. yeah Steve just saw them now.
    still i have to admit its nothing compared to what my room used to look like, literally a Jonas Brothers shrine.

    true Josh, in saying that i guess you have answered the question yourself.

  465. But Damo, haven’t you commentated games before? If so, how do you do it? I mean, im not the most outgoing person in the world, calling a game of footy would take every ounce of courage in me, although im sure after the first couple of games i’d be right. And i dont know the names of any of the players, i wish i could call the PDFL league (the league Waaia is in)

  466. Steve Healy says

    Well, I’d take the opportunity Josh, if you don’t think you’d make a good commentator someone else must.

  467. But i love playing for Waaia, i’ve been doing it since 2004. But i do know that this day has been coming, i would have to give up playing footy one day, but i still have Tennis to play in the summer i guess. Oh and some good news, my tennis team is on top of the ladder and on saturday we play the team that is on the bottom. Big chance for us to make the Grand Final next year.

  468. speaking of oppertunity, looks like ive missied mine.
    Alisa Camplin totally stole my job.

  469. Who’s that?

    Oh Danni, i dunno if i should tell you this, but today me and Mum went to a massive new lolly shop in Shepparton, and we bought a whole shopping bag-full of chocolates and lollies and it cost us about $15, god things were cheap. And they had drinks from America like Tab and Dr Pepper, which both taste disgusting. I also bought curtains for my room today, and went to buy a nice pair of jeans but they costed $169!

  470. Damian Watson says

    Only a couple of the games, but there are two key things when calling a footy match.

    Firstly you make sure the voice is right and try not to wane off if it is a lopsided contest.

    Secondly always do the research, it doesn’t matter if it is a senior footy match or a Year Nine school footy match try to recite the players numbers and know them off by heart, I’m sure you’re provided with team lists. Also have background information like last time they met a players stats from the previous game.

    If it’s a radio call mention the scores and where the footy is located at almost every stoppage and score.
    It doesn’t really matter how social you are, it’s different when your behind the mike.

    You’ll be fine Josh as long as you know your stuff it’s a piece of cake.

    But hey, I’m not the expert.

  471. Ohhh gosh, yumm I love chocolate.
    thats pretty good. they were prob designer

  472. But you do have experience Damo, im good at commentating AFL games but yeah thats AFL, this is country footy with teams i’ve never seen playing before. But its only country footy, mistakes will be plenty even with the experienced.

  473. I dunno they looked nice and had rips and tears in them

  474. wow look at my Damo go :)

  475. nice, you shoulda bought them.
    didnt u check the tag attached to the jeans so see the brand?

  476. oh here you go-
    Winter Olympic gold medal winner Alisa Camplin has made one of the biggest jumps of her career, becoming the newest member of Collingwood’s board.

  477. I should have bought them??? They were $169 Danni. I checked the tag for the price but when i saw it i walked straight out.

    Oh i think i saw that in the Herald Sun today, i didnt really take much notice of it though.

  478. Steve Healy says

    why would you pay $169 for jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What were you thinking!!!!!!

  479. so if they were $169?
    if they looked hot and good on me i would have bought them.
    simple as that.

  480. Damian Watson says

    Of course there will be mistakes, it’s natural when you start out.

    Maybe it will be a good idea to go and watch a couple of the games in the first few rounds (unless distance is a problem) and maybe take notes and get a feel for the atmosphere. I’m sure they will have results and history on the internet for teams like Echuca and Rochester.

    Calling a game is impromptu, you just call it as you see it, it’s as simple as that.

  481. Steve Healy says

    Damo, how did you get into commentating with your school in the first place?

    The only commentating experience I have is turning the sound off on the TV and commentating as I watch the game, maybe I should practise more

  482. Yeah i do that too Steve, and i commentate games off the PS2.

    Echuca is about 90 minutes away from me, so that’s where my problem of getting there is. Although if i do choose to play footy, i could just miss out on the last quarter, but then i’d never get to sing our song if we win. Bah, we won’t win anyway.

  483. I only had $100 Danni, and i’d already spent $55. I need to go back to Shepp and get a pair of shoes that i saw today for $20.

  484. Steve Healy says

    I have never bought anything worth that much money!

    I’ve never even had $169 in my life.

    How would your parents let you get $169 jeans?

    Jeez, sorry if I sound mean, I just find it amazing in comparisin to me

  485. She’s a girl Steve, theres your answer.

  486. oh okay.
    mum normally swipes out the credit cards when something expensive takes my fancy.
    i really want to buy a pair of washed up whitish tight ripped jeans, only problem is that if i put on afew kilos they wont look good!

  487. Steve Healy says

    What’s your exuse then, Josh?

    Do all your footy games you play start at the same time?

    When I played, we’d play at 10 one week, 2:30 the next

  488. lol its okay
    nahh look my parents dont mind.
    i mean im spending it on clothes.
    Dad always tells me not to worry about price, aslong as i look good in it and its made out of good material that all that matters.

  489. Steve Healy says

    Hang on, are you saying that when you like something your parents get it for you?

    You remind me of that girl off Charlie and the Chocolate factory

  490. well yeah, id admit im very spoilt but im the only girl.
    Mummy’s princess, Daddy’s favourite.
    ofcourse they buy me anything i want.

  491. Damian Watson says

    I guy that I know is in the Audio Visual Club , you know the nerdy clubs in the movies.
    Anyway he recommended me to do interviews and some of the sport carnivals and other stuff throughout the school.

    That all went well (apart from the Drama play while i was interviewing the principal)and they asked me to call a couple of the school matches and I called into a tape recorder with my scoresheet.

    This is nothing compared to what the “Radio Star” Josh does.

    lol I turn the TV to mute and call the games as well, my family thinks I’m sad.

  492. Damian Watson says

    I wonder how much money is going to be dedicated towards Danni this Christmas? lol.

  493. Steve Healy says

    You guys are miles ahead of me in radio experience, I’ve only ever sent text messages to radio stations and I’ve answered a question once.

  494. well Damo id say, proabably all the family savings lol.

  495. Steve Healy says

    Is your Dad a multi millionare or something? sorry but that is the worst advice I’ve ever heard!

  496. ive never done any radio work full stop.
    although i did have to introduce each act, do more talking and interview other drama students for my year 9 drama night, then add the fact that i had to perform that night aswell!

  497. Steve Healy says

    and yea you’ve got a point Danni, it all seems amazing to me cause i’m one of 8 kids and we’re already poor anyway

  498. Oh i remember after the Melbourne v Brisbane clash in 2008, i sent a text to Triple M asking who was better in their opinion, Wonaeamirri or Leon Davis (coz BT LOVES Neon Leon).

    Its just gonna be hard coz i barely raise my voice when on radio with Crackers, let alone excitedly shout pieces of play.

  499. Steve Healy says

    I’ll admit: I’ve never done anything for my school, apart from turning up

  500. Damian Watson says

    Steve, I’ve never called on radio.

    I’m not a big fan of America but in the US most high schools have it’s own radio station, I wish we did that over here.

  501. lol no, for the last time im not rich.
    i dont have any ponies (although dad said he would buy me one at one point)and no im not like that chick from WIlly Wonka.
    yes im spoilt and i do get everything i want, but thats just my parents making me happy.

  502. yes Steve that makes a massive difference.
    its just me and my brother and on mums side im the only grandaughter/neice.
    if i had another three siblings i deff wouldnt be able to get everything i wanted.

  503. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I know you’ve never called on radio, but I mean youve still called games for your school.

  504. lol in year 7 my drama teacher told me that i would make an excellent College Captain, too bad i never even applied.

  505. Damian Watson says

    Steve don’t you live in the leafy suburbs, the rich part of town?

  506. And Steve, my games of footy start at 10:30 each week.

    Wow, i was just thinking, this time last year i didnt know what an Almanac was, i didnt know who Crackers Keenan was, i didnt know who John Harms, Paul Daffey or Andrew Gigacz was, i didnt know who the Fab 5 members were, now a year on i know all that stuff lol

  507. Steve Healy says

    well, we live in kind of a rich area. But the house I live in used to be my Dad’s house when he was young so it’s kind of been passed down to us (and we don’t own it). You should see my next door neighbours house, it’s literally a castle.

  508. Damian Watson says

    Same with me Josh, although I knew who Daff was, I always listened to him on radio.

    I didn’t know where Waaia was either!

  509. I’ve seen Steve’s house, its full of trees lol

  510. Steve Healy says

    I knew who Crackers Keenan was a year ago

  511. oohhh i have always wanted to live in a castle.
    its just so historical.

  512. lol a year ago i thought i was going to be a solicitor!

  513. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I didn’t know Waaia even exsisted.

    Oh, and Damo, I think I vaguely remember listening to Daff on SEN but I didn’t really listen that much cos I didn’t know him so well

  514. Steve Healy says

    I wouldn’t be suprised if you already do live in castle, Danni!

    Josh, I told you, those trees got cut down about a year ago, that picture is out of date. Now people can just walk on to our front lawn and steal stuff easily, actually that happened my brothers bike got stolen

  515. Steve Healy says

    A year ago I was obsessed with footy, but getting the almanac for the christmas really got me into footy writing for something else other than the usual stats that I make up

  516. And last year i didnt know Paul Hasleby’s correct spelling of his last name.

    How could you not know Waaia exsisted!?

  517. Damian Watson says

    This time 10 years ago everyone was worried about Y2K!

    Now it’s the swine flu,terrorism and the Soccer World Cup.

  518. Steve Healy says

    I just hadn’t heard of it, Im sure heaps of people havent heard of it

    Thats funny, I didn’t know Joel Bowden’s correct spelling, I thought it was Bowedon

  519. not exactly steve, I wish!
    I was so annoyed this morning, I sleep really badly, obviously but cos my room is at the back of the house into the backyard the stupid lawnmower guy woke me up at like god knows what time.
    I had a headache for the rest of the day.

  520. Steve Healy says

    Do you live in a 2-story house?

  521. nope.

  522. Steve Healy says

    Jeez don’t get me started on the soccer world cup, no way should a footy season be interrupted, under any circumstances

  523. Steve Healy says

    3-story? lol

  524. Damian Watson says

    I do, but by gee it took ages to build it!

  525. Steve Healy says

    Damo, what suburb do you live in? I know you live somewhere around Glen Waverley but where?

  526. Im glad i cant remember much of 1999, coz i would be so scared about the Y2K fiasco.

    My house is 60-odd years old. After saying yesterday on the Almanac that i dont like to sleep past 10AM, my Mum woke me up at 10:30 today lol

  527. Damian Watson says

    Wantirna South- about 5 minutes from Waverley Park!

  528. very funny, no its just a normal brick house! our kitchen is newly renovated, we have down lights, aircon and ducted heating, i have my own room and a big backyard, thats about it.
    mostly its about location, we are right next to the freeway which mean close to teh city, hospitals, mcg that means if we were to sell we make a massive profit, i mean MASSIVE

  529. lol josh my mum was telling me off for getting up at 12:00!

  530. Damian Watson says

    I woke up at 8.

    Midday? You might as well give up a day of your life.

  531. Steve Healy says

    Gee, it’d be good if you were a Hawks supporter then

    I always see Waverley park on the freeway.

  532. 8:00 Damo? serious?
    nahh i CANT do that!
    the only day when i get up early is Sunday cos i have to look nice for church and that takes time! lol

  533. Steve Healy says

    I got up at 10, thats early for me as well. I do like getting up early though, but a lot of the time I don’t

  534. Damian Watson says

    Yeah, I don’t understand why they took it away.

    My suburb was and probably still is the population centre of Melbourne. They turned the old carpark into a housing estate.

    At least the Dees are using Casey Fields at the moment.

  535. lol well, i dont know hopefully i cna find a husband that sleeps in as much as i do! lol cos i wont be getting up to burn his toast before 12:30

  536. Im getting up at 7 tomorrow coz i figured out how i can get my footy down from the roof

  537. Damian Watson says

    I honestly could not sleep until midday! It’s impossible for me.

    I know this is a stupid quetion but how do you do it?

  538. SEVEN?
    ARE U INSANE????
    the only reason to get out of bed at the moment is Shopping or Coffee at Yiannis in Coburg.

  539. hahah Damo, very easily.
    i dont know really, just dont open my eyes and stay in bed.

  540. Damian Watson says

    Do you live near the old Coburg Tigers oval Danni?

  541. umm i dont know where that is, obviously in Coburg but i dont know where the oval is.

  542. Damian Watson says

    Does Harding Street ring any bells?

  543. I find it very hard to go to sleep early too, it needs to be past 9:30 before i think of going to bed.

    Danni, who was that singer that you look like? I want to have another look, seeing as i know what you look like now lol

  544. Steve Healy says

    I usually stay up late, so that is why I wake up late.

    I’ve never actually been to Casey Fields

  545. Damian Watson says

    I’ve only driven past it, it’s all the way out at Cranbourne.

  546. Steve Healy says

    I always stay up till at least midnight

  547. ..YES!! i know yeahh thats right near where i go to have coffee type in Yiannis Coburg into google and have a look ta the map, Hrading st is right next to it LOL.

    Natalie Gauci

  548. Im gonna try and all-nighter on New Years Eve coz i’ll be going to a party.

  549. Damian Watson says

    Yeah usually 11-Midnight, with a bit of reading.

  550. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it takes me 45 mins to get there so its too hard to get two.

  551. Damian Watson says

    Natalie Gauci used to go to my school.

  552. Steve Healy says

    Even on school nights, I read till past midnight

  553. lol i was up till i have no idea what time reading Eclipse..
    dad came in and turned off the light!
    i was in the middle of a chapter

  554. Steve Healy says

    Oh really, for some reason I thought you went to an all boys school Damo

  555. well i dunno i get told i look like her.

  556. Steve Healy says

    mmm I love coffee, I always just drink coffee at home though

  557. Damian Watson says

    Cya guys I’m off.

  558. me too steve!
    and i take it strong too!
    god i love myself a latte!!
    im a regular at Yiannis lol.
    Josh you would have gone past if for sure whne you were in the area, since u went past my school.

  559. so josh, do i look like her?

  560. Steve Healy says

    Josh, next time you go to Melbourne, you’ve got to make a detour into the eastern suburbs. They’re not the real deal

  561. Im getting droppy eyed at the moment.

    Steve, go back on FB?

  562. Steve Healy says

    I don’t think you look like her, Danni

  563. well i dont see why everyone says i do.
    although you guys havent seen me with my natural curly hair! lol

  564. I wasnt looking out for any coffee shops Danni.

    Steve, its hard enough sticking to our schedule set by our GPS, so if we take a ‘detour’, we’ll get lost for sure.

    Danni, you sorta look like her

  565. lmaoo josh..omg i have the same dress..well mines silky and shorter but shes wearing almost the same one i wore at the launch!!

  566. Steve Healy says

    Actually Danni, in some of her pics she looks pretty similiar.

  567. lol im famous!
    not really…lol
    but still i look good standing next to Matt Corby!

  568. Steve Healy says

    She looks heaps like you in the photo where she’s hugging Matt Corby (the 7th one down on google images), but the others she doesn’t look that much like you

  569. lol well i know how id look with Matt Corby as a couple!

  570. I had the best roll from subway today

  571. lol i cant do Subway..its too healthy.

  572. Healthy? I had meatballs, salami and tasty cheese, thats not too healthy

  573. Steve Healy says

    I’ve only been to Subway once, and I was served by a dickhead of a staff member and I got in a fight with him, and the food was crap so i never wanna go back again

  574. its stille better than my 3-4 cheese burgers, medium fries, large ice-coke and chocolate sunday, followed buy a Jam Doughnut from Doughnut King.

  575. nawww poor steve.
    my Subway at Highpoint used to have a really hot dude that looks like Ashton Cutsher. when ever i saw him there i would order Subway!

  576. jeezus christ Danni! Your exaggerating right?

  577. …no
    lol great now i feel embarrassed!

  578. Steve Healy says

    I went to McDonalds two days ago, I got a large big mac meal, a bacon and bbq sauce cheeseburger and a soft serve cone

  579. yeah, steve?
    well i bet u wernt served by a muffin with big blue eyes called Paul. lol

  580. Steve Healy says

    thats not that much

  581. well i always feel really sick by the end! lol

  582. Steve Healy says

    gotta go guys, I’m being tortured into playing scrabble with my brother

  583. i keep reading comment 248 and laughing my head off!!

  584. NAWWWW what a muffin!
    have fun steve!

  585. Haha cya mate.

    Status – lisening to Cobra Starship

  586. well i better head off too.
    story time for Pendelbury Bear!

    Madame Deficit

  587. Steve Healy says

    back, the game didn’t go down well, it’s half time.

  588. Dayummm, just had the best storm ever out at Waaia. I took some pictures but they arent that good

  589. ..storm? omggg how beatiful!!
    its raining down my way, loving it.

  590. It was raining so hard i couldnt see past my front gate, and rain was coming in the door so its all wet inside at the door as well.

  591. aww! dont you love it ? :)
    i wish it would snow for christmas!
    lucky Americans!
    oh i totally got rejected by the Lexus Center! so offended.

  592. Damian Watson says

    Don’t get too excited, this time next week it will be 35 degrees.

    I’m scared, I just got told I will be in Advanced English.

  593. omg DAMO! congrats that AWESOME!!
    I wish we had advanced English at my school!
    all we have is advanced maths…EWWWW!! lol

  594. Danni, i need desperate advice. What do i want for christmas?? I wanted to get an ipod touch and my parents were going to get me one but i found my old ipod the other day so i figured there is no point getting a touch now, but i actually want one, but i dont want them spending 300 worthless dollars. My other option is getting a couple of xbox 360 games (around $60 each) and heaps and heaps of clothes and shoes. What should i do? I need to decide rather soon.

  595. well Joshy i think its not worth getting the touch..i mean the only diff is the screen and some other stuff, nothing too drastic.
    id go for the xbox 360 games and the clothes and shoes..OMGG SHOES!! I LOVEEEE SHOES!! lol
    but yeah, you know what i mean.

  596. Im in advanced english AND maths :( you can guess which one i actually belong in. I also have P.E, training and fitness which is full of beep tests and teachers telling us what to eat and what not to eat, so not looking forward to it.

  597. I wanna get those DC shoes that go up to the shin, they’re cool.

  598. gee Josh!
    i couldnt do maths to save nathan Browns life.
    arghghhh PE!
    its funny cos everything they say NOT to eat, is the only stuff i do eat.

  599. Damian Watson says

    I’ll probably get a new bike.

    How many people are at your school Josh?

  600. its funny, i dont actually want anything specific. i feel like if i just go clothes/shoe shopping with my christmas money ill come back very happy. lol
    although, i reallly REALLY Want Nathan Brown for Christmas, PLEASE SANTA!!

  601. Im thinking of getting a couple of 360 games for actual christmas, then going shopping for clothes when all the prices have gone down on Boxing day-onwards.

    Damo, we have 37 students at my school. Haha nah, around 200 or so.

  602. Oh i saw those pics Danni, i just forwarded them to Michael and Damo. I remember seeing that pic of Nathan Brown and Mitch Brown in the herald sun lol, i gotta take some pics of the my room, its not that footy orientated tho

  603. LOL COOL.
    yeah ive got 3 of the Mitch and Nathan photo! :)

    nice job with my diary eyy?
    cant even see the school name or

  604. Damian Watson says

    Yeah i’m getting the pictures now. lol we have 200 in our year level alone.

    I was thinking of going to the Boxing Day test but I’ll be in Adelaide.

    You should see the prices for Christmas stuff on Boxing Day, very cheap!

  605. And i COULD get a new phone actually, but who would want to get a phone when you have to wait 2 days for Telstra to open so you can activate it?

  606. yeah we have about 200 each year level too!

    cant wait to go shopping when the sales are on.

  607. Jeez, i’d hate to have 200 kids in my year level, we have about 40. And we have around 50 teachers.

    I found my school diary stashed underneath all my other crap in my locker the other day, i chucked it in the bin. They are compulsory to take to class, but i havent taken a diary or a pencilcase to class since year 7.

  608. omg i cant live without my school diary!!
    i really CANT!
    i feel lost without it.
    how bad do my teddys look like their namesakes??

  609. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I never use my diary.

    Was your birthday on the night of the Monday night match against St Kilda, how long before you took it off?

  610. I cant believe you name bears after Collingwood players

  611. yeah Damo it was on that night.
    i wore the tiara all the way through the match, although i was so pissed off i was about to throw it at the nearest Collingwood player who came close enough.
    but i didnt want to satisfy the st.kilda cheersquad! argggggggggggg!!!

    lol why Josh?

  612. ohh..i finally took it off once we got into the car.

  613. I just sent an email to all you guys with pictures of my room.

  614. Damian Watson says

    Pokemon?! WTH!

    I like those old footy cards,lol no Carlton players.

  615. Oh that room used to belong to my brother so thats his poster, just havent taken it down yet. But i used to like pokemon anyway

  616. Damian Watson says

    Sorry if I was too harsh but Pokemon isn’t my cup of tea.

    I barely have any posters in my room aside from the fixture, I keep all my old records and cards in the closet.

  617. I have the fixture on my wall too but didnt get it in my pictures

  618. okayy im gonna hava look at em now.

  619. wow..geez!
    love the footy cards, i kinda pictured it to look like it does lol.
    first footy card to catch my eye
    DUCKIE!! lol

  620. Swan? lol

  621. … not Swan!

  622. SWANNNYYY??

    Lol i loved the pic of me with my wig and aviators on, its my laptop background pic now :)

    Duckie is bryce Gibbs!! lol

    hahaha yeah..i was like..okay typicall Joshy lol.

  624. status- ipod: Justin Timberlake

  625. How do you get Bryce Gibbs out of duckieeeeeeeeee?

  626. Ohh he’s gay

  627. lol its quite simple!
    ive been calling him Duckie for like 2 years now lol.
    do u remember the story i told u guys when i waved at him in the goalsqaure and he looks at me really weird cos i was in a Collingwood jumper?

  628. NO HES NOT!
    Timberlake brings sexy all the way bak!!

  629. Nope, i dont remember.

    Oh god i hate that song, the only good song he sings is My Love

  630. oomg! i love that song,
    ‘i can see us in the COUNTRYSIDE..”
    lol ahh thats why u love that song.

  631. Lol yeah totally

    Where’s Steve at? This is an Almanac first, him not being online today.

  632. lol probably at a shopping center trying to chatup some girls or…filmimg another milk drinking race.


  634. By the way, great pictures Danni and Josh, but you copied my idea of taking pictures of your room haha only joking good on you guys

  635. Oh hey Steve

    Just been looking at youtube videos, haha look at this one:

  636. uhh, I might later I shouldn’t be on youtube now cos my Dad’s worried about our internet limit.

  637. Oh ok. Well im off now

  638. k cya josh. By the way everyone I woke up at 1:10 today and I though, this is the time the Sunday early matches start!

  639. I woke up at 7, like i’d planned to, and will probably do the same tomorrow.


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