AFL Round 11: Hawks home on a gloomy Sunday afternoon

Hawthorn V Sydney by Steve Healy It was a lazy Sunday Afternoon on the long weekend. I sat down and watched the Sunday Footy Show. Dean Bailey was on and he was being asked the usual questions and giving the usual answers. At one o’clock I took the laptop into my room and listened to [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Dees’ yelp then fade away at Carrara

By Steve Healy Saturdays have always been good for footy. For me, they begin at my desk in my room when I listen to the coverage of the Saturday Afternoon match on Triple M (apart from the rare occasion when the Demons play in this time slot). This Saturday was a little bit different because [Read more]

AFL Round 9: Hawks do enough

by Steve Healy This game was never going to be a blockbuster. But how can a game be a blockbuster when it is played in a Sunday twilight timeslot? I hopped on the train at an unfamiliar time in the afternoon for the second time in five weeks. Luckily, it wasn’t a Demons home game [Read more]

AFL Round 8: Melbourne v Bulldogs: Dees go close again

By Steve Healy It was clear from the start that the Dees would put up a fight against the Dogs, but a fight isn’t enough when you come out to win games in front of your home crowd. Matthew Bate kicked the opener for the Demons, which came as a surprise due to his recent [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Dees just the same at the Bentleigh Club

by Steve Healy There is always something to look forward to in footy. Whether it’s analysing the eight games in the coming round, or deciding what games you score or the release of the teams on Thursday at five. There is always something to look forward to. On this particular day, however, I was looking [Read more]

Oh yeah, and Ablett did his groin

By Steve Healy Nine seconds had lapsed in this game between the Dees and the Cats and it was already apparent that Geelong had the game on a string. I watched in disgust as Gary Ablett, the Brownlow favourite, stormed through the middle without a Demon in sight. He sprinted up to the fifty and [Read more]

It’s a wonderful feeling to share a win with Demons fans

By Steve Healy This was the most important game of the round. Both teams had opened with three losses and not looked like winning. The best thing about the lead-up to this game was that the media were talking about how bad Richmond were. Terry Wallace was under extreme pressure after being talked down by [Read more]

Dees have a long way to go

When it’s Easter Sunday, your beloved Demons are playing interstate and you don’t have Foxtel, what do you do? Before I had answered that question, I reflected onto the game against Port Adelaide. Most people on Demonland didn’t think highly of our chances. After two unhealthy defeats, it was all up to whether we would [Read more]

Dees don’t deliver despite dominating early by Steve Healy

Before the game I checked up. Collingwood and Melbourne had played 221 times, 129 of those of those at the MCG. The Pies had taken the honours 138 times, the Dees 79, and there had been four draws. I wasn’t put off by this stat, I know that Melbourne play well against Collingwood. Collingwood are [Read more]

Lakeside premiership aint what it used to be by Stephen Healy (Grade 9)

St. Kilda V Sydney Reflect back on the last two times these teams have played at Docklands. Round Seven, 2007, and Round One, 2008. St.Kilda have taken the chocolates both times, but somewhat more importantly, they have been unattractive, messy games that frustrate the crowd. Both teams seem to cancel each other out and the [Read more]

Collingwood v Adelaide

by Steve Healy It’s Saturday Afternoon and I’m in my bedroom, sitting on the chair at my desk, my own personal stronghold of football. Posters hang upon the walls and there are many discarded pieces of paper around the place with statistics that I have thought of and compared. The radio sits on the left [Read more]

Richmond v Carlton by Steve Healy (Grade 9)

Richmond V Carlton Every year, on this day it hits you. The season has started. I hopped off the bus in Ashburton and thought about the footy season. Another six months of happiness, frustration and pure joy awaited me. I rushed home with a spring in my step. I saw a Richmond supporter on the [Read more]

Bring on Round 1 by Steve Healy (Grade 9)

I don’t mind the Nab Cup. I like seeing young players and how they are progressing, and I like to see who plays and who doesn’t. This game between Collingwood and Geelong was a game to see where both sides were at. I would be watching the game from the comfort of my own home, [Read more]