Footy: Why I admire Jim Stynes as a leader

By Steve Healy

The person I admire as a leader is Jim Stynes. Coming from Dublin and having such an illustrious football career on and off the field was truly inspirational. He played 264 games, 244 of those consecutive (an VFL/AFL record).  He kicked 130 goals, won the club’s best and fairest four times, and won the ultimate football prize, the Brownlow medal, in 1991. Jim has captured the imaginations of people throughout Australia, Ireland and the rest of the world.

After his fantastic career, Jim teamed up to start a foundation to help disadvantaged and troubled kids called Reach, and in doing that he made many friends outside the football world.

In June 2008, Stynes took over Paul McNamee’s role as president of the oldest club in the game. It was an act that saw memberships sold left, right and centre. At the membership cut-off, the Demons had sold a record number of almost 30,000 memberships. That was broken last year as well when 31,508 members signed up, which just goes to show how much inspiration Jim gives to the club.

Tragedy struck mid-way through last year when Jim was diagnosed with cancer in the back. The condition got worse, but Jim’s commitment to the club wasn’t deviated even slightly. He took the cancer really well, which was shown in his press conference after he was diagnosed. Only a few weeks later, Jim was sitting in the outer at Casey Fields to see his Dees train. Despite losing his hair, Jim didn’t lose his spirit.

I was lucky enough to see Jim quite regularly at the MCG last year, as well as saying hello a couple of times. He created a great bond between himself and the supporters last year; he frequently sat in the cheer squad and introduced himself to the loyal fans. In Round 4 against Richmond (our first win for the year), Brad Miller kicked a goal into the city end stands, straight into the outstretched hands of big Jimmy himself.

During the off season Jim visited Yuendumu (NT) with Liam Jurrah. Jurrah had created a massive storm in the football media during the season, kicking miraculous goals and taking high flying marks, sometimes in one hand. In pictures I’ve seen, Yuendumu was ablaze in red and blue in Jurrah’s home town, as it should be.

And that is why Jim Stynes is the leader I admire. The ex-Demon ruckman has been through so much throughout his life, and there have been bumps along the way (such as when he ran over the mark in the 1987 preliminary final). Jim is truly an amazing person who is respected now by many, and by many more in years to come.

This was Steve’s answer to a question on his Melbourne Football Club work experience application form. He thought it could double up as an article.

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. You’ll get the spot easily with writing like this Steve, well done.

  2. Yeah Steve, this is great, I hope u get the spot.

    My cousin and her friend came over and my cousin kinda made me tell her friend about what I want to be and when I said sports jurno her mouth dropped open in shock b/c she said I don’t look like a sports writer, fashion maybe but not sports. She didn’t really believe me…I think its because of the way im dressed, pretty girly and makeup and all. Lol I swear she was shocked. And that steve is how I may look like I don’t belong in the afl store. lol

  3. You don’t look like a girl into footy though Danni.

  4. …really? i dont know why everyone says that :(
    and then i go and say all this footy stuff and they just look shocked and confused.

  5. i read something the other day that really angered me..
    about women in sports journalism.
    some dircetor or something said that fopr women to survive (or cut it) in the sports field they had to be effable….
    you can imagine how i felt when i read that…disgraceful

  6. Hey Danni did you get your number 9 stuck on your jumper or did you get it digitally screened into it?

  7. What’s effable mean? Or does it mean something rude?

  8. …yeah you know the ‘eff word’ and then ‘able’ on the end.

  9. Oh ok, well look at Caro Wilson, she definitely aint effable. Sam Lane on the otherhand..

  10. I don’t know josh all I remember is the guy telling me its an official AFL number, that it was done in 20mins and I could wash it without anything going wrong.

  11. Comment 9
    *blocks ears*

  12. Oh ok, well yeah mine looks like the numbers AFL players have on their backs

  13. I just figured out what effable meant.

    On the topic of Caroline Wilson not being “effable”…heres a fantastic piece of football fiction

  14. lol did u stare at it for like ages, then try it on and cran ur neck at the mirror to get a glimpse of it on ur back an dthen have it out hanging off you door handle for a week after u bought it just to look at it like me?

  15. Who else is there in the AFL journalism world…Sam Lane is all i can think of. Hahaha i’ll shut up now.

    Danni i was up close and personal with the whole Essendon team today, jealous? Andrew Welsh high-fived me!

  16. Nah, i got it and looked at it, put it on, looked at my reflection in the car mirror and then forgot about it until i got to Hayley’s lol. Oh by the way she isn’t in hospital, false alarm last night (she was though) and she’s having surgery in a couple of weeks or somethin..

  17. Anyone heard of Emma Quayle? She’s an age reporter who specialises in reporting on the draft, and she’s a she too.

  18. Oh and comment 5 is total BS, women deserve a spot in AFL journalism as much as the men. Danni you probably know more than Mike Sheahan and all of the Age writers. Although i noticed a bad mistake in Jon Ralph’s article yesterday

  19. ..Monfries??? <3
    hes a muffin.

    ohh well thats good news! :)

    nope never jeard of her

  20. I’d be surprised if Monfries had more than 5 touches tonight.

    omg i have to print out his picture ans stick in my locker for motivation!

  22. Hey Danni, comin to the footy in a couple of weeks?

  23. Hey Josh did u know i have 3 SACs that week?

  24. I don’t even know how many SACs i have that week. I’m pretty sure my oral’s that week.

  25. Hey Danni did you know the games on a sunday? Haha i’m only stirring

  26. She has 3 SAC’s in the week following the footy.

  27. The game is in the afternoon, she’ll be home by 7:30, that’s plenty of time to study, but once again i’m only stirring.

  28. exactly which means i will be locked in my room having a breakdown in a pile of notes.
    aka- STUYDING

  29. Kids in year 10 at my school are doing SACS.

  30. i saw my favourite teacher today and our convo went from him syaing its gonna be our year (collingwood) to me telling him i cried a river over my ras result, he got upset that i got upset but he said that i did everything i could do to help myself.
    i cant believe i dont have him this year…

  31. Oh by the way, it’s complete BS that Barack Obama will be attending a Collingwood match. Has he even had a say in who he wants to watch? He might want to see Richmond v Melbourne, but typically Collingwood go “Me, me, me” and now he’s being forced to watch a Maggies game.

  32. ..have u forgotten that WE HAVE AN AMERICAN PLAYER!!! yeah thats right people, maybe thats a good reason for the PRESIDENT OF AMERICA to watch a club who has taken in an AMERICAN as thier own.

  33. Oh that’s no good, but its not good to dwell on the past.

    Has anyone checked out Mathew Stokes’ moustache? Yeah, doesn’t suit him.

  34. Who says he will be playing? If i were Bobama, i’d attend a match if McNamara was actually playing.

  35. i never liked Stokes..

  36. they will prob plan to debut him in that match.

  37. yeah.. the past is depressing..if i ever meet the examiner who corrected mine….

  38. I had to write a lifestory to my English teacher, i hope she likes it. I mentioned the Almanac and stuff. Now i gotta do a book review on the Side by Side book.

  39. i better go a bit more study for not too long and then i want to sleep early..i need it, im so tired and sick of it all!

    goodnight guys

  40. Alright cya.

    God i’m in love with my school pen. It has a picture of a girl on it, and when i click it the girl’s clothes disappear! :O

  41. Josh have you ever watched the TV show Extras? Specifically Season 2 Episode 6, a pen just like that one appears.

    Also, my dad has a screwdriver that’s exactly the same.

  42. Although, for both the screwdriver and the pen on the TV show, instead of clicking it you turn it upside down.

  43. Never heard of Extra’s Adam. I got my pen in a Chocolate Lynx pack i got for christmas.

    I took some pics at the game tonight, i’ll upload and send them tomorrow

  44. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha Adam I love extras, i’ve watched every episode.

    Can you send me that pen Josh? lol

  45. Steve Healy says

    Stokes’ moustache looks brilliant, he looks straight from the 60’s, I wish he didnt do what he did cos he’s an exciting player.

    Danni, i dont think women do have to be f*ckable to make it in the journalism buisness. Caro, for example, but she’s a really good writer. I don’t think you’ll have a problem anyway Danni, you’re quite attractive and a very good writer.

  46. Stokesys moustache is gone :|

    I thought it looked weird

  47. His mo has nothing on mine.

    Chicken Parma now for tea, delicious. Oh by the way its pouring down, has been for most of the day. It’s actually cold.

  48. Nah it’s not cold Josh it’s nice.
    MMMM Chiken Parma ! DELICIOUS !

  49. Steve Healy says

    it looked great, but a bit weird on an indeginous person, sorry if that sounds racist.

    its been raining a bit here in Melb but its still pretty warm

  50. Did anyone hear what the word of the year was ? It was Shovel-ready apparently alot of politicians use it. Shovel-ready is just a different way to say ‘ready to go’

  51. Steve Healy says

    never heard that word used before lol

    you can smell the footy in the air, only eight days away.

    and the Age has had about four pages on footy news each of the last two days

  52. Yeah either have I Steve but it is now my favourite word lol

  53. Steve Healy says

    Great to hear that Fev is gonna play against the Dogs at Manuka

  54. Yeah just hope he plays really well this year

  55. Fev wants to be a cop when he retires too.

    Status – bit annoyed at Jeff since he made me get kept in after school :|

  56. Steve Healy says

    so do I Jeff, so do I

  57. Steve Healy says

    A policeman? He would be the worst policeman in the world!

    Melbourne jumper presentation tonight

  58. That’s what i thought too lol.

    Herald Sun must be having a slow day, have a look at their article from today on Melbourne lol. Front page material.

  59. Steve Healy says

    The Age had 4 whole pages on footy- brilliant.

    Can you send it to me Josh?

  60. The Sun had the back page dedicated to the footy and 6 pages on Stokes and other footy matters like all the scratch match results.

    Its on the Superfooty website, just go to it and scroll down and you’ll see an article with the Demons’ logo as the picture.

  61. Steve Healy says

    ah yeah, lol, thats funny

  62. Haha what’s also funny is that video on youtube of the worker looking opening photos of Miranda Kerr while on TV when his workmate was doing a broadcast on Ch 7 news lol

  63. Steve Healy says

    hahaha ill look that up now

  64. Steve Healy says

    hahaha he looks behind him at the camera thats hillarious

  65. Lol yeah, apparantly it was set-up but i’m not sure.

  66. Steve Healy says

    yeah I could imagine that guy doing that as a joke lol

    its also good that GWS are gonna play 3 or 4 games at Manuka

  67. Hahahaha thats brilliant.

    Long day at school today, year 12 is a LOT of work.

    I did my first ever slam dunk on an indoor full size ring today, followed by my 2nd about 30 seconds later :)

  68. Steve Healy says

    Awesome Adam. have you grown lately or did it just come out of nowhere?

    we played basketball in PE today, it was crap, when a team scored the other team went off

  69. Well done Adam, i had my first lesson of Recreational Pursuits (P.E) today, we finally get to play footy. I hate how we were never allowed to play football or “someone will get hurt”. Only problem is the class is the total opposite of a sausage fest. Me and two other guys and 15 or so other girls.

  70. Steve Healy says

    I hope ill be able to dunk one day

  71. Well, I dunked on one of the outside ones at my school, one of the ones that isn’t bent forwards. I’ve grown a bit lately and I think I mustve increased my vertical too.

    Only one more day til the weekend…I’m meant to have a double spare tomorrow, but in the 2nd period of the spare we have a bushfire memorial thingo…quite alot of ppl at my school got affected by the bushfires.

  72. How tall are you Steve?

  73. Oh, hope those people are okay Adam.

    I’m so loving how a news reporter said on ch 10 before “Fevola will play for the Lions NEXT WEEKEND at Manuka”

    Next weekend!!

  74. Steve Healy says

    im about 183cm but im not exactly sure, I know i’ve grown a lot lately

  75. ^73: Fyeah!

    Noone from the school died, but a number of people had their houses burn down and a few lost relatives I think…

  76. Steve Healy says


  77. Oh that’s no good anyway..

    Steve and Me were pretty much the same height at the launch, and i was measured at a doctors appointment a couple of weeks earlier. I was 182cm i think..but even since then i’ve grown apparantly. I’d say i’m around 183 now.

  78. I just checked the pencilmarks on my wall, and I was 184 when I turned 16.

    Richmond play Hawthorn in 9 days!

  79. Steve Healy says

    yeah we were pretty much the same height. I’d say i’ll be 190-195 since both my brothers are that tall but I dunno

  80. Damo was about 175 i’d say, Michael was our height, maybe a little taller and Danni was about 144cm.

  81. 144? Jesus christ that’s short. Surely that’s an exageration?

  82. I’m more looking forward to the West Coast v Essendon match than North v Geelong lol. By the way, i sat in the grandstand in the Essendon match yesterday and had a great view from the wing and my idea of a seating plan for our game is to sit level 2 on the wing, but i don’t mind where we sit.

  83. Of course lol but she is pretty short. Maybe 160 or something.

  84. Steve Healy says

    I thought michael was a little bit shorter, Damo looked more about 170 I reckon. I wonder if thats actually Danni’s height, shes so short

  85. Steve Healy says

    I’d say Danni is 155

  86. Not to mention she was wearing heels.

  87. Steve Healy says

    I just worked it out- If Danni is 155cm and Sam Mitchell is 179cm- danni mustve been wearing 24cm heels when she met him

  88. Steve Healy says

    exactly, she barely went up to me, you and michaels shoulders

  89. Steve Healy says

    24cm heels, I’d be Max Gawn’s height- but yeah ill just stick a ruler under my foot instead

  90. Last week, I gave my Mum a nasty test, to name as many Richmond players as she could. She couldn’t name a single one.
    Adam: Haven’t you even heard of Ben Cousins?
    Mum: …Oh, I forgot about him!

    Now she knows 3: Newman, Deledio and Cuz.

  91. Steve Healy says

    hah thats like my little sister, she says she likes footy cos I do and she can only name 3 players: chapman, nick riewoldt and aaron Davey

  92. Wow, that’s worse. No Ablett, Judd, Bartel, Fev, Brown, Selwood, Cousins, Buddy, Aker, Jack Watts…the list goes on and on! At least my mum can name quite a few players from other teams.

  93. Usually when i can’t sleep at night, i set myself a task to name 30 players from each club. Works well.

  94. status- on studybreak..sorta
    lol yeah i think im about 157 max.
    But hey, atleast i will NEVER have trouble finding a taller guy!

    oh, thanks for the compliment Steve :)
    comment 45.
    means a lot since your normally associating me as ‘collingwood scum’ or whatever..

  95. Don’t you like shorter guys Danni?

  96. ..well u would consider then as short guys cos ur tall.. i would like the guy to be a bit taller than me, not tower over me.

  97. an example is Medhurst and Hayley Moxon. thats what id be after.

  98. Right..

    I changed my SC jumper for you :|

  99. Saying them as I think of them:

    Adelaide: Goodwin, McLeod, Burton, Dangerfield, Knights, Porplyzia, Tippett, Edwards, Doughty, Rutten, Bock, Johncock, Sellar, Vince, Mackay, Van Berlo, Davis, Symes, Talia, Craig, Gunston, Walker, Otten, Maric, Griffin, Jacky, Thompson (WOW!), Hentschel, Douglas, Reilly.

    Some players, particularly Thompson, came embarrassingly late. The last 6-7 took some time.

  100. Well, imagine doing that for the 15 other clubs. Gets me very tired lol

  101. hey guys

  102. lol you didnt have to change it! i was just joking about a clash u know with the so called north collinwood clash.

    ok obviously tou wouldnt get it really.
    Medders is a bit taller than his GF and she can wear heels leving him still a bit taller, but it looks really cute. if u have a look Presti towers over his wife shes pretty short.

  103. hi Dom, tennis is over.. :(
    i miss Fed already

  104. Lol look at the physche out thing Danni, i replied mentioning the Roos-Collingwood clash issue. But i was probably gonna change it a few times before the season starts anyway.

    Hey Dom

  105. Damian Watson says

    I think I was just over the 170 mark at the launch, hopefully I’ve grown since then lol.

    How weird would it be if the Power and the Port Adelaide Magpies merge next week although there won’t be too many changes.

  106. Adam, is that you in your new Facebook picture? Or is that Federer? Lol

  107. Steve Healy says

    gee 155 was a good estimate by me then.

    just had dinner then.

    Hey Dom how have ya been mate?

  108. ohh okay lol.

    im really excited about our swimming carni this year! as year 12s we have to perform a dance infront of teh whole school at the pools and then we run around the pool one, screaming our heads off and then jump into the pool. lol

  109. You seem to know more about it than i do Damo, would anything change at all? New players maybe?

    Oh and Steve where did you hear about Jasper McMillian-Pittard changing his name?

  110. What? You can’t tell us apart?

  111. 109: Yes Josh, Steve actually mentioned it on this site yesterday I think. I said it would be funny and confusing if he played on Ricky Petterd.

  112. Steve Healy says

    yeah I reckon they should agree to that, it’d help them so much financially. Does that mean the port adelaide playing list will play for them in the SANFL or not?

  113. merger- when two organisations agree to become one with the intension to make more of a financial gain and become stronger.

    ohh god business management is takeover rmy brain!

  114. comment 106- OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  115. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh, get with the times, I made that announcement yesterday nah lol jk

  116. What? Is seriously you Adam?

    Comment 111^ I meant where did he read about Pittard changing his name, coz i haven’t seen any news on it.

  117. Comment 115, read my actual comment properly

  118. Steve Healy says

    Adam looks a bit like Federer, but not enough to get you excited Danni

  119. Steve Healy says

    sorry Josh I didnt see your comment I just followed Adam’s lead.

    I heard about it on the radio, have a look at Port’s list

  120. Damian Watson says

    Well although the Power are in a poor financial state themselves, this merger effectively decides the Magpies future so basically they need the merger to survive long term.

    The name Port Adelaide Power will stay the same though and the Magpies will continue on as the reserve side for the Power.

  121. …ohhh :(

  122. Steve Healy says

    yeah, but does that mean the Magpies playing list will have to change to allow Port Adelaide (power) players to play

  123. Damian Watson says

    What’s wrong Danni?

  124. Speaking of Power, its very stormy in Waaia. Heaps of thunder and lightning.

  125. lol nothing much..Josh got my hopes up and then steve said comment 118

  126. Damian Watson says

    Well the magpies were already basically the Power’s reserve team so from a playing list perspective not much will change.

  127. Steve Healy says

    I think Adam looks more like Bernard Tomic than Federer lol.

    By the way Danni, i’d never have thought federer to be attractive until you came along. He’s got a nice smile, but thats pretty much it I reckon

  128. Seriously he does! Adam email her the picture.

  129. Tomic? lmaoo some girls were talking about how they thought he was hot in re class today lol.

    the hair steve, THE BROWN, LIGHT, WINDSWEPT HAIR!!

  130. Steve Healy says

    ok hair but i dont think his eyes and nose are anything to get excited about

  131. F*CK!! That was the biggest clap of thunder i’ve ever heard. Ah im so scared now :|

  132. nah steve his eyes are really nice!
    the best brown eyes i have ever seen in my life and to top it off hes got long thick brown lashes! as for the nose well i like it cos i dont like my nose but if the world number one who has $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ keeps his then ill keep mine too.

  133. Steve Healy says

    awww poor Joshy hahaha

  134. hahahah josh..its okay..PENDLEBURYBEAR will protect u. :)

  135. How do I email Danni? I don’t have her address. It would be easier for her to get a Facebook.

  136. Well get that bear here right now!

  137. Steve Healy says

    Danni, your not suggesting your after Federer for his money, lol? You’re already rich enough.

    I’ve got blue eyes, there way better than brown

  138. Want me to email it to her?

  139. Yeah, OK Josh.

  140. Steve Healy says

    Yeah we better not put Danni’s email on cos shes a very conservative girl, not that thats a bad thing

  141. Steve Healy says

    on here*

  142. no im not after fed at all.
    hes MARRIEDi love the way he plays tennis hes my number one and i love his personality, im a huge fan but i wouldnt even try to break up his marriage! i love his adorbale family! :)

    TYPES- sdjskldhalskdhkfhdkfhsdk

    translation- im coming to save u.


  143. i think being conservative is important and more importantly, SAFE.

  144. Barnstable just gave me your addy anyway Danni.

    Lol, Pendleburybear :P

  145. Steve Healy says

    adorable family? I saw his wife in the crowd, shes nothing special at all

  146. Steve Healy says

    speaking of which Danni what’s your mobile number?

  147. …lol whats wrong with that?
    yes i still sleep with a teddy and yes his name is Pendleburybear..

  148. Steve Healy says

    gotta go guys be back soon

  149. 145: Fev’s too good for every attractive bimbo.

  150. his wife is supportive and they love eachother, thats all that matters.

    yeah..nice try steve.


  152. 149: Are we talking about Fed or Fev? But anyway, i agree with your comment Bulman, Fev is too good for any woman.

  153. Haha the power just went out and i was wondering why my laptop didn’t turn off lol.

  154. I’ll redo comment 149:

    145: FED’s too good for every attractive bimbo.

  155. ..did u send the pic yet?

  156. ..adam are u calling me a bimbo?
    thats so rude!

  157. Nah works for Fev too.

  158. By the way, doesn anyone know who the new inclusion to our SC league is?

  159. ….nope

  160. I sent the pic to Danni. Are you sure there isn’t a .au at the end of Danni’s address Josh?

  161. Wish Michael would come back on FootyAlmanac, i miss his rants.

  162. Steve Healy says

    i’ve always found Federer and Fevola to be similiar

  163. Yeah i’m sure, i just copy and pasted her email addy from her last email she sent me.

  164. Yep, they’re both humble, modest, intelligent sportsmen who have the admiration of millions of people worldwide…wait :|

  165. 162-

    *danni goes and hangs herself*

  166. yeah thanks i got it now.
    i cant see Federer at all, lol.
    but if u kinda squint at the photo u do kind look a bit like Pendlebury.

  167. 165: Aww Danni diieeeedddd :|

  168. Michael Allan says

    Comment 161:

    Your prayers have been answered.

  169. Mikey!

    I bet he’s been reading every comment for ages, waiting for someone to express a wish that he was back!

  170. WHAT! He looks exactly like Federer! And nothing like Pendlebury..

  171. Michael Allan says

    Ha, no just had the urge to get on then. I was out eating the best food in the world.


  172. Ah, my plan worked..

  173. Nah im sorry (REALLY AM, SERIOUSLY) but i dont see Fed in Adam.. :(
    he DOES have a bit of pendles but shorter hair.

  174. Mum tried getting me to eat chinese the other day, my response:

    “If the people look weird, surely the food must be crap” so i got Subway instead

  175. hey Ranga :)

  176. Michael Allan says

    I see a bit of Fed in him. No Pendles.

  177. I love chinese! love prawn dumpling and steamed dim-sims and the rice and the beef, love it!

  178. Michael Allan says

    That’s prettyranga to you scumbag.

  179. WHAT! hello im the most FEDERER obsessed person! as we speak i have 3 fed posters up in my room excluding teh one on my comp screen saver and phone screen saver so i think if he had FED in him i would see it!

  180. Saw a funny fanpage on Facebook: “Playing Spot the Aussie in Box Hill”
    If you’ve been to Box Hill you’d get it :)

  181. Steve Healy says


  182. Michael Allan says

    ha, that’s funny.


  183. Steve Healy says

    hahaha thats funny Adam

  184. scumbag? great….

    ya know Mikey i have to tell ya u were leading the pretty ranga comp until i saw Greg LOL

  185. I love fanpages on Facebook lol, but yeah i don’t get any of the Melbourne ones. I like this one: Multiple Choice Thinking Process = Hmm, I haven’t used C in a while.

  186. Michael Allan says

    Whose Greg?

  187. Bigfooty Thread Topic: Fev wants to be a cop!

    Post: Can anyone picture Constable Fevola?

    3 minutes later, reply: No, just unstable Fevola.


  188. Michael Allan says

    lol Steve I always use that method if I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

  189. Steve Healy says

    dont bother trying to get the Melbourne ones Josh, the whole population of 500,000 will laugh at you

  190. A friend of mine.

    187: HA!

  191. i wanna be a cop!! well i wann dress like one for our year 12 muckup day! its gonna be the BEST!!

    greg, is ‘babe’ Mikey. lol

  192. Yeah, in one of my exams last year my multi choice answers had 6 B’s in a row.

  193. 188: I think i said it Michael..

  194. hahaha lol Adam after the 4th B i would have been like “omg IM so fudging this up, another B? NAHHlets go with D now. lol

  195. but seriously Mikey u have big ranga competition, iv never seen a ranga that pretty!

  196. I wonder if its an actual job to assign letters to the answers in the Multiple Choice Questions.

  197. In the same exam, I accidentally took the multi choice answer sheet with me OUT OF THE EXAM. When I realised I sprinted back to the exam hall, but everyone had gone, so I ran to the senior school office and gave it to my teacher.
    “You will never, ever, EVER do this EVER again in your entire academic career, do you understand Adam?” she said.

  198. We have better rangas at our school in the girl variety.

  199. comment 197- hahah lol nawwwwwwww!

  200. Steve Healy says

    status- resting a Varta AAA battery on my collar bone

  201. The exam people probably know that people lose confidence when they get the same letter many times in a row. Which is why they do it a lot. Which is why you shouldn’t think about changing the answer just because you got B 6 times in a row.

  202. and the weirdest status goes to…
    STEVEYYYYY!! what the????

  203. Steve Healy says

    You’ve gotta tell it like it is Danni.

  204. Michael Allan says

    I need to see this greg fellow, see what I’m up against lol.

    Will we be able to fill the 16 SC spots?

  205. Speaking of batteries, anyone tried licking the gold bit on your phone battery? If your battery is full it’ll taste really weird..

  206. lol telling u hes ‘prettyest ranga in the world’ worthy!!!
    ask josh to send u the pic he sent me.

  207. He’s on my facebook page Michael, he usually “likes” all of my statuses lol

  208. Steve Healy says

    Thats funny that you mention it, today I taped my battery into my phone cos I lost the case, I also put a dees sticker on it

    status- talking to my friends on the almanac (lame I know)

  209. 205- what the fudge!!!???

    seriously just give Greg the title already!

  210. Michael Allan says

    Got it

    Greg Gallus = YUCK lol.

    Why is he giving the smae look with the same stance in every photo? lol

  211. status- looking for photo to send to adam since i know what he looks like, its onyl fair lol. might take a while cos i look fudged in most of them!

  212. 211 – Sandilands!

    and hes not YUCK, trust me! lol

  214. Steve Healy says

    Sam Blease, Matthew Bate and Kyle Cheney are all better looking than you michael- and Peter Walsh was as well.

    Josh that battery thing is almost like my petrol thing

  215. Cause he’s tough haha. He tried tellin me a story today but couldn’t stop laughing so that was pretty weird.

    209: It’s a good measurment of how much battery i have left without looking at my phone screen.

  216. DAMMIT!

    If we’re gonna talk about rangas, let’s do it on my all-ranga team.

    What about Daniel Jackson, Jack Riewoldt, Daniel Connors and the biggest ranga in the AFL Andrew Browne?

  217. Sandilands?? huh?? what?

  218. Gesus that Greg Gallus guy is ginormous!

  219. Steve Healy says

    Dont even bother explaining it to Danni

  220. Michael Allan says

    Riewoldt isn’t a ranga.

    Jackson’s a babe and Andrew Browne should be a Victoria’s Secret model.

  221. Michael Allan says


    I know, I thinkhe could eat me.

  222. If Riewoldt’s not a ranga, what the hell is he? Strawberry Blonde?

  223. Just joined a pretty rad group on Facebook: I enjoy seeing Collingwood lose

  224. ahhh adam whats ur addy?
    i think i found a photo or two where i look half decent. lol

  225. 223 – Greg Gallus!

  226. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha his not 223 Adam

  227. What would you call Warren? Milky? Lol

    Yeah, you should see his beard. And he’s only 14 still lol

  228. Unfortunately, neither was I. Again I miss. I should just assume someone’s going to beat me and post 2 ahead.

  229. Steve Healy says

    229- Yao Ming!

  230. Steve Healy says

    status licking a metcard

  231. Looking at those photos Danni, i never would have picked you as a footy lover. Nice sunnies btw :)

  232. Steve Healy says

    status-licking a metcard

  233. lol i swear for a kid, hes more than pretty, that one is gonna be a stunner.

  234. Steve Healy says

    why didnt you send those photos to us as well Danni?

  235. Because you’ve already seen her before?

  236. hahah lol thanks!
    why does everyone say that?
    just yesterday my cousins friend goes that i she would never look at me as a sports

  237. u have seen em steve!

  238. Steve Healy says

    If you were turned inside out you’d look like a footy lover, thats all that counts Danni

  239. Steve Healy says

    oh ok sorry Danni

  240. lol its k steve.


  241. I’ve copped a few full-on punches from Greg too, hurts quite a lot.

  242. Sorry mate

  243. Hey adam do I look at all like Natalie Gucci to you?

  244. GAUCI**

  245. well i guys, my well earned break is over i need sleep!

    night! :)

  246. Who’s Natalie Gauci?

  247. I think i said the same thing when she asked us.

  248. Steve Healy says

    1- apparently not

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