West Indies batting is bad news

By Steve Healy

It was a day that started with the West Indies at the crease, and ended with the West Indies at the crease, a day where 15 wickets fell, all West Indian ones. Adrian Barath was the clear highlight of the day, with an inspiring 2nd innings century on debut, in a West Indian team that was clearly lacking batting ability.

The day began with the Windies on 5/134, still hopeful that they could match Australia’s 480 or at least avoid the follow on. Dowlin and Ramdin put on a quick 40, before the latter edged one in to the slips, with North on the end of the catch. He made 54 off just 55 balls, a handy and quick innings, but not enough. Sulieman Benn came in, and instinctively smashed a few to the rope. The partnership lasted a little while, until Benn hit one high in the air, which Siddle ran on to and caught to give Hilfenhaus his second wicket.

Hauritz came in to the attack just before lunch, and had an immediate impact. Two wickets fell in succession, a diving catch by Katich at short leg, and a superb catch by Michael Clarke in the slips. The score was 9/221, and only seven more runs were put on before Dowlin was caught on the boundary for 62, giving Hauritz figures of 3/17 for the innings. The question in everyone’s mind, was: Will Australia enforce the follow-on?

Yes, said Ricky Ponting. After lunch, Barath and Gayle were back at the crease.19 year-old Barath looked confident, Gayle did not. He was caught plumb LBW by Hilfenhaus in the third over, not offering a shot. Gayle gave the signal to review the decision, but it was shown to be clearly out. He was clearly not happy on his way back to the pavilion, only scoring one run and leaving the West Indies at 1/6.

It looked as though a massive partnership would be formed, as Barath drove a couple of fours and Dowlin looked confident, even though he was batting for the second time within an hour. A second wicket fell, however, from an edge into the stumps from Dowlin. Hilfenhaus took his third wicket a little while later, a catch from Katich saw Chanderpaul out for 2, yet again. At this point, Barath had already scored 31 out of their 39 runs, including seven fours.

Bravo and Barath batted well, starting a revival that their team badly needed. Barath got his 50, Bravo provided support, and all of a sudden 100 runs were on the board. Barath was smashing four after four. A bowling change was needed. Hussey was the answer.

Hussey got a wicket in his second over, when Bravo stupidly hooked it straight to Hilfenhaus near the fence. It was Hussey’s second test wicket, his first being in Melbourne last summer. The score was 4/106 at tea.

After tea, the two batsmen at the crease were playing opposite games. Barath was hitting everything to the boundary while Nash was playing like a rock, sensing that there was no rush. It came to haunt him, as he was struck in the pad in front of the stumps by Hauritz. Barath was stuck on 98, but he patiently waited for the right ball on the offside, which he got from Watson. His twentieth boundary gave him 102 runs, but he only made another two until he was also given out LBW. He received a standing ovation, after scoring 104 out of 154 runs.

The last four wickets of the day fell for 33 runs, ten minutes before channel 9 went to the news, which was good news. The West Indies will have to improve enormously next week in Adelaide, or the burden of a three day test will be on our shoulders again.

Australia: 8/480 (Declared)


West Indies: 228 & 187

By an innings and 65 runs.

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Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. once again, steve….you have left me very confuzzeled!!!
    8/480???? like is that a division maths sum or something? lol

    status- just got home from church

  2. John Butler says

    Nice work there Steve.

    Very convenient of the Windies to go to their grave in time for the news.

    Sadly, this accomodating spirit pretty much summed up their batting (Barath excepted).

    Keep up the good work (Steve, not the Windies).

  3. Steve Healy says

    Are you that dumb, Danni?

    It means 8 wickets, 480 runs.

    Status- at the library

  4. lol yes you should know that i have no cricket IQ!!!
    im a blonde when it coms to cricket!!
    480- runs? is that good???

  5. Steve Healy says

    I understand

    480 runs is very good. As you can see, it beat the West Indies score in both their innings.

  6. oh okay lol.
    im working on my media photography production. its going to be about the highs and lows of marriage,planning is looking good so far.

    why are you at the library?

  7. Steve Healy says

    I thought you’d finished school, Danni? lol

    Well, I WAS at the library at 2:53, I’m not the sort of guy who spends 3 hours at a library.

  8. lol well you should steve, i like a guy who gets lost in the library shelves with books. remeber my uni tree, romeo and juliet guy? lol

    yeah i have finished school but im offically a year 12 and to celebrate we were given work for each subject to do over the holidays. if we dont do it we will be 3 weeks behind! History and English got the most. i have ot watch a total of almost 9 movies!!! arrgggghhhhh it never ends.

  9. Steve Healy says

    Oh well it looks like year 12 will be a pain when I get there.

    Sorry, Danni next time I go i’ll think of you and get lost with the books- only joking hahaha

  10. very funny!!
    i WILL find my TREE dude!! i WILL!! ;)
    if u see him, let him know im looking for him next time ur at the library!! :)

    mmm and i thought year 11 was badd..aint seen nothing yet!!

  11. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Dani, there’s plenty of tree dudes in the sea.

  12. lol well i wish they would come up onto the land cos i cant swim!! lmaoo :)

    yeah bloody Taylor Swift gets her tree guy in her videoclip ‘lovestory’.
    lol i could go for an icy-pole.

  13. Steve Healy says

    Could you? It’s raining.

    Can’t you swim or are you just bad at swimming?

  14. im eating one now!

    well i never could when i was little cos i had a bad experience. then a few years ago i started to learn how to but i pretty muhc forgot. not being able to swim is how me and candy became friends. we used to argue:
    “noo IM NORE SCARED!!!” lmaoo

  15. that should be:

  16. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok, I’ve never been a good swimmer either

  17. Im not a good swimmer, but i can keep my head above the water so thats enough for me

  18. Steve Healy says

    Oh that’s good Josh, we’re on the same boat. Or should I say off the boat?

  19. lol great! so Mikey and Damo are the ones to save us when we drown?? lol

  20. josh how was the party??

  21. Steve Healy says

    Just because they’re not on you can’t presume they’re good swimmers! lol

  22. It was alright

  23. Steve Healy says

    The Age

  24. The Age made a bad mistake today

  25. really!!?? what was it? i wouldnt know cos i dont read it much

  26. Steve Healy says

    What was it?

    There was a great article yesterday about Trengrove and Scully meeting Stynes and starting training.

  27. Hmmm well i want the Age to tell me who RYAN Trengove is

  28. ….and whats wrong with that?
    gee i feel blonde today!
    on a roll!

  29. Steve Healy says

    hang on, Ill get the sports section now and see it. That is, if I can find the sport section. I’ve got hundreds around my rooM!

  30. Steve Healy says

    Danni, it’s wrong cos his name is Jack not Ryan

  31. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahahaha!!!!
    omgg thats like something i would do!!

  32. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha yeah Josh I see it: From left: Jordan Gysberts, Tom Scully, Jack Fitzpatrick, Max Gawn and Ryan Trengrove with Demons coach Dean Bailey.

  33. It made me shiver today seeing the article of the Collingwood training in Arizona today in the Herald Sun coz of all the snow in the pictures, that and its pretty cold today.

  34. Steve Healy says

    I got drenched today in the rain. Danni, you should be in Arizona!

  35. I only walked outside today to do what you do to your Mum’s lemon tree Steve

  36. …omg that reminds me..
    on the website they put up pics ftom the camp..and in the background….CUDDLESNRAINBOWS!! :)

  37. YEAH! I love the rain..not when my hair looks good though!
    I was coming home after church and jst the walk form the car to the house was shocking, my beautiful hair got wet!! And I was running through the wet grass in heels!!

  38. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok Josh. Mum’s getting really pissed off (no pun intended) at me every time I do that.

    status- eating chicken scraps

  39. Steve Healy says

    I went to church today as well.

    Danni, next time you go to mass shave your hair off and don’t wear any shoes. That’s how you solve that problem

  40. ……ummm nah im not THAT into Brittney! LMAOO

    i saw the cutest guy at church today!! :)

  41. Steve, you’ll be happy to know im thinking of dying my hair again. Thinking red or a dark purple colour since the holidays are coming up

  42. Did you ddddddddiiiiiiieeeeee Danni?

  43. Joshy, i recon u should jst dye your heair a light blonde.

  44. lmaoo!! no i didnt dieeeeeeee!!
    i was too busy looking like i wasnt looking at him.

  45. Steve Healy says

    I think you should lay off the f*cking dyes, use a red and blue dye instead to dye your footy jumper.

  46. …..

    are you okay??

  47. Steve Healy says

    Yea hahaha I’m very good.

  48. Settle down soldier, its confusing talking about two different dyes lol me dying my hair and Danni dddddieeeeingggg

  49. Steve Healy says

    I wonder if Danni’s a cat and she has 9 lives? She’s already died more times than that though probably lol

  50. ..ohh alright..
    jst seemed a bit aggressive..

  51. lol i told u im a VAMPIRE!

  52. Cant wait till this week of school, its bludge week the next 5 days.

  53. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Danni, it wouldnt have sounded agressive if i had said it out loud.

    I wouldn’t go that far Danni. As a Collingwood supporter, your lucky to have teeth, let alone sharp teeth.

    Gotta go for dinner, roast chicken for dinner

  54. mannn im craving a small hawaiian pizza!! :(
    its so cute in little pieces with the pineapple, cutest pizza ever.

  55. i do have sharp teeth…
    my 3rd from the front at the top are sharp!
    on both left and right sides

    lol im free from school Josh, well except for the visit i have to make 2mro.

  56. I had a roast last night at the party. My table almost burnt down the winery we were at

  57. …burnt down???
    lmaoo okayyy..
    did u find a roo???

  58. No it was indoors, i didnt go outside coz it was raining.

  59. ..damn! :(

    lol was Hayley checking out the waiters?
    haha shes so funny :)

  60. She wasnt there, and the waiters were chicks. OLD chicks lol

  61. ohh lol!
    well u fellas like ur older women! perfect oppertunity!

  62. Oh yeah, 50-55 year olds are greeaatt!

  63. wait i thought ‘age doesnt matter!’

    status- eating Greek salad.

  64. It does to a degree

    Status – looking out my window at the purple sky

  65. By the way guys, congratulations to Steve. This piece is the 1000th post on the website.

    Status – short, balding

  66. nawwwww how come u get a pretty sky??

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me!! :)
    WOOT WOOTT GO STEVEEEEEEEE!! shame it was about Cricket though. :(

    lmaoo at Gigs’ status

  68. Damn, if im right then i should get the 1001’s piece on the website if Gigs’ puts mine up soon

  69. Damn, if im right then i should get the 1001’st piece on the website if Gigs’ puts mine up soon

  70. Damn doubled up. My bad

  71. lmaoo haha!!

    status- resisting the urge to eat chocolate

  72. Ooh chocolate!

    Damn you Danni!

  73. Sorry Josh. I’m a bit behind. 1001 is a transcript of Anson Cameron’s speech. You guys should go back and read it to help you work out the bits you couldn’t understand.

    I’ve got about 4 or 5 pieces to put up Josh. What’s your favourite number between 1002 and 1006? :-)

  74. ..i cant HELP IT!!!

  75. 1003 looks good thanks Gigs ;)

    Im gonna go have some iSnack 2.0. In the words of the great Bruce McAvaney, “Delicious”

  76. Augustus Jeans? I think I used to have a pair of them…

    gigs!! lmaoo

  78. Steve Healy says

    Ah, what a nice dinner of roast chicken and floor cheesecake for dessert.

    Thanks Gigs, and what a milestone it is. I recently congratulated Josh on posting the 10,000th comment on this site

  79. Hahaha.

    Gigs, was there any disagreement on my Bulldogs side of the half-decade in my piece? Because i found the Doggies was a very hard side to complete.

  80. Steve, don’t tell me you REALLY counted the comments…?

    Josh, I have no disagreement at all. This could be partly because I haven’t actually read your piece yet…

  81. Steve Healy says

    Josh, I think Gigs would be more concerned about the St.Kilda team.

    Gigs, I find it funny that you got all 3 St.Kilda V Bulldogs games in the Almanac this year, and you happen to partly barrack for them.

    Do your kids go for the Dogs or the Saints?

  82. Steve Healy says

    And by the way Gigs, I wish I could count them all but there happens to be a little thing on the site admin that tells us how many…

  83. …chocolate…

  84. Steve Healy says

    I just had chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

  85. Steve Healy says

    CARN THE DEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tom Scully, Jack Trengrove, Luke Tapscott, Jordan Gysberts, Max Gawn and Jack Fitzpatrick will lead the team to success in 2010, along with Liam Jurrah, Joel MacDonald, Sam Blease, Brad Green, James McDonald, James Strauss, Stef Martin, Colin Garland, Colin Sylvia, Brent Moloney, Nathan Jones, Dean Bailey and Jimmy Stynes’ inspiration as well.

    Oh yeah, and all the other players

  86. I had some sort of white chocolate jelly with strawberry topping last night

  87. Steve Healy says

    What was this party for Josh, some relatives birthday?

  88. It was the Numurkah Bakery christmas party (my Mum works there)

  89. Steve Healy says

    oh, and Josh, go on nsm if you can.

  90. Ahh i just got off msn! lol

  91. Steve Healy says

    really? Oh well I just got on lol

  92. Where’s Augustus? Did she fall into a chocolate lake like her namesake in the film?

  93. Steve Healy says

    Hah it’s funny how Danni said she has Augustus genes. She must be german

  94. LOL nah im not german.
    i want chocolate cake…

  95. There was chocolate cake at the party last night too. With sprinkles.

    they remind me of Nathan Brown.

  97. Steve Healy says

    chocolate cheesecake is pretty fine

  98. you know what…i think im going to call Josh Thomas Sprinkles, so hes jst so stinking CUTE!! :)

  99. Steve Healy says

    I hope Josh Thomas gets a game next season for your sake Danni

  100. lol, oh ill jst Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! when he does ohhhhh him in a Collingwood jumper, those amazing black shorts!!
    ohhh…im feeling faint jst thinking about it!

  101. What if he gets a game wearing the away strip?

  102. Ah, I didn’t know you could see that stat, Steve. Because I am an admin user, I can see stuff that others can’t but I don’t actually know who can see which bits.

    Re the St Kilda v Bulldogs thing, JTH made a comment in an email to me and Daff that he loved how I did all three games. Then Daff replied with “Did he? Unusual on our part, but then you’re an unusual man, Gigs.” The funny thing was, it was Daff himself who asked me on all three occasions!

    Oliver barracks for the Doggies, although he did cross to the Dark Side (Essendon) for a couple of years. But Spencer has gone with his mum’s side of the family and is a Hawk. Although you’ll be disappointed to know that he was a Demon fan for quite a few years.

  103. Steve Healy says

    What number do you think he’ll get, Danni?

    I reckon 40

  104. HE WONT!!
    although..he prob wont look too bad in the away strip.

  105. i hope he gets 18, only cos thats what ill be turning!! :) hehe

  106. Steve Healy says

    Jeez, why can’t they be loyal to 2 teams like you are? hahaha

    He should’ve turned to the Dees again this year when Jake Spencer made his debut!

    Oliver’s 15, isn’t he? Has he been introduced to this website?

  107. I want to do a North Melbourne v Bulldogs match report next year. I always go to those games and have some sort of respect for the Bullies. Gigs, did you go to the game where Petrie kicked 6 in the first quarter against the Dogs?

  108. Steve Healy says

    Good point Danni. Maybe he’ll debut on the game closest to your Bday (Pies V Roos)

  109. and toovey will pull out ‘sick’
    and the forward line will be


    josh u know wat to say:

  110. I wanna do Melbourne V Port Adelaide at TIO next year.

    I want to cos there won’t be much demand for it and it’ll be an interesting game

  111. I wanna do that game too! Theres demand now Steve, and im sure M. Freeman would like to do it

  112. i have to admit this.
    i NEVER watch Melbourne play unless they are playing Collingwood. im sorry steve….but i cant sit through it.

  113. :'(, I’m not talking to you at the launch next year!!!!! :( :( :(

  114. lol nawwwwwwww!!
    im sorry but im being honest with you.
    i cant sit through a Melbourne Game if it isnt against Collingwood.

    teams i wont watch play are
    2. Port
    3. Freo

  115. Josh, as if you’re gonna get that game!

    As a second-year almanacker you won’t get a neutral game.

    Yes, M.Freeman and J.Massola would both love to do it im sure

  116. I’d love to do a neutral game actually, i think i’d be able to handle it well.

    to tell the truth, i think watching Collingwood play is pretty boring

  117. Nah, of course I’m only joking Danni.

    I’ll talk to you at many a launch.

    Melbourne are so exciting! all their young talent

  118. No, I think Collingwood are great to watch, most of the time

  119. each to their own josh.
    id rather u say that then be one of those people who watch it jst to find stuff to bag the players about.

  120. For some reason (no offence Gigs) Western Bulldogs v St Kilda on a saturday night at the Dome really bores me. Its the only time i dont look forward to a game

  121. I also wanna get Melbourne V Adelaide in Round 3, and Melbourne V Brisbane in Round 5.

    I hope that Freo V Port Adelaide is “open to all”, cos if it is ill do a match report on it and see if it gets in the book

  122. Swiss people are the BEST at being neutral! :)

  123. I still watch them play, but i dont find them as exciting as Hawthorn or Essendon

  124. Those ‘open’ games were all on foxtel so i couldnt do them :(

  125. I always look forward to every game of footy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. No, there was only one open to all game, West Coast V Port in Round 2. I would’ve listened to it on the radio if I wasn’t at Buldogs V North

  127. ive just realised that i should look in the cheersquad for the perfect dude.
    a collingwood supporting tree dude, why do i feel my chances are not very high? lol

  128. Lol, Danni, look back at JTH’s piece on Essendon V COllingwood, he talks about all the “friendly” people in the pies cheer squad.

  129. Oh really? I recall there being more than that.

    Danni, do not look in the Collingwood cheersquad for a guy!

  130. yeah ive read that one a few times!
    i thik i missed my chance. i was at a game a few years back and a UNI dude was sitting to my left reading, I KID YOU NOT!! The FRENCH Dictionary!

  131. lol josh is scared for my life!

  132. Lol what a dweeb!

    Danni, read Collingwood v Sydney from Round 21. It reminded me of you

  133. no he wasnt!! he was ‘delicious!!’ lol

    round 21? in the book??

  134. Dont use my saying lol.


  135. Round 17 Carlton V Collingwood reminded me of Danni.

    It’s wierd, I really don’t know why it does

  136. ..yeah i dont see it steve, thats nothing like me at all.

  137. Yeah, I don’t see it either lol.

  138. status- hugging Pendals (the teddybear)
    lol jst incase you were wondering

  139. There used to be a soft Essendon toy (of an Essendon player) that I used to have. It belonged to my uncle I think

  140. Naww that’s cute.
    I cant sleep without my pendals! He sleeps with me everynight keeping me safe from evil monsters! I even crammed him into my suitcase when I went to Sydney. Really cant sleep without him!

  141. My teddy bear is my scoring folder.

    I took it to Canberra with me, I love it so much!

  142. To protect you from the evil Fevola Monster and the evil Possum Eyes?

  143. Lol haha! But its not the same, you cant give it cuddles and feel the nice warmess coming from its fuzzy fur! Again though, each to their own, no matter how weird LOL!
    Well its getting late and I need to get some reading of novels for English and Lit done, so I bid you goodnight!!

    Sweet dreams!

  144. Good night, I have actually slept with my scoring folder a couple of times.

  145. Cya Miz Thomas

    Steve, MSN stuffed up on me

  146. oh ok, it still says your on and i’m tryin to talk to you lol.

    My scoring folder….so smooth… so many games…. so many bits of paper…. so much fun….

  147. That sounds a tad bit wrong

  148. Yes it does.

    Good night folks

  149. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/tigers-continue-high-player-turnover-with-rookie-picks/story-e6frf9jf-1225805144643

    MIKEY!!! dyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiinggggggggg
    :) dustin martin is the definition of Hawt!! :)

    status- jst came from shopping sinse 11:00 this morning! :)


    Steve Posted at 6:30 AM Today
    Can someone please tell Dustin Martin to stop scowling in every photo… clearly trying to look tough but it’s starting to look stupid

    Comment 7 of 15

  151. Steve Healy says

    Hah I was fast asleep at 11 today.

    Nah it’s not me to tell you the truth, where is it from?

  152. HERALD SUN website!

    i bought the hottest outfits!! cant wait to go out and wear them!! :)

  153. Lol i didnt get up till 10:58

    Someone was telling me that Martin never smiles, might have been you Steve. Danni did you check out the picture of Ben Nason in the paper? Lol shocking hair-do. He is a blonde Tyrone Vickery try-hard.

    I was in the paper today as well, whoo! :)

  154. Steve Healy says

    Nah lol that wasn’t me Josh.

    I don’t really have anything against Dunstin Martin.

    Jack Fitzpatrick has a bit of a Tyrone Vickery hairdo as well.

    Why were you in the paper?

  155. About writing in the Almanac, i’ll prob put a pic of the article up on Facebook so have a look when you get faster internet back. And i’ll be in two different papers in the next few days about working with Crackers and the other radio stations, as well as the Almanac work.

  156. And i have something against Martin, he IS trying to act too tough. Your from Richmond mate, your not gonna be tough!

  157. Steve Healy says

    nice, I suppose that’s one of the benefits of living in the country

  158. Josh, your Teams of the Half Decade are up. Sorry for the delay. At least I honoured your request for post #1003…

  159. lol thats cool josh!
    i was in the school newsletter..with my school photo!!
    because a certain member of the staff (mr.Starkie) aletred the school of my almanac entry!!! lol im jst reading though the newsletter and then i was like…”omg!!” lol

    i dont smile much, so me and Dustin are perfect for each other!

  160. Thanks Gigs

    I smile lots. :) see

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