Footy: My Scoresheets

 By Steve Healy

I have a football hobby: scoring. It’s pretty much using a bit of paper with teams and game notes, and writing the scores in boxes, while writing down goal kickers and the quarter by quarter scores. I’ve been doing this for years, but I’ve only kept them in a folder since 2007. I recently came up with the idea of going over all my scoresheets and finding stats on which teams I’ve covered the most and their win/loss ratios and stuff like that.

I found out some interesting stuff: Collingwood is the team I’ve scored the most over the three years, with 43 premiership season games (I don’t include NAB cup games). I’ve scored two draws, Bulldogs v St.Kilda from 2007, and Richmond v North from last year (which funnily enough have the identical scoreline). Melbourne is the least-scored team with only six games, but that’s obviously because I go for the Dees and I’m at their games.

 Here’s a summary:

Total games scored (home/away)

1. Collingwood=43 (17-26)

2. Geelong= 35 (16-19)

3. Carlton=29 (15-14)

4. North Melbourne=28 (16-12)

5. St.Kilda=25 (15-10)

6. Hawthorn=25 (13-12)

7. Adelaide=24 (11-13)

8. Essendon=23 (11-12)

9. Richmond (how ironic) =21 (14-7)

10. Western Bulldogs=20 (10-10)

11. Sydney=18 (8-10)

12. West Coast=17 (8-9)

13. Brisbane=14 (7-7)

14. Fremantle=14 (5-9)

15. Port Adelaide=10 (6-4)

16. Melbourne=6 (4-2)

Total games scored:  176

2007: 46   2008: 59   2009: 71

Year-by-year games for each club (2007-2008-2009)

Adelaide= 7-9-8

Brisbane= 0-4-10

Carlton= 7-8-14

Collingwood= 11-16-16

Essendon= 6-8-9

Fremantle= 3-6-5

Geelong= 8-13-14

Hawthorn= 2-12-11

Melbourne= 3-2-1

North Melbourne= 11-7-10

Port Adelaide= 6-2-2

Richmond= 4-7-10

St.Kilda= 7-7-11

Sydney= 5-6-7

West Coast= 8-5-4

Western Bulldogs= 4-6-10

Actual ladder (win-loss records for the teams, percentage of games won)

1. St.Kilda= 19-5-1  78%

2. Geelong= 27-8   77.14%

3. Western Bulldogs= 12-7-1  62.5%

4. Brisbane= 8-6   57.14%

5. Hawthorn= 14-11  56%

6. Collingwood= 24-19  55.81%

7. Adelaide= 12-12   50%

8. Port Adelaide= 5-5   50%

9. North Melbourne= 12-15-1  44.64%

10. Carlton= 11-18  37.93%

11. West Coast= 6-11  35.29%

12. Essendon= 8-15   34.78%

13. Sydney= 6-12    33.33%

14. Fremantle= 4-10  28.57%

15. Richmond= 5-15-1  26.19%

16. Melbourne= 1-5  16.67%

After having a look at the fixture this year, I’m predicting that Port Adelaide will be featured 5-10 times instead of two which has been the case in the last two years. Collingwood will probably get another 16 or me, but it’s no suprise since they have they are broadcasted on free to air almost every week.

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Get a life.

    Lol nah just kidding, very impressive Steve, i’d laugh if Richmond were ninth in your ladder lol

  2. Nah thats would be stupid Josh 8).
    Anyway thats very impressive Steve ;)

  3. Its funny how the Melbourne team uniform next to Melbourne players on SC is the jumper with red shorts. Since when do they wear red shorts? Same with Sydney, who are paired with white shorts, and they never wear them.

    Just made a pretty good move in my team:

    OUT: C. Howard
    IN: N. Malceski

  4. Hey guys just in for a quick study break. its day one and im already exhausted from making business notes from 5:00pm.
    Id love to do the Supercoach thing with you guys but im new to this so I don’t really know what to do..i did manage however to make myself an account…what do I do next?
    I shouldn’t be on for too long tonight, even though I cant feel my back and my head is throbbing like crazy I still have some studying to do.

  5. Nawww poor Yallah.

    I start tomorrow, i feel like i haven’t made the most of going back a day later, i should have bagged you guys a lot more..

    When you sign up, if you put your occupation as a student then you should be able to sign up to your school league (if an all-girls school even HAS a league..) Do you want me to sign into your account and join you in our league and make your team? I’ll pick all your favourite players, even Toovey! :P

  6. lol i did all that.. No thanks i want to pick my players.
    cant you find me by team name or something?

  7. I think so, hang might get an email from Supercoach

  8. Danni, if you didn’t see Dom post it before the league code is 838251. You go to the league page, click “join a different league” and then type it in.

    How was your day at school?

  9. nope…no emails

  10. ohhh okay but do i do that while im signed into my own one?
    gosh this is annyoing!

    school was okay…until i came back home with all this work.. i have been doing Business notes for about 4 hours now….
    im so tired Adam :(

  11. Oh ok, dont worry about the email they would have just sent, or worry about it if Adam’s explanation was too difficult to understand lol, i sent it to Dani_joe

  12. I went to Shepp today with a friend, went to a pet store and looked at different animals, gave my Roos jumper away to put a number on it, getting number 7. Oh and Dad bought me a big hard-copy poster of the 2009 Roos team, later on im gonna get my permanent marker and scribble over the faces of the following:

    Josh Gibson
    Jesse Smith

  13. I feel your pain Danni, although I’ve been slacking off tonight. It’s going to be a hard year for the two of us.

    Why just those guys Josh? What about the other people the Roos delisted?

  14. lol okay this isnt working…i will email u my details and then you can join me to the league but thats all..NOTHING ELSE..NOT EVEN CHOOSING TOOVEY..

    whats ur addy again? the old one please the new one never works for me.

  15. You talkin to me?

    If so, just use [email protected] , i can’t get into my old addy. Just don’t forget the .au at the end!!

    Adam, Gibson walked out on the Roos, Smith dogged the Roos. Its not the culled players’ faults that they got delisted.

  16. No wait scratch that, its [email protected] , sorry. But again, don’t forget the .au!

  17. josh..did u get anything?

  18. Yep, done. Your in our league now, to view it just go to Leagues and you should see one called Almanac 16, its got a chat blog thing too.

  19. School won’t be too bad tomorrow, I have a double spare in the middle of the day.

    How many Collingwood players does your team have Danni?

  20. school was a headache!
    double history ( love the subject but a double in the morning means i have to consentrate EXTRA hard.
    then double Business another subject where i have to concentrate EXTRA EXTRA hard cos im new to it and only picked it up this year. then we got to leave at 12:40.
    i was dead when i got home that i went to bed since i only got 5-6 hours of sleep last night. had a shower and just sat there for about 20 doing nothing so i dont explode..and now..its back to the books.

  21. i think i have 10 collingwood players in my team.

  22. Steve Healy says

    hey danni, this is the early come home from school club!

  23. lol hi steve…
    i just seriously died lmaoo
    on the collingwood site there a video of Collingwood boys taking photos and they take a few with a baby on Maxwells lap and of corse the baby starts crying lmaoo AND..i have hard evidence that Jack Anthony is going to be a great daddy to my children, he was so cute when he signed for the little kid wearing number 9….
    Trust Jack to put a smile on my face at a stressful time like this

  24. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha nice Danni

    I love you dream team

  25. dream team?

  26. Steve Healy says

    yes, dream team

  27. lol okay.
    its off to work i go……

    cya later…if im still able to keep my eyes open from all the study.


  28. Steve Healy says

    you’ve never heard of dream team?


    How good is this article everyone?

  29. Dreamteam’s like Supercoach, but not as good. You get points for turning the ball over and chipping it around pointlessly in the background and playing a boring style of play while you don’t get points for important things such as contested marks, spoils, smothers, hard ball gets, etc.

    I’m very tired from school, I can’t get my head around the Specialist maths stuff. The double spare in the middle of the day was fun though.

  30. Steve Healy says

    I cant see how anyone would like supercoach more than dream team, sorry

  31. Damian Watson says

    Good to see that Carlton is third on the list Steve.

    Yeah I agree Super Coach is a little more advanced than Dream Team from a statistical perspective.

    What is this specialist Maths? and since when do some of you guys get to go home early? lol

    I still have a couple of hours of footy training to come in this heat lol.

  32. Supercoach kills Dream Team.

    First day of year 10 today, felt weird knowing im now apart of the senior group. I got a top locker too, but right in the corner so it’s the worst spot for someone to have a top locker lol. It felt so weird in school clothes today, since i’ve been wearing shirts and footy shorts for the past 8 weeks. I have some Indian/Pakistani teacher for Maths and Careers class, it’s not fair that we get a teacher like that and i can’t even read his writing and can’t understand him talk.

  33. lol oh come on Josh..that shouldnt be a problem for an ‘advanced english student’

    status- business hw

  34. I suspect Danni had a double spare at the end of the day.

    I have a tough night ahead, I have to put together a context file on “Whose Reality?” which is our topic for year 12 English. And it sucks.

    Specialist maths is a very hard year 12 maths subject, and the teacher is quite difficult to follow sometimes.

    That’s funny Josh, I had a bottom locker initially but I moved to a top locker…right in the corner.

    There’s this teacher at our school who’s regularly a sub teacher, his name is Mr Butt. He’s from Pakistan, he’s hard to understand and he can’t control a class. I haven’t seen him this year though, maybe he relocated to Waaia?

  35. nope i dont have a free until 2mro.
    year 12s finish every tuesday at 12:40, how great is that? :)

  36. Danni how many spares do you have?

    I only have 5 50-minute spare periods, 2 of them doubles, one of them on Friday morning so I get a sleep in.

  37. Funny you would say that Adam, a Mr. Butt started at our school today! But he is not the one your talking about, he’s not Pakistan and used to teach in Shepparton. He actually handed out the vaccination forms today for us year 10’s, we get one huge needle to cover three types of diseases, that’s gonna kill!!

    Advanced English is very fun, i had a double of it today and the teacher is very laid-back but keeps the class controlled and entertained easily. I have to write her a letter telling her all about me and crap, she kept calling me John so she agreed with me to call her Barney. Lol then in the cafe at lunch, she walks in and comes up to me and goes “Jeez, this food in here looks like shit!” Haha

  38. Oh and we have to read “To Kill A Mockingbird” or something in Advanced

  39. …hm maybe i was in advanced and didnt know it because i read ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ in year 9 english.

    i have one free on wed, period 6 and one on Friday period 4.

    then next week i have a double free on Wed periods 5 and 6.

  40. My brother has to read To Kill A Mockingbird in year 9 English. Maybe rural schools are a bit slower.
    I have a feeling we’re all going to be living for our spares. Last year’s year 12s had 10 spares instead of our 5, but they had 8am classes too sometimes and we don’t.

  41. I want spares :|

    Doesn’t To Kill A Mockingbird have swearing and stuff in it?

  42. i dont what to do in the frees! (spares)
    i mean its good to do revision but then its bad cos then you get a headache and you cant concentrate in class.

  43. lol Josh all i remember from that book is…
    “Atticus, Atticus!”

  44. Atticus? Rightio..

    Going to Essendon training tomorrow, excited :| Lol, i’ll probably do a report on it.

  45. Damian Watson says

    Yeah my Advanced teacher was suprisingly laid back as well.

    Is it an intra-club match or standard training?

  46. lol Essendon?
    my business teacher is an Essendon supporter..
    hes one of those teachers that just pick out people to answer what ever. i hate it only cos i wont have my hand up and today, twice he called on me! luckily i was only half asleep (didnt get much sleep last night) and knew the answers! it annoys me though, if i DONT have my hand up it means i dont know the answer people! lol
    he said that he was going to pick on every one so i said to him,
    “sir you cant pick on me for the next 5 lessons cos you asked me twice and i volenteered three times.”
    lol, yes i kept a tally!

  47. Today in my double spare I was in the common room, I tried to do work but I got distracted a fair bit talking to other people.

    Looking forward to hearing about Essendon training, I’m glad I’m a Tiger fan as if I wanted to attend Essendon training, I’m on the wrong train line. I went to Richmond training a couple of weeks ago and got off at Jolimont, its on the Hursty line :)

  48. Yeah it is, i’m looking forward to seeing how this new forward line is going to work out for them.

    Lol, i overslept this morning, only by 20 minutes. But i panicked when i saw it was 7:24, but i still had 40 minutes to get ready.

    Damo, have you signed up and made your team on Supercoach yet?

  49. Sorry, yeah it’ll be an intra-club practice match at Deakin Reserve

  50. The business teacher at my school is a slightly overweight, middle-aged, balding Pies fan called Mr Darling. I enjoy playing Blackadder and saying “Hello Darling” whenever I see him. He often teases me about supporting Richmond.

  51. Damian Watson says

    I probably won’t do Supercoach this year.

    It’s good that you guys are making a league though.

  52. Ohh fair enough Damo, good choice not to play as i already have it in the bag 8)

    We don’t have a business teacher..

  53. Come on Damo…

    Barney, have you mailed Daff about the SC league?

  54. yeah well my busniess teacher is a young teacher, head full of hair lol, who goes for Essendon and calls me a “filthy collingwood supporter” and often abuses the whole ‘collingwood supporters have no teeth’ thing.
    in return i just tell him the truth, that the Essendon gersey is UGLY.

  55. Danni, the Essendon jumper is probably the most famous and best looking in the league. I feel proud that it is the Waaia jumper as well.

    I think i emailed Daff, not you think the oldies would know how to sign up for our league if we gave them the code? I mean, Danni couldn’t lol

  56. :( lol you know i suck at all this computer stuff!

    lol i should probably leave and not get distracted right? lol

  57. Damian Watson says

    I might change my mind but probably won’t, those in normal English at my school have to read the ‘To Kill a Mokingbird book.’

  58. Danni, if your on here then it already shows that your not commited to your year 12 work, therefore it is fine for you to come to the footy with us lol.

    Oh and i got cooking this year, awesome. If you hear of any fires in Numurkah, i’d check the Numurkah Secondary Food Room first lol

    i did 8 double sided notes for business last night, i have done half of the history hw which is due on Friday, im currently writing my business notes from today’s class into my business EXAM BOOK, thats right EXAM BOOK which i have one for each subject..SO DONT SAY IM NOT COMMITED BARNSTABLE

  60. Fine, your commited, but still you can always allow a little football..who knows? Coming to the game will probably relieve you of a lot of stress :P

  61. Don’t worry Danni, he’s just trying to get you to go to the footy, by the way you should come to the footy with us :)

    What ENTER/course/uni are you aiming for Danni, just out of curiosity?

  62. Josh, let me explain this top you…normally i would agree with comment 60 but at the moment im not myself, im stressed out times 389479473948 and im surpirsed i havent already had a nervous breakdown..ill give myself a week tops before that happens. anytime spent away from study and im feeling guilty for not studying, i have become the year 12 vce monster! to prove it i just ate an entire medium packet of Cadbury Favourites.
    im more calm when i have work infront of me than when im away from it.

  63. well i want to go to LaTrobe and i want to get an 86 or 87 for my Enter.

  64. Latrobe? Awesome, I’m thinking of going there too. I went to the open day last year and was impressed with it, it just like a nice environment. On the other hand, Melbourne seemed to have better facilities and is more prestigious…

  65. Hmmm, alright, i was only stirring. But seriously you have to be the worst person i’ve met when it comes to year 12 work and study lol. I dunno if that should be a privelege or not..

  66. lol yeah Josh i know, im a tragic… :(
    im just terrified of in not getting the score i want and most importantly i will feel completly worthless if i fail my parents since they are looking for my to prove myself and that i can be a jurno….

  67. nahh im not even considering Melb Uni.
    its just cos its ‘Melb Uni’ that everyone makes a fuss about it. i know that a lecturer from Melb when to RMIT and said it was better its not like Melb have better lecturers or anything.

  68. Maybe your parents, instead of trying to put pressure on you, should be trying to support you more.

  69. Adam, thats the thing..thier support turns into pressure.

  70. I just gave Mikey the code to our supercoach league btw.

  71. I gave it to him last night, obviously Ranga’s have bad memories lol

  72. Josh, Candy says hi btw.

  73. Gday

  74. Please tell me that Candy isn’t as bad as you at year 12 studying and stuff lol

  75. lmaoo nah shes leave it to the last minute panic type, but she is determined on getting a high Enter she wants to go to Mleb Uni.

  76. Is she at your house or something?

    I do my best work at the last minute, i’ve spent plenty of sunday nights doing homework and assignments lol

  77. lol nah i told her at school that you wanted her number lmao.

    i do my best work at the computer..for some reason everything comes to me easier when im typing..

  78. WHAT!?

  79. ..what??

  80. When did i ask for her number?

  81. like 3 times josh.

  82. Nah, i remember i jokingly asked for it when we were talking about how nervous we both were when on the phone

  83. lol well we laughed about that too. i was like “yeah that would be funny since both of you guys are like phonephobic or something..what an interesting convo”

  84. Lol give me her number i’ll do it. Haha nah just kidding.

  85. Just making a Dream Team. I gotta say, the design a shield option is better than the design a jumper that SC offers. But Dream Team is incredibly slow..

  86. Steve Healy says

    I think the page with your team on it looks much better on dream team, also that they just have jumpers displayed instead of jumpers and shorts which looks much better (especially if the Dees have red shorts!)

    An amazing thing happened to me today, at school in the morning notice there was something about work experience with the Melbourne football club, and I went to a teacher at Recess to get a form because she has contact with the club I think, and I’ve filled out the form now and I reckon i’ll get in!

  87. wow Steve thats GREAT! :)
    lol they let anyone in at the Dees lmaoo
    unlike the Lexus Center! they were straighout and told me that the workexp positions are always filled by relatives of the staff who already work there!
    talk about unfair.

  88. Awesome, i’d laugh if it was the Melbourne Victory Football Club or something lol. But nah sounds good, hope you make it.

  89. lol ofcorse he will make it..ITS STEVE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! lmao

  90. Steve Healy says

    nah its definitely the Dees,

    Yeah your right Danni, we let everyone in at the Dees, in the lexus centre they only accept low lifes and drunks

  91. ..gee thanks steve thats both a compliment and an insult all in one.

  92. How’s that a compliment?

  93. i wonder if its like that with other clubs…maybe i should have applied to the Bulldogs or something.

  94. Steve Healy says

    sorry Danni, but the opportunity was open for that insult lol

  95. well they didnt accept me so it means im not a life life or a drunk.

  96. I’d apply for work experience in a flash at Fremantle if i had a chance of getting in, and if i lived in WA.

  97. Steve Healy says

    I can’t wait, ill be able to talk to Jurrah

  98. ohh yeah alright then, just warn me next time so i can bring out my detetriorating black and white protection shield.

  99. Oh, isn’t Steve nice!

  100. Steve Healy says

    have you tried the Roos, Josh?

  101. Damian Watson says

    Well done Steve it would be awesome to get into the Melbourne football club, lol out of all the 16 clubs it just happened to be the team you barracked for, talk about fortune.

    Danni, cut back on the chocolates lol.

    Gee I’m sweating bucket loads after training.

  102. Steve Healy says

    yes, im a very nice person thank you very much

  103. Damo, this is me your talking to, the girl who eats chocolate until she falls into a chocolate river!

    yeah..well if you are finished insulting me steve i will go and hide under a rock now…

  104. Steve Healy says

    I didnt insult you, I insulted Collingwood

  105. Steve, i AM Collingwood :(

  106. Steve Healy says

    Danni, there’s a difference between an individual and a football club, as much as you respect the club, you cant say you are them

  107. Lol i can imagine Danni scooping chocolate out of the chocolate river with her hands.

    I would try for the Roos, but i’m not allowed to do work experience in Melbourne according to the folks :|

  108. yes i can, and i did.
    i love collingwood, i live and breathe Collingwood, it is a part of me.

  109. hmmmm maybe i should try for the Roos…
    and then i can meet SWALLOW!

  110. …I could go for some chocolate cake

  111. And OBST!

    Just curious, if this was a Roos v Collingwood or Collingwood v whoever match we were going to in a couple of weeks, would you come then Danni?

  112. Josh its not the fact that Collingwood arent playing that i cant come!
    i have been to non-collingwood games before.
    i dont think so i mean i havent even got a SAC yet its only day 2 and im literally drowing under books, i promise you if there wasnt this much on my shoulders i would have come with bells on.

  113. Bells on? Alright, your officially not coming!

    Just thought i’d let you know, Hayley’s in hospital with a hurt knee. Dunno what’s wrong, i’m no doctor but it’s serious. She shouldn’t have stacked on her bike on New Years Eve. Hahaha!

  114. Damian Watson says

    I think I have a SAC around that time of the month as well, but I suppose in your case it is Year 12.

  115. …WHAT! JOSH you tell me this NOW!!
    Is she okay? is she in pain?
    how long will she need to stay under hospital care????

  116. Damian Watson says

    Yeah what is the extent of the damage?

  117. lol Damo i should have about 2 if not 3 Sacs That week.

  118. MY DAY 2MRO

  119. Long story. Basically, the car crash we had 13 years ago sorta stuffed up her knee for life, so she spent the past decade compensating on her other knee, and now that one is in pain. She’s had a couple of knee reconstructions i think, but i really don’t know. She was in a bit of pain yesterday when we were there, and she went to hospital that night. After school tomorrow Mum and Dad and me are goin to Shepp so Mum can be with her in hospital, while me and Dad go to the Essendon match. :|

    It’s nothing though.

  120. ……AWWWWWWWW!! :(
    Well tell her i hope she gets better!!

  121. Damian Watson says

    That’s not a bad end to the day.

    Excuse my ignorance but what is Ras?

  122. Ras is short for
    Religion and Society.

  123. My day tomorrow:

    Academic Maths 5
    Advanced English
    Photography 3
    Exploring Food
    Visual Arts 3

  124. Steve Healy says

    my day tomorrow:

    PE (theory stuff)

  125. Damian Watson says

    I think I have:

    VCE History
    Advanced English

  126. hahahaha lol u guys still have to do maths.

  127. I’ve done 9 science classes since i started year 7, shouldn’t i be able to stop doing it now?

  128. Steve Healy says

    maths is ok, even though I suck at it

  129. status- staring at Roger federer poster which i photocopied from the HS cover yesterday and stuck up on my wall.

  130. Damian Watson says

    What’s wrong with Maths Danni?

  131. Damian Watson says

    Anyway guys I’m exhausted, cya later.

  132. ….for me EVERYTHING is wrong with maths.
    i never understood it the only A i ever got was in year 7 from then on i would scrap a pass meaning that even if i studied i would get the same mark so i just gave up on it.

  133. We started Linear Algebra today in Maths, why the hell am i in the toughest class with the most hardest-to-understand teacher?? Oh well, i’ve got 4 bludge classes out of 7, not bad.

  134. im having my first english lesson for the year

  135. The school made heaps of barriers on our verandahs that we sit on and jump off this year because we have a blind kid in year 7, and we got a girl with dwarfism. Oh and a kid from Switzerland, Fabian or something.

    Does he talk with the accent? OMG HOW OLD?

  137. Swiss girl..

  138. … a girl names Fabian?
    i went 2 school with a guy called Fabian.

  139. Hmm well i dunno, this morning they said we had a Swiss exchange student called Fabian and i thought guy as well but they said to make her feel welcome. I didn’t even see him/her and they didn’t mention how old.

  140. …..still omg! like the newkid is from FEDERERLAND!!!!!! :D

  141. Hmm, i miss tennis weirdly enough.

    Crap, i just remembered i got school tomorrow! :|

  142. well i better jet.
    its almost 10:00 and i still need to do a literature character chart.
    cya Joshy!

  143. Cya, have fun at Prison: Day 3

  144. Just finished a boatload of English and Maths homework.

    They might have got confused Josh…on my year 9 report my science teacher started my saying “he” and “him” and ended with “she” and “her” lol

  145. Steve Healy says

    Its day 4 for Danni isnt it?

  146. Actually yeah I think it is
    Day 4 for Danni and Steve
    Day 3 for me
    Day 2 for Barnstable

  147. Steve Healy says

    yeah anyway gotta go guys cya

  148. Adam, same thing happened to me in my school report for p.e, got called a she lol

  149. Maybe your PE teacher saw you holding your mum’s purse in the supermarket?

  150. Maybe, lol

    Oh funny story about my PE teacher, my friend said he saw him down the street drunk (he’s only 23 or so) and he was saying that he “was gonna knock the egg-headed fu** out” referring to another teacher at our school, who is bald. Lol, made me laugh.

  151. Bahahaha thats funny as!

    Just been reading previous comments, it would be funny if the notice Steve saw for work experience at the Demons turned out to be a prank.

  152. Lol yeah that would be funny, but i’d feel very sorry for him. Lets hope he gets the spot though. Anyway im off, Day 2 tomorrow.

  153. You’re a day behind me Josh, you’re fighting a losing battle :) cya

  154. Just saw in the school newsletter there’s a new teacher at my school called Craig Bradley.

  155. Steve Healy says

    Matty Stokes suspended for drugs!

  156. Damian Watson says

    I think he was allegedly giving the drugs to his friends in the NT, it’ll be intresting to see the punishment.

    Today was Day 3 for me.

    I wonder how the Essendon Intra Club match is panning out.

  157. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I think he was, what a massive blow for the Cats!

  158. Damian Watson says

    It is the third Indigenous player to be involved in a scandal in the Off Season.

    Did you hear about Barack Obama’s possibility of attending an AFL game? and why does he have to barrack for Collingwood?

  159. I think Eddie probably phoned him at the White House and asked him to support Collingwood. :|

  160. Steve Healy says

    he barracks for Collingwood? yeah I heard, apparently he’s gonna go to Bulldogs V Collingwood at the Dome in Round 1, he might attract more supporters to that game, even though it’ll get 50,000 anyway

  161. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I heard Eddie boast about it on his Breakfast show this morning.

    Would there be a chance that another Geelong player was involved in this incident?

  162. Steve Healy says

    nah, I just heard the press conference on SEN and no other players were involved as far as they know

  163. Steve Healy says

    Status- making hand written player lists

  164. Of every team?

  165. status- finised making 2min speech to be presented on friday english class about whatever we want.

    My clear aspirations to become a sports journalist are all due to my love for sports, AFL and tennis.
    The 2010 Australian Open finished with the Tennis God Roger Federer lifting the prize. The hypothesis I had made indeed came true, yet again Roger Federer was champion.

    Roger Federer, world number one, four time Australian Open winner and my favourite poster boy! Anyone who knows me can guess my reaction when I hear the words ‘Roger Federer’ for those who don’t, I can tell you that I react with girlish squealing and the occasional “he’s so pretty!”

    Many people don’t really understand why I love the world number one like I do. But I don’t understand why they don’t understand. With his deadly forehand spins, quick reaction skills, sharp returns, freakish backhands, kind heart and charitable character the brown windswept haired beauty, is said to be the greatest sporting player of all time, the greatest to have ever held a racket. In this very English class it was known that I want to travel to Switzerland, Federer’s homeland to see him play tennis and visit the Lindt factory, which I am proud to say, Roger Federer is the new ambassador for.

    For years now I have always wanted to meet Roger Federer and my uncle came as close as I ever could. When Roger was in Melbourne last year his limo stopped at a red light. It was surrounded by police, so my uncle came into the scene and asked a security guard who was in the limo.

    As the car drove off the security guard,
    Informed my uncle that is was Roger Federer. Long story short, I still haven’t forgiven my uncle for not chasing after the limo. So as you can see im a huge fan, what’s not to love about the 16 time grand slam champion? My name is Danielle and I’m a FEDERERHOLIC!

  166. I think you might want to edit the first sentence to “My clear aspirations to become a sports journalist are all due to my love for attractive men who play sports, AFL and tennis.” :P

  167. yeah..i will, i like that. nice work adam.

  168. argghhhh 7:30 i have a year 12 info night tonight, my friends gonan pick me up and were gonna go together…atleast i can catch up on sleep at ths info thingo.

    u have no idea how hard it was to stop writing after 2mins! lol

  169. Steve Healy says

    very good Danni,

    yeah of every team Adam. It’s gonna take me a little while, but not as long as it’ll take Josh to make that slideshow

  170. Steve Healy says

    Breaking news: Number 16 draft pick Jasper McMillan-Pittard has changed his name to Jasper Pittard to help people- interesting

  171. It doesn’t look like the boys at Supercoach know that yet. That’s going to cause a bit of confusion, especially if he’s matched up on Ricky Petterd.

  172. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol, good point Adam. Yeah a name change will cause heaps of confusion

  173. Mornin everyone.

    Just got home from the Essendon intra-match. Guess who won?

    Big news from the game, David Hille redid his knee and Jobe Watson fractured his arm. Nah just kidding lol, everyone got through unscathed. I got five high-fives off players too, Andrew Welsh, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Watson and a couple of VFL players i think. It actually hurt my hand coz i had a small cut on my hand from school and when the players high fived me all their sweaty and wet hands touched the cut and made it sting. But it was worth it. It rained so badly in the last quarter lol

  174. Anyone stand out during the match Josh?

  175. Oh by the way Adam, how is your last name pronounced? Me and Jeff were wondering today, lol Jeff thought Almanac was pronounced like Maniac with an Al on the front.

    Oh and got my number 7 on my guernsey! Eeeeep im gonna dddiiieee!!! :|

  176. Yeah Lovett-Murray was probably one of the best players on ground, Dempsey was really good, Hille was solid in his first match back and looked comfortable at Full Forward, Fletcher was roaming around the ground and looked in good niche, Davey was delicious at times (not as delicious as Cyril though) but some of the older players didn’t really shine. Hardly saw Watson or McVeigh, and Christian Bock was pretty good in the Ruck. I’m writing a match report on it so you can find out other stuff when you read it. Oh and it was Grey jumpers versus Black, Grey won 17.9.111 to 7.9.51.

  177. How the hell is my last name difficult to pronounce? It’s pronounced exactly the way its spelt.
    I could get number 7 for Brown…wait. :|

  178. Well he said it like bull-man, and i said it like bul-men.

  179. Bock? Lol, I saw a photo of him a while back and he looked like an absolute stick insect, even by stick insect standards. Wouldn’t you have trouble seeing him if he was side on to you?

    How did Neagle and Gumbleton go? I’m interested in seeing how their forward line shapes up.

  180. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for the information Josh, and thanks for remembering the score. Sounds like it was good

  181. You’d be right then Josh, its man like the name Norman, rather than the place Manly.

  182. At least i think it was Bock, he was playing Ruck and had blonde hair and was very skinny.

    Gumbleton was very good, led well all night and kicked a couple of goals, Neagle didn’t get much of it but he was playing in the Black forward line and they only kicked 3 goals after quarter time aside from a few junk-time goals. But it was hard to see how the forward line will function because one side had Hille, Neagle and Gumbleton while the other had Davey, Williams and some VFL player. Williams wasn’t very productive, didn’t see him alot and when i did see him get the ball and he ran into an open goal and missed.

  183. Steve Healy says

    bull-man? Al-maniac? Jeff has a strange way of interpreting things

  184. Steve Healy says

    hahaha Josh do you refer to players you dont know as “some VFL player”

  185. Yeah i do, lol but there were VFL players there coz Shannon Grant was one of the coaches coz he coaches the Bendigo Bombers. The players didn’t wear numbers so it was hard to see who was who. Oh and i was standing in the players race (i didn’t know i was) and all of a sudden Ricky Dyson bursts out and almost knocks me over lol.

  186. It’d be good if the players wore numbers at training, although I think I can pick all the Tiger players now. Except a few.

  187. Well i wasn’t that close up so it was hard, but it was easy to recognize Fletcher and Hille.

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