Blues run away in the end

Last October, a wise group of Men chose this fixture to be a ‘Fevola goes back to Melbourne to play Carlton’ extravaganza, on a Thursday night. Unfortunately, this plan came unstuck as Fevola pulled out of the side due to a groin problem, which gave the Lions an even smaller chance to conquer against the [Read more]

Demons sing the Adelaide blues

We  beat  Adelaide  in  Round  3  at  the  MCG.  But  I  still  don’t  forgive  them  for  what  they  did  to  us  in  the  NAB  challenge  match  at  Hamra  Holmes  Oval.  It  was  a  tight  game  in  which  the  Dees  lost  in  the  final  seconds  due  to  a  Kurt  Tippett  goal,  who  kicked  five  for  the  [Read more]

A Game of Two Halves, Both of Them Dour

Footy is more a game of four quarters than it is a game of two halves. But tonight, it was much a game of two halves, keeping in theme with the World Cup that is currently taking place. In the wet, dour struggle that was tonight’s game, Geelong owned the first half while a spirited [Read more]

Steve and Damo’s Ground Trip: Part 2

by Steve Healy Last holidays, me and Damian Watson set off on an expedition to conquer all the former VFL suburban grounds (bar Geelong) in one day. Unfortunately, we fell terribly short and still had Princes Park, Arden St, Brunswick St oval, Windy Hill, Glenferrie and Whitten Oval to conquer. We picked this particular Friday [Read more]

Saints see off the Tigers in Simmonds’ final hurrah

By Steve Healy Troy Simmonds played his first match back in Round 4, 1999 against Carlton at Princes Park, wearing the red and blue and in number 46. He had four kicks in his first outing of what would be a career of highs and lows and many a criticism. Fast forward 4,031 days and [Read more]

Fickle Fev Fires Up in Fourth Quarter Surge

By Steve Healy The Lions are in danger. After five losses in a row following a 4-0 start, Brown and Fevola have supposedly playing injured and they have arguably lost their three best defenders in Merrett, Drummond and Adcock in the blink of an eye to bad injuries. This puts enormous pressure on blokes like [Read more]

Blues Midfield as Hot as the Mexican food

By Steve Healy It was another quiet Sunday afternoon at home. Carlton, coming into the game four players out injured, and coming off a bad loss, gave the Eagles a sneaky chance coming into this match under a closed roof at Etihad. After I heated up some left over Mexican food (delicious stuff) I settled [Read more]

Cats too strong despite promising Demon debut

Geelong V Melbourne By Steve Healy After a tough week, there is nothing better to do than forget about it all and watch your team play for the four points. This was the case with my beloved Melbourne outfit today. Were we going to win? Probably not. Was I looking forward to this game? Yes [Read more]

The Monthly Teams

By Steve Healy In recent times I have taken an interest in the birthdates of players. This interest sparked a ridiculous idea in my head to do some research and select the best players born in each month and see which the strongest side is. I have judged my selections based on career form, along [Read more]

Two games are better than one

By Steve Healy Two footy games in one day, could there be a better way to spend a Saturday? I walked towards Etihad Stadium as the sun set over the Melbourne CBD. The Dees had lost, but I was excited about going to the Roos V Crows game, where I would get to catch up [Read more]

West Coast Fly High

By Steve Healy I was back at the MCG on another glorious afternoon. This time, it was a little different, we were playing West Coast. Based on recent form, we should’ve smashed them. I met up with a large group of people from school (James, Tim, Miles, Nathan, Matt, Anthony, Josh and Danny) and we [Read more]

AFL Round 7 – Melbourne v Footscray: Demons find hope between the raindrops

By Steve Healy It was a freezing night, the rain tumbled down for almost the entire match. The Demons were finally playing on Friday, against the Bulldogs who have under-performed for the start of the 2010 season. I had confidently tipped the Demons, due to our incredible form (especially at the MCG) and the fact [Read more]

AFL Round 6 – North Melbourne v Melbourne – A bad day from beginning to end

By Steve Healy   The day didn’t begin well, the day didn’t end well. On the train to the game, a Roos supporter almost ordered me to sit in the seat opposite him, before loudly proclaiming the Demons will lose today (At that stage I thought it was a joke). He looked exactly like Travis [Read more]

Dees Fans Sing a Saturday Night Song

It seemed like an eternity since the Demons had played a night game at the MCG. In actual fact, it was Round 19, 2008, and I wasn’t even there. But I was there tonight for the game between my rampant Demons and an undefeated Brisbane side. As I walked down to the Olympic Stand pocket [Read more]

Dees bring it home, while I’m stuck at home!

Siren! We are now 2-2, what a win! And by so many points! Blood is pumping through the red and blue veins again! We are no longer a “worthless” team! I must be dreaming! And we were so close to winning against Collingwood! Those were thoughts that flooded through my head after and during the [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: So close but no cigar

By Steve Healy Some things stay the same, and some things change. For the second week in a row I am off to watch the Dees play with my friend Damo. But it’s a bit different going to the footy this afternoon, knowing that my beloved dog might not be with us when I get [Read more]

Sharpshooter Saints slay hapless Roos

You have to feel sorry for North Melbourne fans after tonight’s game at Etihad Stadium. You have to feel sorry for Brent Harvey, who played the worst game of his long career and was reported for a tripping incident, which wasn’t caught on camera. As for me, I was just delighted to have observed another [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Tiger fans need patience of a Saint

By Steve Healy You could argue that footy never went anywhere, with all the media fuss over the off-season. There were old replays on the new Channel 7 Two; there was many a conversation between me and friends about our great game. I watched many a tape, had many a kick to kick and followed [Read more]

Round 1 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Just glad it’s footy season

By Steve Healy Some people don’t like footy. Other people do, but only to the extent of watching the odd game on TV and going to the odd game every season. There are some passionate ones, who know their stuff most of the time but are wondering who this new number 41 is running out [Read more]

Tough pre-season continues for the Dees

NAB Challenge: Melbourne V West Coast I ventured out to Casey Fields alone on this glorious Saturday afternoon, to witness the Dees play their final practice game against the up and coming West Coast. When I heard my Mum and Dad (and two younger sisters) were going to visit my Granny, I thought they could [Read more]